Belarus’s oldest resident died Anna Borisevich

Adamovna Anna was born in 1888 under Abbot — now June. Worked all his life on earth. In recent years lived with her eldest daughter Nina in Minsk, personal sector. In Last year even went out to the front garden and worked. Anna Adamovna always read, linger long in this world, particularly hard-working people."All my life I worked. And chopping firewood, and went into the forest, all by herself. War waged war on the war with the gun, and I was at war with a shovel. Were digging, plowing yes sowed, since horses were not taken away by the Germans.

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Belarus’s oldest resident died Anna Borisevich

"I think, mother and never thought that he would die, "says 80-year-old daughter of long-liver Ms. Nina. Month reverse correspondents" Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus "Borisevich visited Anna, and then answering the question, it must do to live so long, she replied: "I do not take anything in the head." It was obvious that she kept a clear mind, clear language and a good memory. However, complained that soon it was hard to walk. Anna Borisevich was over Hitler, Charlie Chaplin, Misha Bulgakov …

Yu Borisevich: Belarusian-could form the latest know

Karatkevich "In" Night Primer "sounded your works written for the Web — what a feeling, what more you need at the moment — or Interactive printed word?"Borisevich: "The audience is different. Older people or those that are not very accustomed to working with a computer, prefer paper to computer and texts are condescending. For example, Valentin Akudovich. A youth reads from the computer. This markedly — sold fewer books, fewer magazines published, disappeared almost samizdat. According to his own way, it is a great loss for the culture, but there are such forms of power. "Karatkevich: "How, in your opinion,

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Audio on February 16

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