Was the person a third eye?

January 30, 2013 7:21

According to one of the ancient legends that have come down to us, there is no time, people and animals have so-called "third eye." It was located either on the forehead, or somewhere in the back of his head and allegedly helped our ancestors to observe the world for miles around, and allows you to read other people's thoughts. The most amazing thing is that today there is evidence of such a body in the ancient world of the animal, to which the person belongs to the fullest.

Since vertebrates have the skull with a

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Thought — the real strength


Usually they race to head a continuous stream, like a herd of wild horses. Grab us and bear, bear, somewhere, excite the senses are deprived of sleep. And if not — Health … Therefore, each is useful to learn how to tame it, to use for their own benefit. And, above all, to heal your body and spirit. The human subconscious — a storehouse of knowledge. All information received by our senses, all the thoughts and feelings are born in it. There are hidden opportunities and our super-sensible, the whole experience of our

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How far Nibiru? And what to expect from her in the near future?


Nibiru entered the solar system and is close to Saturn. It is large, has a distinct shape, color — orange-red. It has a smooth surface. Atmosphere — Twilight and corresponds with infrared environment within the planet Earth. Residents — nifelimy and Anunnaki.

Nifelimy — Being of small stature, with a huge head with convex faces, small eyes, short body and long limbs. Shape of the ears in nifelimov — bells the size of the hands. They communicate with melodious singing like a nightingale or the Orioles. Nifelimy — neyropassatov race, and bears little

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A former police officer has covered the grenade with his body

Vladivostok. April 26. Interfax-AVN — Pacific Fleet military prevented the penetration of the territory of the base of submarine forces in Kamchatka, "Interfax-AVN" on Thursday, the head of Information Providing the press service of the Eastern Military District, Captain 1st Rank Roman Martov. "Yesterday during an identity check at the bus passengers entering the territory of a closed military city Vilyuchinsk, military security company arrested person without documents. He tried to" negotiate "with the outfit for the passage to the territory of the garrison," — said R.Martov. Having been refused, the citizen drew from his pocket a grenade, pulled the

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In the brain, women found a mans DNA


A team of scientists led by Jay Lee Nelson (J. Lee Nelson) from the Center for Cancer Research Fred Hutchinson found in the body parts of men's women's DNA. The researchers suggest that fetal genetic material is passed from mother to son during pregnancy. It accumulates in the brains of women and, as scientists believe, helps the body to resist disease.

The phenomenon when the cells of the fetus and the mother are passed to each other for a long time known to science (microchimerism). As a rule, it is negative, as it

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Fire burns thousands of acres of forest in southern Spain

Forest fire rages in the province of Malaga in southern Spain. Two people were hospitalized, one of the victims burned 50% of the body, doctors say his condition as serious. According to Agence France-Presse, with reference to the local authorities, one person was killed. The body of an elderly man found near the burned-out house.

Source of fire was reported Thursday evening near the town of Coin, per night and the fire spread in the municipality of Marbella, Mijas and Alhaurin el Grande.

About five thousand people, including 300 tourists were evacuated, according to the Spanish authorities. Also blocked

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Spirit of the Russian bath

January 24, 2012 19:58

Original meaning of the bath is in the care of the purity of the human body, and the effects of bath procedure begins with the skin.

Different people have their own bath tradition. Although the means used for purification, are very similar, unique Russian steam baths are almost nonexistent. But if you work in prerevolutionary Russia relied special salary increment for steam baths, at present prices in the baths, such that they can not afford not everyone. In the bathroom, the same can not only warm the body surface

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Body armor made of polyethylene production, Research Institute of Steel

Production of the new body armor with inlays of high modulus polyethylene settled into a "Research Institute of Steel." To demonstrate the capabilities of the new security device developers have conducted comparative tests with his armor steel. As a result, plastic plates stood shot Kalashnikov assault rifle and Tokarev pistol from a distance of five meters on a par with the metal.

"Polyethylene can compete with the best brands of armored steel. For example, materials such as titanium and aluminum. In addition, it is easier to have doubled, "- said the representative of the developer vests Eugene

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Cryotherapy in cosmetic clinics in Moscow

Cryotherapy — a fundamentally new therapeutic approach based on the effects of low temperatures on the body for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. As the practice of cosmetologists and dermatologists, the most suitable material for this procedure is liquid nitrogen. It is widely used in various fields of medicine, as the method of application is simple, safe, and gives a significant effect. Momentary or cryomassage krioapplikatsiya clubs sverhholodnogo liquid nitrogen (its temperature is about 130 ° C) prepares skin tissue to subsequent recreational or therapeutic procedures. To avoid frostbite exposure time should be no more than three minutes. Face covered cotton-gauze

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Confession — its unbelievable

December 26, 2011 20:37

Why do people sometimes do not get a scratch in the worst car accidents? Revelation of patients who experienced clinical death. Phenomena are not accessible to human logic.

Lera Gusakova from the Chelyabinsk region is called —girl bird. All the free time she spends on the farm. Tweet with chickens and turkeys. Leroy says that birds are very well aware of her. But the people then why not, and even an abusive. Mother Gusokovoy Lera does not consider that this deviation, but prohibits tweet home. Understands her grandmother only as tweeting

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