Liberty Poll: Should in Russia to take credit for gas?

Man: "Of course, it is better to do without credits, but if the situation dictates that you need to take out a loan, then, I believe, nothing terrible about it. Plenty of living on credit."Guy: "I think it’s worthless. Better internal reserves we took these funds. Especially since, that the state has the money. Since many projects developed at the present time, the social, and the most diverse, and all they say that a large increase in the economy. So that means for the gas we would have given and so. "Man: "Interest has to pay — it’s stupidity, of

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Guest on Freedom — Dmitri Fedoruk

May 29 Russian Tribunal district of Minsk sentenced five activists "Junior Front"Big penalties defined Dmitry Khvedaruk — 1,000,000 240 thousand rubles, or 578 dollars U.S.. His recognized guilty under the Criminal Code for his role in an unregistered organization.— Some people believe that we are heroes. Someone convinced that we are just some tramps who have nothing to do. In my eyes the same it’s just is an act of courage and civilian duty, the duty of every Belarusian.In "Young Front"Dmitry came across an ad in the newspaper in August 2005. During after just spent 33 days in jail and

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Night Siege. May 30

Living in a society magazine discussions are news about the detention of the head of KGB "Belneftekhim" Alexander Borovsky. View:"Not shared, see.""You think of violations was not all that up" bloody Gebe "to drop Borowski innocent?""There is nothing to build a summer residence million bucks within the framework of the Minsk region. ""But … it’s hard at the moment is to find a new director."On forums portal Portal

Mayor Pavlov can take a seat Sidorsky

"Newspaper Slonim." National Audit Office examined the work of local authorities to implement the laws and regulations in the field of monetary, economical and tax legislation. Slonim chiefs fined 21 million rubles. Involved in administrative responsibility 94 officials, seven officials dismissed from his office instituted two criminal casesa. Article called "In the State control everything under control."Internet newspaper "Solidarity." "The mayor can take Pavlov Sidorsky chair." Lack premiere during the visit of the potential sponsor of the Russian economic model — Iranian President — again prompted forecasts of the probable resignation of Belarusian government. In the midst of possible successors

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Anastasia Palazhanka: We will not be forced to adore than Belarus

"The sun, which is incorporated in each of us, no one without a fight"Karatkevich "Nastya, I welcome you."Palazhanka: "Hello."Karatkevich: "You have a mobile phone — the composition" The Sun will help us. "Do you think the sun will help?"Palazhanka: "You know, I see the sun here as a colorful hope and strong faith. If a person believes in the sun, which is inherent in each of us that no one without a fight — it will help. And certainly overcome over darkness, because you will light all around him sincerity , love and great courage, because, believe and be brighter

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Whether engaged in commercial activities of the church?

Belarus Orthodox Church has its advantages, including — economicIn 2004, the government of Belarus has signed an agreement with the Belarusian Orthodox Church. According to this document regulates the relations of the church and the country’s political, economic and social spheres. During 2004-2006, similar agreements with the management of the Orthodox Exarchate signed by the heads of several ministries (including power), regional and district administrations. Cooperation agreement with the government of Belarus has only Orthodox church.Under the agreement, the government recognizes the material and moral damages inflicted by the church in the years of the municipality of atheism in the

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Observers in Belarus regarding the death of journalist Kommersant: Belarusian trail unlikely

"Belarus has not once stated that the illegal trade instrument is not engaged," — said Vladimir Nesterovich Freedom."Faster is death — a consequence of corrupt municipal officials of, specialized trade weapon" — commented version of the death of Ivan Safronov Belarusian military commentator Alexander Alesina whereby Belarus is currently no ability to cover the supply of illegal guns other states the Middle East.Continuing the theme listen to our TV and read on the website of "Freedom."

Inna Cooley: that the U.S. had the same moral stance

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Inna Cooley — Chairman of the Committee of the repressed "Solidarity" Wish U.S. as before did not forget about the Belarusian case:

"I do not think we should give advice to the person who will be elected by such a huge number of people in a democratic country. But if I had the opportunity to talk with him, I would like to ask, that America took the same position — moral position, position protection Human Rights. And that was a huge refinement, huge adjustments specifically with the European Union. As for us very principle,

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Prostitutes will plant one day, as the opposition?

Department of Drug Control and Combating Human Trafficking in the Interior Ministry "educational measures" planned introduction of administrative arrest for prostitution. "Man must sit and loaf — what he does," — explained at the press conference said Acting Head of Department Sergei Koltun. Sex market in anticipation of change?Or after these words strongman or more of any circumstances, but mobiles Minsk "online stores" that offer sex services do not meet. Zazyvno offer rooms with "dumping" — $ 50 per hour and 200 per night — currently inaccessible masse. According to some non-stationary outraged that there live "decent family" and no

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MFA: it illegal journalists

"Journalists working for foreign media accreditation needed. As for those foreign media organizations, here

which is presently mentioned in the media, I can officially declare that they do not have accreditation to work in Belarus. Language is about some personal persons from the Belarusian people, who long for foreign agents engaged in illegal journalistic activities on areas of Belarus. Entirely reasonable that this currently engaged in appropriate structures of Belarus. "

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