One in the field

Electrons. Could they be friends?

I look — and see around the packs running around and enjoy life electron bunches, pretending to be people. I loved, the Savior of mankind, an honorary Commander of the Order of the Red Cross and Green Crescent, Great mamamushi the world number thirteen in tenture, chatlanin pure blood, the owner of three pairs of pants and a yellow box KC, three red team captain in the game "Bloody sunrise without rules"Champion in tug of the Holy Hides and deserved winner of an icon "Voroshilov Aquarius"Lately I notice that I did not trust. On

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Repeated for Russia

British military sailors captured pirates and later released them to freedom

The flagship of the NATO patrol off the coast of Tanzania flooded two pirate bot. As it became clear on Tuesday, ten pirates, whom the British sailors at all it was captured, it was decided to let go and not lure the court in due course. At the same time European explorers arrived in the same way as the Russians: unloaded pirates on their own ship and sent home. Experts say that so do most of the states. And explain why.

English frigate Chatham, patrol leader of NATO forces

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Cheetah-Cub, designed in Switzerland, the robot cat

Scientists from the laboratory biorobotics Federal Polytechnic School (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland built a four-legged walking robot that mimics the movement of walking cats. About bot says in a press release EPFL.   Any of the four limbs bot has been called Cheetah-Cub («cheetah cub»), consists of 3 sections, connected by springs, and the structure resembles a cat’s paw.   Limbs are driven motors. «Head» bot not, and the place of the «tail» is the wire.   Pluses bot — light weight (about a kilogram), the ability to move over uneven surfaces, and the highest rate.   Cheetah-Cub —

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In Russia, the control system will create Mechs

  Russian engineers are working to develop management systems groups bots, including the ability to carry different types of weapons. This in Mon, November 26, reports «Interfax» citing a source in the St. Petersburg CRI Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (RTC). According to the source, it is about different robotic platforms for fighting, and for research purposes, including monitoring radiation levels. As explained by the representative of the Central Research Institute, Russian bots planned to give «particular method of behavior, independence.» Coupled with the fact the source of «Interfax» stressed that the artificial mind not talking. CRI increased attention paid to

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Military ready to bet on robotic systems

Russian military and defense industry representatives resulted in the development of the value of promising types of military equipment and weapons. It is reported that the emphasis will be made on the development of a very mechanized warfare systems, in which a person will get the benign role of the operator. At the meeting of the Public Council of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Government of the Russian Federation gathered discussed improving Russian arms in the context of promising threats to our country, the Fund also started promising research (FPI), a brand new unit within the Russian defense industry.

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Robots to add «intelligence soldier»

South American military laboratory developing HRED «brains» to combat bots, which are able to move confidently and make voice commands in the chaos of combat. Bots are playing a huge role on the modern battlefield. Exploration, perimeter protection, the fight against improvised explosive devices, liquidation defense, armor and much more — all unmanned systems do even better manned. But modern boats require constant operator control, and if in the UAV there is progress towards automatic machines, then in ground combat bots tangible progress is slower. Grunt once «play» with joysticks and look on the screen — it’s just not

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Tomorrow and combat robots

One of the most promising branches of the military technology at the present time is robotics. By true already made automatic machines capable to do different tasks. However, today’s unmanned aircraft and helicopters as ground tracked vehicles for all their potential, still can not work one hundred percent autonomously. Almost always limited autonomy by some actions that do not require what is called, a huge reason: moving to the item, tracking location, search for objects that stand out, etc. With regard to decisions on Fri route or an attack detected target, until they are accepted by the system operator,

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Robots taught to deceive

South American scientists trained bots impale each other. As a reference for the «imitation» engineers took behavior squirrels and birds In naturally occurring proteins to fool relatives often misleading them. It is clear that forest mouse supplies store acorns and nuts in the recesses. They often visited in their store to check everything is in place. And if all of this notice near another protein or a beast, then try to put it on the wrong track. For this, they pretend to inspect the places in which Tipo hidden food. A team of scientists from the Georgia Institute of

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The exhibition in Japan showed a possible prototype combat robot 4-meter

November 28 at the exhibition in the Land of the Rising Sun was presented mock combat 4-meter bot Kuratas more than 30 hydraulic joints and weighing 4.4 tons. Moves the magic art on wheels, which completes the four legs, and «feeds» — Diesel. The highest rate of the bot — 10 km per hour. Inside at Kuratas — driver’s seat, which controls movement with the help of the touchscreen and 2-Joystick responsible for movement of the arms of the machine. Also used the definition of mimicry, which is activated and «weapon.» Boat is armed with 2 pistols and 2

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Robots in battle

The sharp rise in the price of military training and security in totality with the technical progress in the Western countries will inevitably lead to the development of unmanned combat systems. While the greatest successes achieved in this direction in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles. With all of this on a theoretical level, most need to use bots Army. About Clockwork Sapper, robots, tanks and necessary creation of such types of systems become deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin. Reducing mobilization resources, soaring prices of military training and support in their totality

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