Too. Much. Information!

It seems it’s all too easy to overshare

50 shades of awkward

My housemate had invited me to her friend’s party (begrudgingly), but was vague about what it was for. I turned up to be greeted by a mass ofpenis balloons… but it wasn’t a hen party; they were celebrating the 50th time they’d had sex. Yes, really. There were T-shirts with charts citing the average number of times they’d done it per week (three), and how often they’d both ‘come! It was all so awkward I couldn’t handle it, and snuck out after a few drinks. Why?? Ellen*, 24,

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Way General

The name of Lieutenant-General Konstantin Pleshko widely known and highly authoritative among the border guards, despite the fact that he is now retired. Service Konstantin took place in different regions, and for many people the border guards, who served under him, it is an example of the military commander.

All the generals were once lieutenants. We offer you the material — a kind of touches to the portrait of Konstantin Konstantinovich since his youth officer …

Many years have passed, and Lieutenant-General Konstantin retired Pleshko today remembers the details of a scientific conference at the Military Academy named after Frunze.

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Gothic boss in oak

The Gothic style of the Middle Ages was one of the high points in the history of carved decoration, and this project takes us back around 800 years to the world of medieval woodcarvers whose lives were very different to our own.

This attractive boss, carved in oak (Quercus robur), is a direct copy from Pugin’s Gothic Ornament.

I haven’t been able to confirm where this boss came from, but I had a suggestion from the archaeologist at Winchester Cathedral that it could be from the medieval Palace of Westminster — the old Houses of Parliament that burnt down in

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Quote a day or — 18 May

"I was called to the head of the department for themselves, and not with the second phrase began to read:" Come to engage in politics, and everything will be fine. "I asked for clarification, he meant — I’m not a party chairman, nothing such like. He says: "And the elections?" Well, here I vznyalo! I said, "To participate in elections — it is my constitutional right! Do you understand my attitude to the current government, and you know perfectly well that I do not support it!" So the verdict — it’s just a formality, a demonstration of their Tipo some

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Bobruisk: spontaneous protest businessmen

Now Bobruisk markets sanepidemstantsii employees, tax inspection department and the fight against organized crime launched a massive inspection business.Looked certificates properties on products. If the document was not immediately made out a seizure.On this said resistance Radio Liberty Ira Chill:"In a market where the day began to confiscate product, all rushed to defend each other. None worked. We trading house "Vestar", 120 Pavilions — absolutely closed. All the houses are closed trade. "In the first half of a day or in Bobruisk on Lenin Square near the City Council were about 150 individual entrepreneurs. To negotiate with them was a

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Vitebsk Tatiana Seviarynets received the order of dismissal

Dismissal Tatiana Seviarynets considers illegal and caused first political reasons."I received the order, so that on April 27th, my last day, and on the 28th I was unemployed. On order I wrote that it did not agree with. A parent meeting was later, and the first question to me was such: "Tatiana, is this policy?" I said: "Yes, it is also the reason for my zvalnenya. Although the order filed another reason. "Order to dismiss a teacher of the highest category with almost 36 years of experience signed by the head of the education department Pershamajski district Vladimir Shloma. Ancestors

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A.Meh: This tribunal — the standard cynicism and government misdeeds

The plaintiff sought to return to work at the "Beltransgaz" fill material and moral damage. Bottom line, as stated Alexander Fur, his disappointment:"I did not expect, it is not waiting for such solutions. Confirmation that we have presented to the court — one hundred percent that all this case falsified. It — an example of deception, crime and cynicism of power, which is currently in Belarus. "Tribunal Kobrin lasted a day or three. Attended by virtually all management BPF, opposition activists, Brest region, and journalists. Lawyer trade union of radio industry Vladimir Maley, public defender of Alexander Furs, argues that

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Bullpen before relatives came arrested

Now from about 9:00 bullpen Akrestsin Street gathered friends and relatives arrested participants protests January 10. But things have allowed to pass few hours. The attendant explained that the delay is due to a sightseeing trip cadets. But later, after calling the boss started taking transfer.Activist Association "Perspective" Olga Krumina handed transfer to the 13th chamber Shumchanka Anatolia. She was allowed to pass coats and other things, but, for example, chewing gum is not allowed. Olga yesterday tried to pass food to Anatolia"As a police department we have not taken food, sent in Akrestsin. Yesterday two and a half hours

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Recruitment process in the United States takes a tragic turn

While the Obama administration is trying to convince Americans to a record low for the last four years, the unemployment rate (7.8%), the recruitment process takes a tragic turn. On that not only are tired of the lack of money (and inactivity) for residents of a stable and guaranteed income.

For example, a resident of Oklahoma, Chuck Lowe offered to the person who employ him, to "give a ticket to Super Bowl2013 or make a trip to the Hawaiian Islands." Unemployed admits that he still have a few thousand dollars to complete impoverishment, and he intends to spend

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Turn off the Internet

Yesterday at work disconnected the Internet. No, how do you like it? They shut off the internet. At work! Well, everything, of course, immediately went home — well, what else do without the Internet for? And there I was. And, as it turned out, for good reason — in the first half hour did a lot of interesting discoveries. It turns out that I have on the computer, in addition to the Internet, there are many other items can … Cool. Discovered icon labeled "C + +" and "Java". However, still not figured out how to play them. But there

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