Revealed the secret of resurrection of the Savior

Scientists call the Turin Shroud — the cover, which was wrapped executed Christ — the "fifth Gospel." — This is the greatest Christian shrines — conclusive physical evidence of the Savior — the director of the center of the Shroud of Turin Alexander Belyakov. -Methods of modern science provides insights into how was the greatest of miracles — the resurrection. Lord rose from the dead in a fiery body.

Shroud of Turin studies conducted over a decade. Coordinates the study physicist Alexander Belyakov. In the past, he has participated in the development

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Ica stones

Peru resident Dr. Cabrera since 1960 gathers around the small town of Ica, located 150 kilometers from the Nazca desert, a collection of oval stones — from the very small, the size of a fist, to stokilogrammovye boulders. The entire surface is dotted with these findings, shallow, stylized drawings of people and animals.

The sheer abundance of painted rocks — a phenomenon quite unusual. Only in the collection of Cabrera, a passionate admirer of the ancient cultures of America, these stones about 12,000. Many of them got to the store, and the local museum, the samples are sold to

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In Orenburg modernize City Clinical Hospital. Pirogov

Thanks to the modernization program of health updated material base city hospital im.Pirogova Orenburg.

Completed renovated 6-storey surgery building 279 beds for a total area of 8.5 thousand square meters. meters. Diagnostic center equipped with modern surgical service equipment. Such a full-scale renovation in the history of the hospital for the first time.

As part of the modernization program in the surgical package is deployed travmotsentr 2nd level, a service area which will be the city of Orenburg and Orenburg region.

As part of the regional program "Improving medical care for patients with vascular disease in the Orenburg region in

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In the Omsk region opened a new building Oncology Center

March 6 opening of a new surgical building of the regional clinical cancer clinic. To date scheduled 17-minute operation. Operating housing a total area of 13.4 thousand square meters, is a three-storey building with a warm transition into the main body of a hospital. Here are the operating unit 16 operating rooms, an intensive care unit by 24 beds, morphological Laboratory, Department of preparation of blood, central sterilization department. The new building is equipped with modern medical equipment.More photos …

Surgical unit dispensary — is the largest east of the Urals surgical oncology center. Its construction from

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In Antarctica, we find the energy portals!

Not so long ago, in press materials flashed the detection of magnetic anomalies in Antarctica, Lake Vostok.

Admiral Richard Bard was trying to uncover the secrets of the planet's poles. He made several expeditions to the South Pole in 40-50's of the last century. There is a hypothesis that the Earth is hollow, and the poles are entrances to the subterranean world inhabited by intelligent beings.

Obviously, such an entry and sought American admiral. However, the mistake was that Bzrd imagined this input in the form of a very real tunnel or mine. In fact, it's just energy

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Holder of all Russian orders Ivan Paskevich

Ivan Paskevich prodigious man of destiny. Holder of all Russian orders, Field Marshal Austrian, Prussian and Russian troops, the rescuer crown of Franz Josef, the governor of the Caucasus, the owner of the Persian Order of the Lion and the Sun, and the huge number of other awards. A historiographies Paskevich often referred to as "strangler freedoms" of Poland and Hungary for the oppression of uprisings in the second quarter of the XIX century …

Not many could have imagined in 1782, which rich in war and life awaits action born in non-poor landlord family of Ivan Paskevich. Father,

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Scientists have proposed Medvedev to create an artificial body


The leading Russian scientists, members of the new social movement "Russia-2045", appealed to President Dmitry Medvedev in an open letter in which he proposed a new national idea. In particular, experts in the field of neurointerfaces, artificial organs and systems ask the head of the Russian state to support a new project to create an artificial human body. The researchers believe that the artificial body is to significantly surpass 2045 in terms of functionality exists to reach the perfection of form and can look "better than human." Then people will be able to

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Great Sphinx of Giza in the valley — an ancient Egyptian sphinx. This statue with the head of a man and a lion's body always looks to the East along the 30th parallel, it is as if waiting for something, her eyes are always directed to a single point on the horizon, where, during the equinox the sun should rise. Sphinx is carved out of the limestone monolith, the bedrock of the Giza Plateau, the height of 20 meters and a length of almost 72 meters.

    According to one legend, the head of the Sphinx — very similar to

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A man came out of the water


According to the official version of the evolutionary origins of human, monkey, lacking food, moved from endangered forests in the savanna. This gave her upright posture and brain development.

This version is very good, when viewed in the context of Darwin's theory, but there is a fair question: why no other species of monkeys in the desert did not go? After all, they, too, had no food!

Science also can not give an explanation, where and why there were many features that distinguish us from the apes. Rather, the explanations were, but have

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Italian war machine with heavy weapons, Chentauro

This machine was created by a consortium of "IVECO-OTO Melara" in the 1980s, and its creation was started in 1991. Housing welded metal machine provides protection against small fire guns and artillery shells of the fragments (by frontal arc — caliber projectiles of 20 mm and the other projection — 12.7 mm bullets).

Place the driver placed in front of the left and on the right is the engine-transmission compartment. The rest of the case is protected by the firewall it. In the driver's three viewing devices, the average of which can be replaced with a night vision device.

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