Born of anarchist bombers and gangsters, the early FBI was a crack team of ‘Commie hunters’ and counter-spies bending the law to protect the USA

It was late-summer of 1901 and the eyes of the world were on Buffalo, NY, the eighth-largest city in the United States at the time. Buffalo was hosting the Pan-American Exposition, where electric light was still a novelty and the first X-ray machine was on display. On 5 September, US President William McKinley toured the exposition and gave a speech on the glories of progress and human genius. It was the last speech he’d ever

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Geography of Belarus at the Arc de Triomphe

Paris — open a history bookThe capital of France — a majestic city, many streets and squares which are named after the heroes. Pantheons, obelisks, statues, memorial and triumphal arches remind the French of their warriors: fighter of 1812, 2- global wars kalyaliyalnyh and wars in North Africa … Some companies involved in any of these heroes, ended without glory. But that is no reason to forget about their exploits and torments.

Memorial table resembles an anguished death of the king and queen

Obelisks of the Place de la Concorde characters of the glory of Ramses II

Sign rue

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Submarine for Napoleon …

November 2, 2012 7:46

In 1814, after the defeat in the war with Russia, the French emperor was deposed and exiled to the island of Elba, which is in the Mediterranean Sea. However, being able to deceive him oversight of the commissioners, Napoleon in 1815 with the help of his soldiers captured ships stationed in the port, and landed in France. The popularity of the emperor of the people was so great that he never had a serious resistance. Yet, June 18, 1815 his forces were defeated …

After that Napoleon surrendered to the British and was exiled to

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Bonapartes tomb. From Russia with love … (Series 2/2012)

The whole life of the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was closely intertwined with Russia. Ironically, even his tomb in Paris is made of red porphyry, which was brought from Russia by order of Nicholas I. In France, such a stone was found. Began his career as Napoleon Bonaparte, and how to finish his days leading the project tells Maxim Dodonov. Having been in Corsica, in France, he met a descendant of Napoleon, Napoleon, going all the way to Moscow and visited the island of St. Helena, he will talk about Napoleon, who had not known in Russia.


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