Near-death and out of body experiences

Popularization of the relationship between near-death (CAP) and vnete-forest (EPR) experiences really helped Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (1926-2004). Its famous five stages of dying (E. Kubler-Ross, 1969; denial, anger, trying to make a deal with fate, depression and acceptance) spawned a movement for death and dying, and may have contributed to a more humane attitude to hospice.

Unfortunately, these steps are not supported by research and do not correspond to what people have in reality (S hermer, 2008). However, in the last decades of the XX century. Kubler-Ross has become something of a guru, there was even something

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Vedic cleansing. The path of their ancestors. Universes and gods

Each to himself and the creator, and the murderer, and the judge, and mentor.

By publishing a compilation of revealing the depth of the Slavic world view ("Foundations of the Secret Doctrine of the Slavs", "Slavonic Book of Death", "The Book of Light — add" and others). One important issue was the transition in 2012, our solar system from the zone controlled by Dark Worlds in the white area of the galaxy (in accordance with the Slavic-Aryan science "Stars and Earth"). Our Jarilo-Sun is in the structure of the galactic star systems Swati, also called the Milky Way. Swati

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Life beyond the threshold

In recent times there are publications of the state experienced at the time of clinical death. Leaving his mortal body, a person sees a tunnel leading to the light, and then there are the close relatives or friends, some good luminous beings, radiating love and forgiveness. Said there, "the threshold", a paradise without the pain and misery that the earthly life and return, do not want. And suddenly there was a man who tells all in a different way …

Master's degree in the University of California at Berkeley, Howard Storm did a pretty decent academic career. For 20

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What awaits us after death?

Oblivion — that the worst thing in death. Comes bony, grabs his throat and … everything. What's next? Void, the unknown. In this sense, the ancient people were protected by us. Even the average Hellene clearly knew that after his death his soul to stand trial, then pass through a corridor of hell Erebus. And, if it is considered unworthy, will go straight into the Tartarus. If zarekomenduet heroic — will find immortality in the Elysian Fields of joy and bliss. Because he lived Hellene — not grieved, not knowing pangs of fear and uncertainty. What we are waiting for

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Rita and Yoga

Part of the Aryan culture, the residence time in the Yin country was honoring the various manifestations of the divine in a particular incarnation, with the gradual strengthening and rejuvenation of some deities and weakening, aging others. Even more dramatic changes have occurred after the great migration from India, with the changing technology and the adoption of Christianity bakery.

Slav forgotten Pure Rita! A log cabin in the forest Not Yoga — Mudra so strict, And — oh! Leg bone — Called "witch" …

So let's Eve, 2012, this would be the resurrection of the spirit

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Alive — the universal life force

The average person to live in the modern world is quite difficult: food contaminated by pesticides and carcinogens in the air — emissions of technical production, morbidity and mortality increase. No place to look for support, because in a society ruled by cruelty and meanness.

From all this there is a sense of hopelessness and despair. People think that they are powerless and have no rights in this cruel world …

Even so, we do not think that all of this — the investigation of spiritual darkness and nevedaniya that now dominate in our souls.

In one of the

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Living in space can only fifteen minutes


Note — even in science fiction films astronauts, as a rule, never go into space without a space suit. I wonder what happened to the man if he had been in an almost airless environment of space without any protective gear? According to the experts, we live in such an extreme situation there would be no more than 90 seconds … During the first 10-15 seconds, we would have felt like a whole body surface moisture evaporates, and would have felt icy cold. So the "ice cosmic abyss" — this is not the

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Judge William K. — Reincarnation

Objections are often ascends against the "Rebirth" and it seems strong to those who do, arise from the emotional part of our nature. They say: "We do not want to be someone else in another life, and how can we get to know our friends and loved ones, if they do so, we change our individual personal qualities, character traits? Those absorbing affection that we form are forming here that happiness seemed to be impossible without those we love. "

It is useless to say in response that if reincarnation is the law, it can not and will not have

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Forgotten feat Russian fighter — Battle of Fraushtadte

One of the little-known pages of Russian history is one of the tragedies of the Great Northern War — a fight with Fraushtadte. Saxon-Russian army suffered a crushing defeat, and hundreds of Russian prisoners of war fighter were simply destroyed by the Swedes.

As previously mentioned in the previous article on the topic of the Great Northern War (Grodno maneuver the Russian army), to winter 1704-1705, Karl shared power in Augusta Polish and Saxon cavalry remained in Krakow, and Saxon infantry and the Russian Auxiliary Corps were pushed back across the Oder. With the start of the campaign in

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Reptilians guard the secrets of the Ural


Amazing events happened to me today in a dream. It may be useful to someone? I give a free idea for the script thriller in the style of "Fantasia."

It was not a dream be realized, it was just a dream. I would not tell you about it was, but it was too bright, intriguing plot can be built based on it. Himself dream was so vivid and so real that I woke up and sighed with relief: — "Ufff … Well, it all just a dream!"

At first I was going for a long time behind

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