The mysterious journey of the soul


The problem of the existence of the soul is of great interest around the world. Official science prefers not to discuss this topic, although it is known that in many laboratories around the world for a long time are experiments whose purpose — to understand what kind of a substance, whether it is able to see, hear and think.

In the early 1990s, huge interest was Doctor of Natural Sciences Eugene Kugisa about the unique research at the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Academy of Sciences of Lithuania. Ultra-precise measurements carried out for nearly

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Flats can cause inadequate

Flats can cause inadequate — Lugansk doctor Sergei Scherbatykh.

Residents of the city is more common, because more are the negative factors of the environment. Told said neurologist Lugansk hospital № 2 Sergey Scherbatykh. "Human health is influenced by his surroundings, his habitual way of life, bad habits. Negative impact on health has equipment: phone, computer, TV. I can say that the people closer to all the natural, nature, the more he is healthy. Why summer everyone wants to leave the city and relax in nature? Because it gives a boost of energy and health. In the town are many

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Slavlenie our gods and ancestors

Relatives in my glory, ancestors and forefathers — The roots of the tree of descent, the butt, the barrel so the branches! I bud on our Tree, after cold winter Moisture knowledge engorged by spring rains. Mother Earth gives Crude for growth effect My every zhivatmu Yarylo illuminate.

Bozhychi in Svarga Blessed! Come on Midgard, Forest Tree of labor from enemies rescue! Gray creature attacked — cut, burn oaks Rob Earth, its resources, they had no council. A cloud of locusts crown serfs greedily gnawing. Disperse the whole pack

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Body — mind curdy

In the old Russian school self body believed curdy consciousness because of its ability to imprint and store knowledge (images). Let me explain to you an example. Recently I rule his spine and remembered how as a child fell from a mulberry straight back. Body remembered the wild pain I felt when she tried to get up. At the same time I remembered, I was approached by a brother, and I asked him not to tell his grandmother. The image of his brother and talk to him clearly emerged out of consciousness. But personal experience as if they were printed

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Crawling zombies and witches

Last fall brought all lovers of the mysterious and mystical just two amazing discoveries. First in Ireland were discovered medieval skeletons with large stones in the mouth. Probably contemporaries did it with their victims, because they were afraid that the dead rise from their graves!

The finds were made during excavations in Kilteshine, near Lough Key. Total archaeologists found a total of 137 skeletons. However, experts believe that in ancient tombs is still less than three thousand people have died from 700 to 1400.

Men with stones in his mouth presumably died in VIII century. One was 40-60

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On the raw food diet and the role of fiber in cleansing the body

Herbs for health.

Good day, dear readers.

Each person wishing to improve their health, looking for their own ways of healing, and often finds them when physicians, spreading his hands in embarrassment, painted in his own impotence.

Examples abound.

And today I want to introduce you to excerpt Victoria Butenko "Green for Life", which is a trial and error to restore lost health, using the fact that literally grows at all, or in the way, or in the garden of the beds, or in the orchard .

It's about the raw food diet and the role of fiber in

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The end of planet X, but not Nemesis

Nearly a century of attempts to find a distant "Planet X» can be terminated, and 25 years in search of a hypothetical Nemesis companion star, the Sun goes on. As shown by the Italian physicist, if "Planet X» exists, it must be either very small or very far away and unable to cope with the tasks for which it was invented solutions astronomers. The author of the original work by Lorenzo Iorio found a significant error in their work, the rectification of which returned the Nemesis to be present in the Oort cloud (see specification). The following text corresponds to

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A womans body is able to stop time

Renowned gerontologist closer to unlocking the secrets of the female longevity. He compares the human body to a car, which must constantly keep on the straight road, and that is "driving" women are better at it.

Professor Tom Kirkwood of Newcastle University, made a sensational discovery. It turns out that the cells of the female body can do to cope with the "routine maintenance" and fight the natural aging changes. Before the advent of the theory believed that this ability is available as a once male cells. But Kirkwood offers not consider the fact that the external age-related changes in

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13 — year-old Jora, a resident of Samara, enlightened once enlightened by his parents. It all began with that first "covered" mother, who visited the satsang Caesar Teruel. And she is not listening to what he says, and happily played with the phone sitting in the back rows of the audience. In the evening, all of a sudden she started a spontaneous process ozoznaniya the morning gradually gone over to my dad.  


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Two tasks — one housing

Representatives of the Head of Staff of the Navy RF gromozvuchnyh was made several statements. One of the applications for the creation of multi-purpose submarines fourth generation, namely, Project 885 included in the class of "Ash". The head of the submarine project is boat "Severodvinsk". According to a representative of the General Staff of the Navy, Russian Navy until 2020 supplemented 10 such ships. Already in 2011, will be laid 3rd underwater housing boats of this project.

In this statement hard to believe with great difficulty, because the construction of nuclear submarine "Severodvinsk" started in December of 1993 in

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