Rotary wings over Bosnia

Frederic Lert reports on French and Norwegian helicopter detachments deployed to the former Yugoslavia in support of UN operations in Bosnia.

SITUATED ON THE Adriatic coastline, 6 miles (10km) from the Croatian town of Split, Divulje has always been a major naval base. During World War Two, Axis seaplanes used its facilities to patrol the Adriatic Sea, and afterwards the base was used by Yugoslav naval aviation.

Today, Divulje is an important Croatian base with a headquarters and a small Mi-8 Hip squadron. Since the start of UN operations in the former Yugoslavia, Divulje has also become a major United

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Bosnian AEZ plans

AS WE WENT to press it was uncertain whether the United Nations Security Council enforcement of an air-exclusion zone (AEZ) over Bosnia would be implemented. Plans for the AEZ had been drawn-up in response to Serbian air attacks on Muslim enclaves in eastern Bosnia in mid-March. Raids on villages around Srebrenica had been undertaken by Antonov An-2 Colt biplanes and unspecified crop-spraying aircraft adapted to carry bombs. Russian objections have led to the decision to postpone plans for the AEZ, pending further discussions. As of late March, it was unclear whether the Russian objections could be overcome.

RAF Tornado F.3s

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Bosnia Recce

Marc Arys looks at the role of the relatively little-known Airborne Ground Surveillance and Reconnaissance (AGSR) Detachment at Tuzla in Bosnia.

ON DECEMBER 2, 2004, following NATO’s decision to end its Stabilisation Forces (SFOR) mission in the region (see Althea-Healing A Broken Country, June 2005 p78-82), the European Union initiated Operation Althea in the Bosnia/Herzegovina (EUFOR — BiH) theatre. At the SFOR Headquarters, the SFOR flag was replaced by that of EUFOR.

Despite ending the SFOR mission, NATO has not entirely left the region. While the European Union assumes peacekeeping operations, NATO retains a headquarters in Sarajevo to assist with

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Army Air Corps in Bosnia

AFTER COMPLETING a six-month tour of duty supporting Operation Resolute, the British contribution to NATO’s Implementation Force (IFOR)/Operation Joint Endeavour in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 9 Regiment Army Air Corps (AAC) handed over to 1 Regt AAC from Gutersloh during June. About 36 crews and 180 other personnel of the Regiment will continue to support the British, Canadian, Czech, Dutch and Malaysian mission throughout British-led Multi-National Division South-West (MND[SW]) and elsewhere in Bosnia if required by IFOR.

1 Regt aircrew will also continue to fly about 40 hours per month in the 14 Lynx AH.7s and four Gazelle AH.Is which were used by

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Belarus gets whether the UN Council on Human Rights?

Until the last day of Belarus together with Slovenia claimed the two vacant seats on the Eastern European regional group. Total tomorrow will be re-elected 14 of the 47 states included in the Council. In most regional groups uncontested elections, such they were in the Eastern European group until the last day. But yesterday, specifically his candidacy nominated Bosnia. According to the chairman of the UN General Assembly, Haya Rashed Al-Khalifa, human rights in Bosnia have a deep foundation in its multicultural and multiethnic society. Systematization of the human rights organization «Freedom House», Bosnia relates to partly free states, while

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Serbiya not responsible for the killings in Bosnia

For the first time in UN history, one of the countries — Bosnia — another accused — Serbia and Montenegro — in the genocide. While there was a trial, Montenegro held a referendum on independence, and as successor to the joint Serbiya country remained the only defendants this case. Maybe Bosnia may declare its moral victory that, according to internationally Court murder in 1995 in Srebrenica eight thousand Muslim men and boys was an act of genocide. But in general, on the main issue of the process by 13 votes to 2 International Tribunal ruled that Serbiya the government is

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Nenad Peich: Karadzic — the master of manipulation

Nenad Peich recalls the episode of autumn 1991, when Karadzic, speaking live Sarajevo television, gave an example of how Muslims persecuted the Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Karadzic in the ether gave the title of the street and house number, from which, according to him, Muslims against the will of the Serbian family was evicted.When reporters after applets found that the address, it turned out that the Serbian family that nobody evict. Sarajevo journalists filmed material of that family, but, as the N.Peich, "it was too late — Karadzic reached the own goal."


"This strategy was typical of

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Hague court on the bench were three empty seats

In the first half of the 90s was the chief Stojan Zupljanin intelligence services of the Republika Srpska in Bosnia. International Court of Justice for the former Yugoslavia blames his sins against Croats and Muslims in the region of the town of Banja Luka in 1992-1995. Indictment contains 12 episodes, including torture and murder during the ethnic cleansing that was carried out Serb forces in Bosnia.Zupljanin’s arrest was one of the criterion for continuing the process of Serbia’s integration into the European Union. Total Hague court for the former Yugoslavia brought charges in military sins 161 person, 55 people were

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GAZPROM network of filling stations started operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Subsidiary company "Gazprom oil" — the Serbian NIS (Naftna Indusrija Srbije) began operating 27 GAZPROM-branded stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A large-scale project to develop a new premium network stations GAZPROM implemented in other Balkan countries — Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. It is planned that the end of 2015, the network of filling stations in the Balkans GAZPROM will total more than 250 stations, including 40 — on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. GAZPROM network of filling stations can take about 15% of the retail fuel market in the country.

GAZPROM network of filling

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Protective speech at the trial of Slobodan Milosevic at The Hague on February 13, 2002

Part 1

Slobodan Milosevic: I would not want to interrupt me in half an hour, as I listened to the speeches of the day two charges. But I could use … (judge interrupts).

Judge May: What would you like to add?

Slobodan Milosevic: Several times I raised some legal questions that you did not answer. You know that all the international and national documents and the rules specify that only a judge can court, which is set by law. I raised the question of the legality of that court. You are not given any response. I challenged the legitimacy

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