Plastic anatomy. Human skeleton.

The artist must know the proportions of human, caused by features of the skeleton, which is a solid basis for the body. Conventionally, a human skeleton can be divided into the following parts: the trunk, neck, head, paired upper and lower limbs.

Plastic center of the figure is on the pubic bone and most coincides with the geometric center. The distance from the top of the head to the pubic bone will be half of the figure, and the distance from the pubic bone to the heel bone, too, corresponds to half of the figure. Deviations from this rule

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In Minsk, found the bones of mammoths

Workers who build the business center,

initially did not realized what they natrapali until dug huge tusks.Then they immediately called the Academy. Agency "Agence France-Presse" quoted archaeologist with the Belarusian Academy Alexander Medvedev, who said that scientists have identified bones 2-young mammoths, and that the discovery is of great scientific importance. Age the found skeleton estimated 25 000 to 45 000 years. Tags: Minsk, mammoths

The most interesting discoveries of last week


What science has brought us last week? Surprisingly long life of brain cells, rat-telepaths and travel to Mars for two — that's what brought us to this week's Science.


See for yourself…

Pessimists may live longer


Low expectations of happiness in the future may allow people to live longer.

A recent study of elderly Germans showed that people with a more pessimistic view of life live longer and healthier than their more optimistic fellow.

Rat telepathy?


The scientists managed to create something

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In Russia found the skin of dinosaurs

If the detected fragments of skin preserved DNA can be cloned animals.

In Chernyshevskoe Rayonot Trans-Baikal found a graveyard of these creatures. For the first time in history Scientists discovered fossilized skin Dinosaurs with bones.

Typically, the skin of these ancient monsters after their death was not saved because it decomposes in the first place.

In a mountain valley Kulinda been opened Jurassic strata that 145-160 million years, so scientists have found fragments of different kinds of dinosaurs, many of which are even unknown to science.

"We were lucky, some 150 million years ago on the site

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Lead is not the cause of the death of Franklin expedition


The participants of the ill-fated campaign for life poisoned by lead, but hardly was he killed them.

The skulls of several members of the expedition, discovered in 1945 by King William Island (photo National Archives of Canada / Canadian Press).

The sad memory of the Franklin expedition became more mysterious. Chemists at the University of Western Ontario (Canada) with a set of modern equipment found that banks in which food is stored, not the cause of lead poisoning crew of two vessels, went to the

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Antarctica — the birthplace of the dinosaurs




        In Antarctica almost simultaneously found bones of two not yet known to science dinosaurs — carnivorous and herbivorous. Fossil remains of a carnivorous dinosaur of medium size, the age of which dates back 70 million years, has long lain at the bottom of the sea, which in ancient times was part of the land.

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The ancestors of the people creating symbols




A series of parallel lines carved on animal bones 1.2-1.4 million years ago, may serve as the earliest example of human symbolic behavior. Experts from the University of Bordeaux claim that no action, carrying the practical value (for example, cutting the animal) could not leave these marks.

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Cloning dinosaurs became real

Mary Schweitzer, an expert of the University of Carolina, announced that it is now quite possible to clone a dinosaur. The announcement was made after the results of experience, during which the broken bones of Tyrannosaurus Rex was seized several organic materials. It is believed that the remnants of the blood vessels, as well as viable cells. But first things first.

You need quality Chinese trucks at an affordable price? Then, buy Chinese trucks Shaanxi and HOWO, as well as mining trucks and tractors you in the company of

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Ancient human ancestors used fire another 1.5 million years ago




Humanoid creatures that lived in southern Africa 1.5 million years ago, already knew how to use fire. To such a sensational conclusion the American and South African researchers from the study of primitive people near Swartkrans in South Africa. Before the start of this fire was dated

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The secret government. Who rules the world 2: Skull and Bones, the Bilderberg

This film tells the story of a secret order, "Skull and Bones", "Bilderberg Group", "Trilateral Commission" and the "Council on Foreign Relations." Of those who served, and is a member. Their politics, slogans, rituals, ceremonies, dedications .. Among the names you will see a very significant in today's world of politicians, bankers, and what degree they have in one way or another the order. According to their members, it is nothing more than a secular clubs. However, the researchers believe their secret organizations with less than secular purposes …

More about secret organizations

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