Nikolaev has completed the repair of the amphibious assault ship Kirovograd

The specialists of PJSC "Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant" June 4 completed a comprehensive renovation medium landing ship "Kirovograd". At present, the ship "Kirovograd", belonging to the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, came to the sea for sea trials, testing the functioning of mechanisms, motors, as well as technical tools and weapons. 

Repaired two main engines of the ship with the production of new gas lines. Also made the gate leaf device for receiving and landing. Experts of the plant produced a large amount of body work, during which replaced about 40 tons of metal

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But the path of the Government

"There is an ancient secret doctrine, the same age as the human race, it is passed on by word of mouth and to this day, but few people know it. "

"Svarog -" forever spouting spring "every Rod. He is the beginning, the source, the cause of all things. Rod of God — all the inhabitants of heaven. All born, things — the essence of Nature. Everything is born parent. And Svarog — the essence of the source, start-started, the cause is the cause of everything.

Above Svarog — God, the Creator of all the worlds, and each world begetteth

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Material wealth in Feng Shui depends on water


The role of the bathroom in a person's life is very high, in fact, according to feng shui, water has a huge impact on the financial well-being. Monitor the condition of the bathroom in the apartment to particularly strict. Under no circumstances should there be leaking faucet or pipe, change the pads on time, or call locksmiths. After all, with the leaked water out of your home and the money will flow away, which means that your well-being will deteriorate. It is not necessary to turn the shelf in the bathroom in the

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Funeral — the Soul

Burial traditions and rituals — an integral part of the culture of any nation. Times change, and nowadays many rituals surprise, seem wild, outlandish, exotic. But first they were closely associated with religious and magical beliefs.

Theodore Aksentovich. "Funeral gutsulki." 1882

Prior to the adoption of Christianity in Western and Eastern Slavs preferred to burn the bodies of the dead. Cremation was not only hygienic value it, as the belief, promoted rapid ascension of the soul to heaven. But the South Slavs were burying their dead, usually in the ground, filling the grave mound. If a person lives in

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Unique mummy from Omsk, keeping the best of Lenin. Video

According, anatomical museum in Omsk Medical Academy eighty years stored unique exhibit — a man's body embalmed. Scientists still have not determined the exact composition of the material that was used for mummification.

The body of a middle-aged man is kept in a glass sarcophagus. This is the result of a unique anatomical experiment in 1933, conducted as a private laboratory assistant Andrew Romodanovsky. Specialists say that it is the only mummy, which has kept all the internal organs during preservation. The most amazing thing was that the basic ingredient of conventional

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A guest from the world


In my view, the debate about life after death are baseless. Life goes on, but in other forms. This has already been so much different and convincing evidence that it is time to heed the mind. Tell us about your experience. Four years ago my best friend Ljuba poisoned. Unhappy love, depression, and her nerves could not stand. And in two or three weeks … It was at night, to come unto me. Not in a dream, but very real.

By type — normal people, dressed as usual in a sweater and skirt to the

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Recruit Martian watch online

Experienced doctors ambulance had never seen such wounds, mutilated body and a large loss of blood. In fact, the ailing had no chance, but the magic happened. After a 12-minute cardiac arrest people excited. What or who is left on the body of the pilot such wounds?

UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and phenomena

Slavic books DEATH

UNDERSTANDING Slavs phenomenon of death

Speaking of our ancestors, it is wise to pay attention to their names, they have much to tell us about the nature and characteristics of mentality. Who else but the Slavs have names Faith, Hope, Love or Osmomysl (thinking for osmeryh or provided on each case eight thoughts), Vsemysla, and others, showing that the Slavs profound arguments on all phases of human life, of all the twists and soul heart, as well as death.

All the ancient Slavic tribes had their runes, and their education is evidenced by many confirmation annals of

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BAJ refers to MIA: respect the rights of journalists

Society Today the Belarusian Association of Journalists appealed to the Minister of Internal Affairs Major General Kuleshov and all law enforcement agencies with a call during the presidential election to pay special attention to compliance with the law, the rights of journalists by law enforcement officers.

The organization asks to bring to all personnel of the Interior Ministry, in accordance with the Law Republic of Belarus "On the Media" (paragraph 2 of Article 34), journalist has the right to present at public events, in places other important events, and report information from there. And regardless of whether or not authorized

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In Moscow, a new infectious body im.Speranskogo Children’s Hospital accepted its first patients

The new building children's hospital № 9. Speranskii equipped with high-tech medical equipment. It includes a reception area for seven boxes, resuscitation and intensive care for 12 beds, operating theater, diagnostic studies, rapid and immunological laboratory, radiology department, equipped with two digital devices and imaging with 16 slices, a physiotherapy and exercise therapy.

The housing will be located two infectious neonatal units with 60 beds, department for treatment of acute respiratory viral infections in infants with 30 seats.

The new building is designed for 200 beds and will be seeing patients at emergency, emergency and routine medical care.

Infectious body

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