He characters in Dan Chaon’s third collection of disquieting, nocturnal stories are haunted by past sins-easily damaged, plagued by guilt plunged into darkness, and certain that the universe is sending them messages. In the title story, a baby is bom with two heads. Though the ‘parasitic» head has awareness-eyes blink, mouth sucks-it will leech the life from the perfectly formed “host» baby if not removed. To this creepy premise Dan adds an accident involving the baby’s father that creates an almost unbearable sense of foreboding. In two stories-«Patrick Lane, Flabbergasted» and “To Psychic Underworld»-characters receive mysterious missives. One man looks

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In the Yaroslavl region nanotechnology introduced by fulling


Yaroslavl region was the first region in which the modern nanotechnology introduced by fulling mill, streamlined process for the production of boots. Through innovation Yaroslavl nanovalenki will save up leg of their owners not only from the strong Russian frosts, but also from getting wet in the thaw.

The ability to not allow moisture has been made possible due to the impregnation of this shoe special emulsion developed by the company using nanotechnology. The composition of water-repellent material is kept in the strictest confidence, because it is not patented. Analogues of such a product

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In Vishny Volochyok Museum opens boots

In Vishny Volochyok at the factory for the production of boots, located on the route Moscow — St. Petersburg, the grand opening of the museum "Russian felt boots."

Gray, white, dyed, embroidered and even souvenir, all boots in the museum handmade, but exhibited in the museum, not only all kinds of designs of boots, but also the old production equipment, for example — hand carding machine. On the stands can see a description of the technological process of boots. Attracted the attention of felt products — wedding ensemble, cat figurines and black.

The centerpiece

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Defense has approved a new form of

In the area of Jürg Kemerovo region where frost is now under 40 in the afternoon, and at night for 40, ending combat tests of the new field form for the Russian army (voles — not to be confused with the mouse) to replace the one on fish fur, which put the army in the past, the Minister Defense just two years ago.

A new set of sewn in St. Petersburg, consists of seven layers — from underwear to be the warmest jacket. Total included 13 names. All this with a backpack. Total weight — 8,5 kg.

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Boots, boots

"Vylgortskaya sapogovalyalnaya Factory" started production of children’s boots, edged with reflective tape. Initially, the company doubted whether the demand, but Traffic police to talk sense marketers.

felt boots

The agreement on the issue of unusual boots was reached between the district and the traffic police Syktyvda "Vylgortskoy sapogovalyalnoy factory" at the end of September. The proposed road police know-how of the factory director Alexander Shkodnik supported by noting that the release of this type of boots leadership once thought, but there was no certainty in demand.

As the press service of the Interior Ministry traffic police in the Komi, boots

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For a month in Russia has opened 7 new museums

The last time I posted news about the new museum in June — s.Tebriz, Omsk region. Now I will review in months or quarters to do.

Today stumbled upon the news of the opening of the museum thumbs. I decided to look for more information on the new museums, it turned out that their 7 month opened!

1. Museum thumbs.

In the ancient village of Yaroslavl Semibratovo, 4 km from the route Moscow-Holmogory, the presentation of a unique museum thumbs.

On the direction of the museum can be seen from a roadside index — giant painted a 11-meter wooden

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The reality against distemper. What they see on the site of Russia and whether it is necessary to treat

January 11, 2013 Roman Nosikov

As recent events — the main problem of the media class in Russia was hostile to him is real life.

She constantly intrudes into the cozy world of media Tolkien class and trolls his facts that are knocked out of his mythology and demolish the whole picture of his universe (where we live on forever decaying east, integral feature of which is the constant decay and destruction. Everyone is unhappy here, all dying, all to tears dream to escape from here. And if the representatives themselves mediaklassa and do not run

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Marines stormed into the boots and quilted trousers

The central portion of, including metropolitan region, is now waiting reduce the temperature to -30 or below.

The coming day, perhaps, will be the coolest since the beginning of winter, and beat the record. Compared with Siberia and the Far East, in the European part of the cooler: here the temperature at 10-15 degrees below normal.

A striking example of this are the most European region of Russia (Kaliningrad region) and soldiers who are on duty a lot of time on the streets. Young recruits from sea infantry has to act in accordance with the instructions of their own leaders,

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Belarus proposes to tradition shapovalstva UNESCO list

In the photo: The Making of boots

News of Belarus. Manual production of boots spread to Dribin district of Mogilev region. Their skills, local craftsmen passed from father to son.

A historical-ethnographic museum Dribin even set up a workshop in which students learn the craft, said the news program "24 Hours" on CTV.

Belarus also intends to eventually propose to include in the list of World Intangible Heritage tradition of bast, a culinary festival "Motalskiya prysmaki" and Christmas carols playing "Zhanitsba Tsyareshki."

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The Minister of Defence refused boots

Despite the absence of the nomination, Anatoly Serdyukov does not want to hear about the new procurement Valen shoes, which thrashed the enemy fathers and grandfathers of today's fighter

Ministry of Defence refused to purchase the most famous fighter of Russian winter footwear — boots. As told to "Izvestia" in the Ministry of Defense, was the premise of this "excess warehouses boots left over from Russian times." But when supplies run out, the men will have to go to the army in fierce cold boots — ankle boots — and canvas boots: no candidates felt boots at the moment there

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