Mad experiment


The American scientist Ken Heyvors intends to hold a dangerous scientific experiment. He's going to kill himself, to try and revive after a time and use their brain cells in the body of the robot. The idea is similar to the scenario of a science fiction movie, but, nevertheless, this is not fiction, but a reality. For many years, American Ken Heyvors of Harvard University, is working on the possibility to conduct such an experiment.

More than 10 years of scientist spends his days and nights in his lab, trying to make himself

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In Voronezh, infectious body has opened a new regional children’s hospital number 2

December 11 in Voronezh infectious body has opened a new regional children's hospital number 2.

This housing for up to 150 beds, is built on the individual project and includes an intensive care unit, intensive care unit infections, modern diagnostic and receiving unit, consisting of 15 individual boxes, two boxes of intensive therapy, procedural and rapid laboratory, and 5 specialized treatment of infectious offices.

The body will operate for about twenty-needed support units and offices to provide diagnostic and treatment process, including barozal into two pressure chambers, physiotherapy department, the offices of ultrasound, MRI and functional diagnostics. There is

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Biolokatory measured the energy field with icons


Igor Kordunov, a member of the Ukrainian Association of biolokatorov, "measured the" energy-information field in more than two dozen of icons — in museums, monasteries and homes. The research results were amazing! Most of the information field level exceeded human least a thousand times!

… In the hand of the researcher copper tube, which is inserted into the wire is L-shaped. The icon "Christ in Glory", dated to the first half of XVI century — two meters. Mr. Kordunov, most focused, begins to move towards — "frame" while at rest. When the distance

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Plastic ware is toxic!


Frequent use of plastic utensils leads the fairer sex to hirsutism. This was stated by British scientists after a survey of several ladies who have started to grow a beard.  

Experts have found that all of these women functioning of the adrenal glands had been violated. By the pathological changes in these bodies has led a high concentration of styrene — a toxic substance that is used in the manufacture of plastic tableware and cutlery.

Accumulate in the human body, sooner or later, styrene displays adrenal

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The European Union — a crisis age

As they say the official documents, the European Union — a union of 27 European states, aimed at regional integration. Top of the EU as laid so called Maastricht contract from 1992, but the history of this little territorial and economic integration can be considered since 1951, when it signed an agreement uniting the coal and steel.

Certainly, stretched in time deliveries European Union (1951-1992) seriously affected the future development of "baby." After the signing of the contract of the Maastricht European Union met in order to infants which could later move mountains. Real firstborn for their own parents,

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5 most bizarre experiments in the history of science


Every scientist is trying to be as objective as possible and logical. But when it comes to the intimate sphere of human life, then even the most devoted science researchers difficult to keep a cool head …

1. Sex in the MRI machine


In 1999, a group of scientists hired four couples and three single women to participate in a piquant study. Members of pairs required to climb into the car MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), and make love. Single women asked to masturbate.

The experiment began with sex in the missionary position.

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Weather and health: fatigue and sleepiness

C 6 to 8 December in Ukraine again, and colder weather in general will be uncomfortable for the well-being of people.

Temperature changes, cold, damp air, the wind and rain will be one of the main reasons for the increased risk of colds and viral infections, as well as exacerbation of chronic inflammatory processes in the body, especially in children.

In these days of high probability of acute inflammation in the joints.

Mists and sudden temperature changes can affect health hypertensives. A low atmospheric pressure adversely affect the well-being of hypotensive.

In cold damp weather-sensitive people with dynamic weather temperature

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British women instead of hair began to grow nails


Steroids have caused 28-year-old American Chagny Aysom rare disease — from hair follicles on her skin began to grow nails. 28-year-old student Shanin Aysom three years ago suffered an allergic reaction, after which the manifested strange symptoms. Because it is difficult to walk Shanin and engaged in many daily activities. A woman's body is covered with small horn "needles" anywhere in the skin are hair follicles. At the head has to wear a wig. Doctors shrug, though diligently trying to figure out what was wrong.

Nightmare in the life of Miss Aysom started

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Begun on the hot lava. VIDEO


Daredevil ran through the lava / Screenshot Video

Video men running on the hot lava blasted the Internet. Scientists have explained how brave souls managed to pull this trick, and it is strongly advised not to try to repeat it. In the 40-second video posted on Youtube, you can see how the unknown makes five or six steps to the current lava. When he takes the last step, under his right foot flame appears. However, the man safely reach a safe place, not while hiding a smile. According to Erik Klemetti

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Resident Pravovostochnogo that disappeared under mysterious circumstances, attempt to return the memory under hypnosis

December 26, 2012 14:23


47-year-old resident of the village of Ivanovo district Pravovostochnoe, missing on 14 November and found two weeks later, still can not get over it. Mother of six does not remember any of the disappearance, or of their former lives. Now she is in the hospital Lapina special health facilities, according to "Amur truth." Woman try to return the memory through hypnosis.

Criminal investigation of the abduction continues. Experts assert that the cause of such profound amnesia could become severe psychological shock of Tatiana during extinction. Version is also not excluded the impact

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