Borisov demands of the protesters make out executive committee

Chairman of the Board for personal business market of "Gerakombel" Oleg Popkov said that the reason for the spontaneous meeting was to raise private owners rental market trading places 3-6 times.Entrepreneurs got bills to pay rent in October and a symbol of the protest staged a rally in the square at the Executive Committee structure."More than 150 people have expressed a requirement to see the executive committee of the merits, on the other from October 1, the market will boycott — says Oleg ass.• Borisov spontaneous rally business 24.09.2007

Gomel lawyer Peter Borisov suing his superiors

Why lawyer Peter Borisov complained to the tribunal? Over 6 years experience in Gomel the Bar he had any complaints from customers or foreclosure of the Bar. But not so long ago Peter Borisov reprimanded for "violating councils run criminal cases. " Meanwhile Lawyer says: on Actually he was punished for political activity, namely for attempting to run for the deputies of the regional council. Also young lawyer openly campaigned for reelection chairman of presidium of Valentina rinks. "Once a Three years we tested the presidium of the election and its chairman. In the last election, I supported the candidacy

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Who is responsible for the failure of the Christian festival in Borisov?

At the opening of the festival gathered a half thousand people, but 10 minutes before the opening of the gathering made official in the ideological department and said that the festival will not take place, so justdecision to hold it "lost legal force." Oh, so this formulation commented Chairman Executive Committee Borisova Vasily Dylyuk:"They violated one hundred percent, yielded nothing: neither one there the rule of law is not violated, that there will be cleaned the site after the celebration — there’s nothing there. And we, mugs, all missed it, but it is not so organized. And in general, I’m

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Christian music festival in Borisov

This is the first music festival in Belarus sacred music, which organizes more than one religious denomination, and favorites of all Christian churches Borisov, says one of the organizers Eugene Gurinovitch:"In Borisov favorite for many years churches gather together to pray together and open a discussion prepyadstviya urgent, to influence the situation in the town. I think, because they were going together, prayed, and to develop a unity and a desire to do something total for the town. "In the program there are three daily programs from the festival: for kids, adults and young people. Role in the event perceive

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In Borisov recalled hungry mutiny of 1933

At night from 3 to 4 May NKVD arrested about 1,400 Borisov involved in the mutiny. 200 people were shot.The shooting occurred in the area, which Borisov called "Batteries". As saidand "Freedom" activist Marina Statkevich, now gathered there in the evening local democratic activists who spent pounding cleaning place BATE peaceful mass destruction.Commemorate the victims of political repression came in Borisov and public figures from Minsk, in the midst of the writer Vasily Yakovenko, historian Igor Kuznetsov, Siuchyk politician, businessman Alexander Makaeu favorite.

Borisov: Fireworks postponed due to Kill

According to the attendant, the crash occurred in the yard of the 1st of the houses on the street Revolutionary:"A little further from the urban space festivities at 21:20 there was a skirmish between the military and this guy. While for earlier stated that the killing was unintentional Tipo. Bane came because Ensign Man pushed away. That fell, hit the ground head and died. "Last Sunday in Borisov happened festivities on the occasion of the 15th days of the Belarusian writing and printing. Guarded the city more than 115 apamapavtsav from Minsk. Due to the death of Andrei Popov gala

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A.Bukas: agitation disrupts local authorities

Anatol Bukas — Journalist, editor of the independent newspaper "Borisov news." Now, he said, "Freedom", which campaigned breaks local authority:"Authorities in Borisov prepare the first meeting with the registered candidates House of Representatives only on September 9. It turns out that almost two last week no agitation not was be. Oh, so prepare elections in Borisov. Those bureaucrats who rule this election campaign, We caution that all meetings with voters need to warn them in advance and negotiate. According to another at any moment they threaten to make an official warning. "

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On Borisov plant — a five-day holiday

From this moment on 5 days in a row are required to rest working Borisov plant "Autogydrousilitel." This was stated by the listener of "Freedom" Misha Kazeko:

When stopped or Kamaz, GAZ, and here are losing their jobs.

"Consumers of products from Russia are not calculated. They begged a condition that will be settled within 60 days. Because the factory is currently an acute problem with the payment of salaries. No funds. Now the company is no longer working. And people had write statements on vacation. "

Lev MargolinSituation in Borisov commented economist Lev Margolin:"In Borisov two large enterprise

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Battleship on the new rules of the game

Defence Ministry takes over chaos in shipbuilding Yesterday, Deputy Defense Minister for Armaments Yuri Borisov held a meeting on military shipbuilding. Listing all the mistakes that led to the breakdown of the previous state armaments program, he called for a fundamental revision of the relationship between the military and the shipbuilding industry. Meeting was the first in his own way: soon these events will affect the air component forces and aerospace defense. Speech sovereign Borisov held yesterday in Krylovskaya municipal research center (St. Petersburg). He noted that the last three state armaments program (SAP) were not met due to a

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In pictures: the latest radar Voronezh-M in Usole-Siberian is in the final stages of completion

Radar warning system for missile attack "Voronezh-M" in Usole Siberian almost ready to preliminary tests, which will begin on September 1. These are followed by the state, which is scheduled for completion in 2014.

"Preliminary tests are quite durable. It takes all the necessary adjustment is calculated pattern of the station, the main parameters tested. This process is quite long", — Said Yuri Borisov.


At the same time, the Deputy Minister of Defence said that the station is already successfully solves the problem of destination. "This is the

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