Im going to ram!

March 25, 1984 sensational news spread around the world — Russian nuclear submarine boat floated in the center of carrier strike groups the U.S. Navy and … … Rammed the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk.

The action takes place followed properly. First of March in the Sea of Japan came aircraft carrier strike group (CSG) in the United States Navy aircraft carrier and 7 escort warships for scheduled exercises with troops landing on the coast of South Korea. To monitor the Yankees in the sea came the K-314 and BOD "Vladivostok". He commanded the K-314 Captain 1st Rank Evseenko, hike provided

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A man of conscience — the smart, strong-willed, morally.


What is conscience? Who has it? Congenital or obtaining of this quality? These are questions constantly arise in many people and residents. As for the man, he knows this phenomenon, as it is guided in his life.

Image-CONSCIENCE understood as co-lead in turn lead — Veda words firmly. Veda — Veda is good Az. Word — stock, output, display. Firmament — an assertion firmly.

In total, it turns this: Conscience — a joint statement embodiment and will of the Creator. Will of the Creator — life and its development in the variety and

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Slavic purification rites

From ancient times came to us with a lot of committed sometimes mechanically everyday actions. Yes, any old Russian house at the entrance to the room hung washbasin. Famous psychics of all stripes argue that water can neutralize alien information field (the so-called evil eye). Scientists have found that bathing water increases (including) a change in the skin cells electropotential: water nourishes tissues with negative ions, which improves the tone of the body and slows down the process of oxidation in the body, one of the causes of aging.

Our ancestors were washed as often as we do, but

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Secret territory. Immortality. Life without a body



How will people in the future? Scientists believe that the human soul and mind continue to exist even if the body can not survive for more than a hundred years. How will the civilization of mankind renounce if bodily life? Can this be avoided?



How to learn to inspire a man? For example, my husband does not want to work or it is nothing interesting. So as we look first at yourself, look for its flaws, weaknesses, then in that case, you should ask — what am I doing wrong? How can I encourage her man to become his muse?

Man needs a woman's energy

God created man as a driving force. He gave him all the qualities necessary to make a man could reach any goals. Only one God has limited his ability — left without the possibility of their own energy

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In Kaliningrad factory Amber laid the unique kosohodny icebreaker

On the Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" 67th birthday shipyard noted memorable event — laid the ship on the new project. Kosohodny icebreaker will be able to cut through a channel of fifty meters, which is two and a half times the width of his body.

It is an asymmetrical hull icebreaker and three azimuth thrusters will be his feature, and will provide an opportunity to move the ice actually lateral move. The ship will be able to cut through a channel of 50 meters, which is two and a half times the width of his body. For the Gulf, through which

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Lecture on Slavic outlook

Today we will talk about the Slavic traditional world. Of course, this topic is very broad and talk about it for hours — so we limit ourselves to a cursory review. But, nevertheless, I hope that I can truly convey the basics … Just want to draw your attention to a very important point: I do not claim to "absolute truth" and ask to perceive what I say, as my personal opinion. Opinion of the man who has been studying and restoring the Slavic tradition for quite a long time, but does not consider himself a "great magician", "King and

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Found fruit rejuvenates the body for 17 years

Regular use of apple body much younger.

Apples. Photo:

English proverb "An apple a day — and no you do not need a doctor," and Russian folk expression "rejuvenating apples" are under a serious scientific basis.

With regular use of apples as scientists claim, a person can not only extend life, but also significantly rejuvenate your body. Useful element — epicatechin polyphenol — increases the level of protection of human immune system, improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the heart.

These data were obtained in the study: the participants in the experiment significantly increased the elasticity of blood

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The primacy of Heaven Kinship


"Imagine Space (the universe, or even life itself) as a whole as a three step design: Worlds Jani, Navi and the Government.

Reality — This is our world, flesh, and the Middle … the world of physical incarnation and the existence of solid matter.

Nav — the world of fine-material, woven from the subtle energies and energy structures (akin to the astral world.) It is like a layer between the world of waking and rules, all that were born in the right in Navi formed and comes into reality (is we)

Regulation — the world's first

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Gloria is hiding behind the Sun


According to the information center of UFO research in the coming years due to the sun peep planet inhabited by intelligent beings. The center's director, Valery Uvarov suggests that contact takes place, and before preparing for a meeting with another civilization, answering tricky questions

According to recent reports, the life on Mars still is. If we are to be entirely accurate — there was about 12-13 thousand years ago. In any case, it is a conclusion drawn by researchers from the Centre. It's hard to say, as if the events developed further, if

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