Vaccination of cancer or pregnancy?

This material was sent to the post office RuTribune signed "group of concerned doctors." Believe it or not — let each person decide. Beginning in 2009, all health centers, schools and private medical centers in the female population of the country have begun to offer a new way of preventing cervical cancer — vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV). Developed by the vaccination program to be only girls and women of child-bearing period of 12 to 50 years. Keep this fact. Remember also the fact that this virus affects men as often as women, but oddly enough, not in a hurry

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Soul and Astral

All souls are applied in the astral world. If the deceased was burdened by these qualities, in the vibrations of the soul remains grim, dark note. Many will agree to include it in the sphere of perception? And it may be that such a soul is left alone, suffering immensely from the cold loneliness without getting energy support without contact with someone who was dear.

Many people know that in the world of any negative message generates (or causes, it is difficult to say) energy-entity, a black veil that envelops your emotional body, it may see some people with

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Energy flow from the Moon. WHAT DO Mahatma

The Moon is Divine and the Divine energy. No divine energy — is its own energy, planetary. It is not a negative, but in relation to a person is not favorable.

Discomfort that one experiences from the planetary energy of the moon, is that the flows are coming to Earth, neutralizing human mental activity. This is one of the reasons why you want to sleep at night, especially its impact is felt after four o'clock in the morning, on the part of the earth where it shines.

Moon is a powerful satellite. She, like the Earth and

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Journey to the Astral

ASTRAL-place is not, but that is …

Matters of religion, psychic, okultizma, magic, yoga, short of all that is called non-traditional ", are the roots of the astral. These areas do not belong to the physical world, they are astral in nature.

Take a break for a minute and imagine — you have lived all my life in the world, surrounded by a high wall, and you were quite pleased with himself and the world. Sometimes heard the legend that there behind the wall, there is a world populated drakonemi, horrible monsters that live there the gods that

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Corvette things to come: What will it?

In 2000 was launched the first trimaran, which became part of the Navy — the ship of the Royal Navy of England Triton, the process of building and testing which caused the attention of both military professionals and anyone interested in the prospects of military shipbuilding. Immediately after its launch, journalists called Triton warship of the future — the progenitor of the latest generation of platforms that the application went out and brought in the fleets of the world.

Now again increased interest in ships similar scheme. Russian designers are also working in this direction. For example, Zelenodolskoye PKB

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Stretching exercises and flexibility (yoga) watch online

The action itself predstavlet a stretch and lengthening your body and limbs. This allows you to obtain and maintain the required level of flexibility, which affects the mobility of the body as a whole, and this or another joint basis. The program stretches on his own essence — is flexibility training. Here are some examples: bracing hamstring and calf, bracing triceps muscles, some yoga poses and Pilates exercises.

Other sports

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Whether we like it or not, the feeling the reality that underlies these legend, soaked us before birth. And how would man may swaggered … I do not think that light there is at least one sverhmaterialist that would not flinch at a meeting with the monster.

This is surprising phenomenon has generated an incredible amount of fantastic stories, was fertile ground for stories of folklore and literature, because few writers cost without at least one story about the phenomena of ghosts. Well, at least to start with Shakespeare.

Ghosts are, according to something

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Necromancy — the secret behind seven seals

— Corin — snapped hanging — you have strong nerves?— A? Where does my nerves .. In general, do not complain.Hover removed from his forehead strap. Gem attached to it, nalilsya milky sheen. She stood over the body, arms outstretched, eyes closed. Corinne stared, open-mouthed. She bowed her head and whispered something he did not understand.— Grealhan! — Shouted hover.Fern suddenly stirred. Corinne jumped, grabbed the sword, prepare a defense. Corpse trembled.— Grealhan! Speak!— Ah-ah-ah-ah! — Came from a fern growing hoarse howl. Corpse arched and rose into the air, only touching the ground with his heels and head.

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Fasting, sleep and astral

Fasting increases the flow of cosmic energy. Of the three sources of energy (food, breath, sleep) sleep is the most important: it is easy to see that with proper breathing and nutrition sleep decreases and vice versa. In the beginning of fasting during sleep increases. And this is one of the reasons why the post helps astral projection. While fasting is one of the secondary sources is disabled.

In order to keep the system the necessary amount of energy, the astral body departs from the physical to the "farther away" and thus receives more energy. That's why people

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Why alien implants?


Ufologists and representatives of traditional science continue to debate whether or not the rumors of mysterious mini-implanting transmitters in the human body have a real basis. UFO researchers say sinister plot aliens.

Reports of such implants have accumulated so much that serious researchers increasingly difficult to dismiss them. Let's try to summarize a fantastic version.

According to ufology, some time people began to discover some miniature priborchiki that can implanted in a variety of places on the body: in the mucous membranes under the skin of the head, on the

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