R.Bovm: there is a sense of confusion on the part of the regime

Correspondent"The question sent to the website," Freedom "," How much more a government like the U.S. will listen i do non-legitimate power requirements Lukashenko (I requirements for the last month of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry to the South American embassy)? "

Bohm"We only recently got new requirements [reducing the number of employees of the embassy in Minsk], and of course we believe these requirements illegitimate and baseless. No grounds for such claims on their part. Makarom Not so countries must lead the interaction between them. We fully litsezreem no grounds for such claims, but we consider them, and

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The mystery that connects all things

Divine Matrix

Science can not comprehend the mainmystery of the universe. And because wethemselves are part of the puzzle thattrying to solve.

Max Planck, physicist

Looking at your life from the outside, for the whole life and spiritual experience, wealth, relationships, the fears and the fear of something does not get or lose, love, career, we are also looking at the deepest and the most part not conscious beliefs . From the above it is obvious that the mind plays a key role in our lives, but it plays a lesser role in the existence of the universe.


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