10 incredible facts about the human body


The human body — a wonderful biomechanics, and some parts of it are not yet fully studied by scientists (the brain, for example). What processes do not occur only in the body, how it is able to regenerate, how many can survive …. It answers to such questions and the subject of this article — I'll talk about how our body is incredible. Fact number 1: Our hands can live their own lives. No, I do not recall a fragment of a horror movie — in fact there is such a disorder —

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Paradise is actually

Following the first view, the human soul is among men, and is the usual earthly affairs, and then sent to the realm of shadows — the land of their ancestors, which is also engaged in earthly affairs. Following the second presentation, further life after death takes place in another world, which is located under the earth or in heaven. In this particular world, no one works, but depending on the behavior of the earth, or enjoy, or betray their eternal torment. In more developed religions the world shared by heaven and hell.

The third direction of future life

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How our ancestors followed their energy

Ancient Slavs in their commonsense reasoning is simple. That is in man in charge? Only the body, but only the feelings and thoughts. Then it is necessary to maintain health in good condition? First of all, you need to determine what is best for a particular type of body (constitution), of a temperament (emotional development), as a person rebuild their thoughts, that they did not prevent him to be healthy, confident, joyful and happy. They were based on what was called "Surya body." What is it? This three biological juice of life, which are in constant

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Life after life

In the Donbas her many venerated as a saint. Not to consider the good, the people brought the woman. Julia F. Vorobyov. Diagnostician world class healer, seer. PASSED THROUGH HER 380 volts at lumberyard mine Petrovsky still remember the incredible day.

Says the worker Tamara Fomenko: — Julia took a shift, even joked that March 8 soon, and in the fridge — although the ball fell, and climbed up to the crane cabin. I do not know why, but I looked at her. She climbed into the cab, and then a terrible crash, a blinding flash right in her face,

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Afterlife HUMAN esoteric doctrine

TEMA extraterrestrial life is illuminated in a number of esoteric subjects. The purpose of this essay has been collected from the available literature the most interesting stuff together, giving it a cognitive nature of surveys, and explain in plain language, without complex terminology in Sanskrit.

This material may seem to the reader, to say the least, unusual, for more than unusual for our blinkered traditional notions of the special conditions, the phenomena and laws of the universe. The very same fact afterlife repeatedly proved clairvoyant in the study of fine structures of man and earth.

Taken into

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All of the chance for a second life

FREEZING-preservation of the human body after death in a state of deep cooling in order to revive and cure in the future, when medical advances and other technologies allow it.

Science known cases of people who have died as a result of deep cooling revived, while maintaining a sound mind, sober memory and physical strength.

For example, what is the "unfreezing" experienced in their own skin resident of Japan Masaru Saito. In the hot summer 1967 a refrigerated truck driver decided to take a rest and cool in the refrigerator truck carrying blocks of dry ice. Refrigerator door suddenly

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Man in the World Reveal

For a more clear and understandable considering use figurative comparison of man with a computer complex, the only difference will be that of an ordinary "company" operator is outside, and the "biocompost" inside the car. So individual electronic computer consists of: 1) the so-called "iron" with its operating system, which corresponds to the human body, 2) downloaded and installed the software and information management, meets the human soul, and 3) the operator, in the spirit of man, our " I am. "

This identity can be concluded that the computer hardware, like the human body has a certain life and

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Billionaires become immortal?


Scientists ask businessmen to finance their development in the field of cybernetic immortality. Recall that at the beginning of 2011 in Russia, a new strategic social movement "Russia 2045". It was headed by a businessman, president of the media holding New Media Stars Dmitry Itskov. On the basis of the movement was created corporation "Immortality".


Dmitry Itskov, founder of the "Russia 2045"

It was composed of prominent specialists in the field of artificial organs,

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Gae In the Orenburg region after the cap. Repair opened children’s body Ai, CRH

July 31 opened a renovated children's body of Ai CRH. In the body of a 25-night beds and 25 day care beds and children Gaya district of Ai from 0 to 18 years old receive specialized medical care and treatment by hospital-technology, are rehabilitation measures. Also in the children's body organized the second stage of nursing infants.

Gai Mining has invested more than 80 million to overhaul a two-story children's hull built in 1986, consists of two buildings connected by a warm passage.

In two years, the case is completely overhauled — were replaced roof, floors,

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Dr. Greers body examined the stranger

October 23, 2012 22:03

Dr. Steven Greer headed "Project Discovery" — a group consisting of scientists, NASA astronauts and people in many other professions, which since 1993 is collecting documentary material, confirming the existence of UFOs.

And recently, Dr. Greer made a sensational statement — that he was able to examine the body of a humanoid — a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Dr. Gere says he keeps in touch with a group of scientists, which was in the hands of the body supposedly alien creature. Here is what he wrote in his blog:

A few weeks have passed

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