With her experimental approach to design, nothing is quite as it seems in ceramic artist Sara Moorhouse’s colourful world…

In Cardiff, a building is shaking. Fragile ceramic bowls tremble and rattle. One inches dangerously close to the edge of a shelf but Sara Moorhouse slides it back to safety with a well-practised hand gesture. ‘The railway line runs right behind our building,’ she says, as carriages thunder past the window of her airy first-floor studio. ‘So every now and again, somebody loses a pot.’ This is Fireworks Clay Studios — home to 20 artists, who share kilns in a converted

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How to control the vibration of matter

February 26, 2012 20:52

Adolf Kortel, September 2010. The video shows a couple of "beating" bowls from China, and also one from the Academy of Florence. See how they do it.

[0:04] Two bowls purchased in China. Four dragons on the bottom show the location being antinode for standing waves from hitting the bubbles.

[0:18] Note: Wet your hands with soapy water.

[0:31] Then put the cup under a soft cloth and gently stroking the handle, if you do not want to wet my pants. We need to find the right pressure.

[0:47] The one that more

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Trehlebov — Bullets devil, water and Tibetan bowls

What is the "devil's bullet." How can charge the spell and purify water. Tibetan bowls and method buzzer water and space. An excerpt from a lecture AV Trehlebova — official website A.V.Trehlebova

Greetings from the water

November 19, 2011 17:52

The phenomenon of liquid discharge from anywhere so far has no explanation, even at the level of hypotheses

The phenomenon of the sudden expiration of various liquids from completely dry, often monolithic stone and wood walls mentioned in the Chronicles of the ancient Sumerian kingdom. No decreases its activity in these days, as evidenced by publications, including the purely scientific publications. But, sadly, the witnesses, the researchers one of the most mysterious phenomena of nature are recognized in helplessness to explain the physical meaning of what is indecipherable for centuries.

In August 1885

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