To get out of your physical body etheric, emotional or astral double can cause the following factors: asceticism, fasting, isolation, sexuality and sensuality depression, shock, stress, drugs, prolonged meditation, samogipnoticheskie suggestion, chanting hymns, mantras, vortex dancing dream the awakening of Kundalini.

At first, it will most likely unconscious outputs, but there may be conscious. In the early stages of a thin twin outputs can be heard strange sounds inside the head: crackling, ringing, chirping, clicking, voice, sound, which will eventually turn into a lingering or ringing note. This cacophony usually scares the student if he fails warned. Sprouted


Jupiter prevented Armageddon


Dmitry Kaystro

Astronomers around the world are discussing an event of universal proportions. The largest planet in the solar system — Jupiter — crashed into a huge body, the size of our Earth. That it was not time yet to figure out, but scientists in one voice say: well, it did not reach to us. The cosmic accident first noticed the Australian amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley. He not only took a picture of a collision — a dark spot with a diameter of a few thousand kilometers on the surface of the

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Russian scientists have taken a picture of the human soul


But the natural man Scientists were able to photograph the soul — the camera has recorded as a life force leave the body at the moment of biological death. A unique study confirmed the ancient belief that the people who were killed or died suddenly, for example, in a crash, the soul for a long time could not break away from the body. It keeps coming back, especially at night.

Not surprisingly, the ghost stories go from the most ancient times. Most often describe the ghost stories of innocent victims or executed criminals.

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So, what is a man? Well, first, the physical body. Then there are the seven auric bodies of the twins. Even more subtle matter is our soul. Finally, the last component, which is the root cause of a person's life — the Spirit, the Divine Spark. Material body — the rough part of the man and the most vulnerable, as it is the most short-lived instrument of the spirit, cobbled together as it were "in a hurry."

This is the final tool, thanks to the efforts of all the upper plans. In the earthly space, we can use

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Venusians in Shambhala

If you have correctly configured your inner ear, you will hear the OM, which means that God is present in every sound.

Since ancient times, Shambhala is the mediator between the earthly humanity and civilization of the Cosmos. The monastery of the White Brotherhood gives people the knowledge to guide their evolution over tens of thousands or millions of years. The details of this are based on the esoteric sources of the West and the East. All the great teachings, all the great religions and all the fundamental scientific discoveries were made terrestrial humanity White Brotherhood of Shamballa and

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Secrets of the belt in.

In Russia, in the home and folk rituals, the emphasis has long belt. A man without a thought very indecent to be with. Unbelted person meant to dishonor him. Since ancient times, now seen as a talisman that brings prosperity and good luck.

However, according to an ancient warlock, the most trouble-free way to become a wolf — a contract with the devil. After covenanted person receives blood from the evil forces help in the conversion of magical belt that he should wear a while transforming into a werewolf.

To do this, run the following ritual: go to the

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Astral travel

The destiny of the elect?

To describe this mysterious ability invented countless terms. Religious people would describe it as a "way of the soul from the body." For people to be closer and more rational terms such as "astral exit", "astral projection", "out of body experience" (WTO), etc. Descriptions of such phenomena today are numerous. And, despite the variety of their interpretations, these events unequivocally say that our physical reality — this is not a destination …

However, despite its widespread phenomenon WTO serious study and have not received. Representatives of classical science but not reject the authenticity of

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Electric wizard

Once real shaman told me, "In your head is not enough air. And your heart is "breathing" the left. " Later, a real doctor confirmed cerebral hypoxia and cardioneurosis.

I was born left-handed, on the heart and "breathes the left." "Lefty — wrong soul" — they say. To tweak your soul, often resort to the procedures can not be explained by science. For example, I go to sorcerers. Now, when the era made a leapfrog, mixed up, pretending to urban modernity, when the science is so developed that was falling into obscurantism, when to turn to cheaper grandmother than

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HARA — energy center of the body of man. Part 1

HARA — energy center of the human body.


Class warriors, ie managers and advocates a kind of closest to the knowledge of the processes of the universe to the Russian wise men had the ability to move into other dimensions, to influence the minds of others, to introduce themselves to other states, to send wild animals to the enemy, control your body skillfully than today's yoga. What do the ancient manuscripts and manuscripts. Part of this class of warriors who have dedicated their lives only martial arts and military training, passed their skills and knowledge and from generation to

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Once again about vaccinations

But watch the composition of this most Mantoux test: tuberculin (extract of tubercle bacilli), salts of phosphate buffer solution (substances that suppress the virus and tuberculosis make it weaker), sodium chloride (saline) stabilizer Tween-80 (increases the activity of estrogen — female sex hormone, influence long-term effects of this chemical compound have not been studied) phenol as a preservative (one of the strongest cell poisons). Phenol is toxic to all cells. In large doses it can cause convulsions, cardiac and renal failure. Naturally, all the official sources say that the dose of phenol contained in the Mantoux test, is harmless. But

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