Tipper bodies, which does not freeze and does not stick load

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In late 2010, Machine Building Plant "TONAR" (village of Gubin, Nut-Zuevsky district of Moscow region) has successfully solved the problem of sticking and freezing of cargo, well known in the transportation of cargo dump trucks. Now, according to customer semi-truck inner surface of their body is covered with a special material OKULEN. This coating eliminates sticking, prisyhanie, sticking or freezing of bulk cargo. An additional advantage of the new technology is to protect the car body from damage load and corrosion. The service life of such body is significantly increased.

It is also interesting that the smaller

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How to eat in foreign resorts

Ahead of New Year holidays, and on February 23, March 8 and May holidays. The long-awaited holiday weekend is traditionally carried out in many trips to different countries, and not very exotic. How to eat when traveling abroad, it does not hurt your stomach, do not make the body suffer from intoxication and not gain extra pounds? These and other questions will help us to answer physician reflexologist, Ph.D., author of a unique technique Golden Eagle ® Mariyatt Mukhina.

— Mariyat, share, please secret of how to eat on the go? ?The first rule is, wherever you

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What is Pyrokinesis and how not to burn out like a match



In the last decade, the number of spontaneous combustion — the cases of so-called Pyrokinesis — around the world has increased by two and a half times. People for no reason at breaking out like a match and burn overnight, while all surrounding objects and clothes incredible way to remain intact. What seems to be, from the standpoint of modern science simply can not be, is not such nonsense. In the scientific world, there are many hypotheses trying to

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The possibility of immortality



The possibility of immortality 13.11.03, the



Rejuvenating apples, boiling vats, plunged in which you can become a young handsome man (you can, however, and boil alive); treasured bottles of dead and the living water that can resurrect the fallen hero: This is our Russian fairy tales.

But in

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Wake of the implant in the body


Wake of the implant in the body 17.11.03, the


… After the X-ray analysis of the tibia in his right leg Alan local clinic urgently sent to Cornell war surgery hospital where experienced surgeons four o'clock to make his complex operation to extract … implant completely unusual destination, the aliens implanted in the bone tissue in the 1998 …

In this subtitle English popular science magazine "Focus" has opened

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In ancient Egypt, the surgeon makes a head transplant



In ancient Egypt, the surgeon makes a head transplant 19.11.03, the



According to psychologist Dr. Habib al-Hafez ancient mummies show on heart bypass surgery, organ transplants, plastic surgery on the face and even a sex change operation. There are even indications that the ancient surgeons to perform such procedures, which we are not yet able to carry out, namely, the

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A person can eat one by sunlight proved Indian



A person can eat one by sunlight proved Indian 01.12.03, the


People may be without food and maintain the vitality thanks to the sun, says 65-year-old resident of Calcutta Ratan Maneg. It suppresses the feeling of hunger soaking eyes solar energy.

Maneg states that for seven years does not consume solid food. A former mechanical engineer is convinced that people are able to

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Large meteorite struck in Tunisia

September 18, 2013. As reported by Diamond FM Radio, September 15, a large meteorite fell to the ground in the south of Tunisia in the desert and uninhabited area. During the fall recorded three loud explosions. This was also said the publication "Digital Tunisia. "

In place of the profit units of the National Guard and military intelligence for a preliminary examination of the meteorite.

"The residents of the nearby places that have witnessed the phenomenon and feared the worst, given the scale explosions calmed down after the arrival of the military and the National Guard. The details of what

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Fire on submarine Miami

May 23, 2012 at Time Spent nuclear submarine USS Miami (multipurpose nuclear submarine of "Los Angeles") at the shipyard in Portsmouth (Portsmouth) for the purpose of its maintenance and upgrades on board appeared fire. The result was adversely affected by a $ 400 million, seven people were injured. Two months later, on a charge of arson was arrested factory worker. The accused worker Casey James Fury (Casey J. Fury) admitted that he started the fire on May 23 and another on June 16 (which was quickly extinguished) to leave early from work to home. Casey was seen next to

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Questionable future of cryonics



17.12.03, the


Selected academic science the way to immortality by eliminating the causes of aging, not all satisfied. And really — when more science learns to confront death. Not the fact that I — as a person, which does not care about the interests of evolution, and which does not want to die — live to see the day of light. What to do?

Proponents of cryonics believe

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