Chechen family catastrophe» in Poland

NIGHT MODE last Polish border guards detained near the border exhausted lady with a two-year child. Lady, and it was a Chechen, said that up in the mountains there are still three of her kids, but already dead.Says a representative of Border Troops Elzbieta Picard:"During the non-long conversation with the border lady could only show the direction where the body remained. Border guards immediately began to find them and through some time found the bodies of beautiful girls — 13 years, 10 and 6 years of age. "Doctors have not yet allowed to interrogate the Chechen, which, together with a

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Poland ready to join the Schengen area

The main problem was to connect it to the Polish border guards system database of signatories to the Schengen Agreement. Then it is possible to control the movement of persons across borders of the signatory countries."There is no middleman. Concerned country sends to the database name and the name of the person who is wanted, and the border guard sees the data, for example, in Terespol. He immediately knows that the person being sought," — said the expert Janusz Nowak.Already at this point on the border with Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Slovakia border and customs control, particularly in

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Pythons went hares from Ukraine to Belarus

As necessary from the border posts, "pythons were on the train, but no tribute comfort. They were in the coupe conductors is accused of working clothes of the box."Illegal pythons removed from the train, along with 19-year-old Belarusian the conductor. Currently Ukrainian border guards set her involvement in smuggling pythons, UNIAN news agency reported.

Who started the Russia-Georgia war?

This edition has made its own independent translation from the Russian language Ossetian and Russian with the British. And now the war began predestined topic great article. The article says Ossetian border guards negotiated via personal mobile operator. A chief of the headquarters pavdnevaasetynskih border guards in the border guard with the name Gasse on duty in the tunnel, said: "Look, armored vehicles passed, or how". "Armoured Vehicles and people," — said the border guard. Asked whether they have passed through the tunnel, he said, "Yes. 20 minutes back. When I called for you, they have already arrived. " But,

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Innovations Belarusian border guards have not yet touched the border with Poland

As told in Brest frontier group until the rule of "one stop" put on small border Auto Transition (more on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border).As for Brest Fri skip "Warsaw Bridge" — the biggest move on the border with Poland, the only stopping point is not limited. Guards explain this fact it must improve the entire system of the organization of border and customs control, also consider the fact that right at this transition are serving Polish customs officers and border guards.According to unofficial data, the rule of "one stop" to "Warsaw Bridge" and other big transitions will take effect no earlier

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What prazdnichek will celebrate border guards in a year?

The total length of state border of Belarus — 3.5 thousand kilometers. Belarus borders with Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia. The most significant portion — with the Russian Federation: almost 1,300 km. Specifically, this "transparent" piece soon comes in a number of more problematic. "Transparent" border — shutConstruction so called Union countries in practice proved to fiction and the border crossing at the moment takes time, even more than with euroallied Lithuania and Latvia. This says truckers Sergey Gusev: "I carry loads from Belarus to Russia, have difficulties. In time Belarus is unclear for what (the bureaucrats then wonder?)

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Yuri Oleynik and his father were detained at the border

At the border crossing "Warsaw Bridge" on the Belarusian-Polish border in Yu.Aleynik and his father’s guards found a printout from the website of "Freedom" and other Belarusian and Russian, and information resources. Have attracted the most attention of Alexander Kozulin answers during an online conference on the website Lenta.ruGuards sought to write explanatory what it did for the materials and where they are. Yu.Aleynik said, making it is only after, when he Explain the reason for detention, its status and the status of his father, will also give a book of complaints. Guards refuses to answer all questions.In Olejnikov also

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Long road to Be2gether

20 representatives of "Young Democrats" movement "For Freedom", "Free Youth" were sent to Lithuania.Guards dropped out of the bus Misha Sheremet. They said that youth is a suspect in an explosion at a concert on July 4. Guards closely inspected the belongings of passengers and bus.Youth activists said they would be obliged to spend the night in Vilnius, because I do not have time for a bus that goes to the site of the music festival.

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Oppositionist? Demonstrates pockets!

With Anton ASTAPOVICH Poland in personal cars traveling together youth activists Timofei Dranchuk and Dmitry Kaspiarovich. But personal care was performed only Anton ASTAPOVICH. By him, guards viewed notepads, books, CDs acquitted, but nothing seized. His question — what is involved in such examination, said that they had received an order from above. Alexander Zarembyuk vorachivalsya with his wife on a personal car of Druskininkai. By him, personal inspection conducted both. Border guards intrigued samizdat edition "Deyachas" Mostovskogo writer Leon Vashka. Checking magazine later returned. And Anton Astapovich and Ales Zarembyuk believe that such close attention to their faces —

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How impacted travel ban lists to work border?

With 2008 Belarusian border guards on the border should check the names of the people through the database so called "Travel ban." In such a bank has already hit 10’s pro-democracy activists, who they say about the illegitimacy of administration for their limitations. Municipal Border Committee Chairman Igor Raczkowski, but denied allegations that his subordinates use lists of political opponents of the regime: "As for lists restricted to leave politicians, I do not beheld such. Have a database of people suspected of sins, are wanted, serving different penalties, wine and alimony so on. But do not we build this base,

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