THE Future That BOMBED


OVER THE YEARS POP PHOTO has been pretty good at predicting future photo technology. “Pretty good,” though, does not mean “flawless.” And the photo industry has launched some, um, breakthrough products that should have stayed on the drawing board. Just take a look.


• February 1958: “Will [Video] Tape Replace Film?”

•April 1958: “Are Subminiatures a Threat to 35mm Supremacy?” •October 1958: “Will the Russians Beat Us to a Fully Automated Camera?”

•Sept. 1972: “Is 35mm Dead?”

•June 1975: “Can Photography Help Your Child Develop a Superbrain?”

•December 1978: “Serious 110

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Born In The USA

Behind one of the highest-rated albums of all time lie some simple musical building blocks. Douglas Noble takes Bruce Springsteen’s classic set apart, song by song

Bruce Springsteen’s seventh album, Born In The USA, couldn’t have been more different to its predecessor, the dark, stripped-down Nebraska. It was lavish, modern, radio-friendly and uplifting, packed with strong songs and even one carefully-honed hit single, and it would bring the New Jersey songwriter his breakthrough from critical success to mainstream stardom.

Springsteen wrote many of the songs on Born In The USA on acoustic before opening up

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What is the secret of popularity of the television series Not born beautiful?

Kirkorov is resting …Assured of the popularity of the television series had to scale staff of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus". 2 months reversed Vvarava Nelly, played the main character movie, was a guest of the "straight strip" newspaper. This is the number of calls were not expecting any actress or newspaper staff. Knows journalist Ira goat:Ira goat: "Usually a straight line is a journalist. In this case, the five of us had to work. Were busy all 4 lanes. Vvaravay In Nelli had no ability nor rest, nor sip tea or juice. While she answered one question, or

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Pregnancy against diseases

During pregnancy, a woman's body there are significant physiological changes that ensure the proper development of the fetus, prepare organism for the upcoming birth and nursing. In this difficult period, the load on all the organs and systems of the future mother is greatly increased, which may lead to an exacerbation of chronic diseases and the development of complications.

This is why women with diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and other internal organs are encouraged to visit the relevant experts and be screened at the planning stage of pregnancy. Decompensation or exacerbation of disease treatment is

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Juno Ocean and another 24,900 babies were born in the Maritime region in the past year

For the year increasing the number of births observed in nine districts of the province. It Vladivostok, Bolshoi Kamen, Dal'nerechensk, Nakhodka, Artem, Fokin, St. Michael, Lazo and Khankaysky area. This is related to the management of the regional registry office.

Of the 12,756 babies born — the boys, 12 148 — girl. The most popular names in 2012 in Primorye were Anastasia, Daria, Victoria, Artem, Maxim and Dmitri.

Quite a few and rare names that were mentioned seaside kids in 2012. For example, last year in the Maritime region have been

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Unique operation to separate Siamese twins spent Altai Surgeons

Now we have to break, but it's so nice. Elena is not accustomed to the fact that girls now lie apart. The fact that she would have conjoined twins, she learned at 23 weeks of pregnancy on ultrasound.

Yachmeneva Elena, mother of twins, "We were all in shock, my husband and I was very upset, but what to do, it is a pity to do something to harm them, they were moving, and we knew it was two girls and decided, as will be , so it will be, we will deliver. "

Twins were born

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The Japanese are dying

Japanese Ministry of Health released figures showing that in 2012. experienced the most significant reduction in the population of all time record keeping.

According to authorities, the 12 months born about 1.03 million people, and died — 1.24 million, thus the residents of the rising sun over the year gone by was less than 212,000.

In comparison with 2011 the number of births per woman in Japan decreased by 18 thousand in the ministry make a disappointing outlook, to overcome the negative trend in the next 50 years is unlikely to succeed — one woman will have 1.35 children

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When born seven billionth inhabitant?

When born seven billionth inhabitant? It is interesting

The UN believes that on October 31 born 7 billion people on the planet. However, according to other sources, this event can happen in a year and in the next few years. This difference in the data due to the lack of precise calculations of mortality and birth rates. One thing is clear — the exact date of birth of the 7 billion people can not be predicted.

According to the Vienna Institute of Demography of the event will not happen before 2013, but it can also be stretched up to 2020.

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Michigan is breeding poverty

As the nation's attention is focused on birth control, I had the idea that if we want to combat poverty, reduce violent crime and reduce our shameful proportion of people without a definite occupation, we need to change the means of contraception for fluorine-containing compounds in drinking water of Michigan.

Chief editor of 'The Detroit News' Nolan Finley on the line

We have a problem with babies in Michigan. Too many babies are born with immature parents who do not have the skills for their education, too many are born to poor women

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As the men of France fought against fascism

After the liberation of German-occupied territories of European countries, thousands of women who are in relationships with German soldiers and officers who have been exposed to humiliating and brutal executions at the hands of their fellow citizens.

The most actively pursued their French counterparts. Wrath of the lesion, the long years of occupation, secession, liberated France vented on these girls. Next 20 pictures.

The campaign to identify and massacre of collaborators, called "L'épuration sauvage", about 30,000 women suspected of having links with the Germans, were subjected to public humiliation.

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