Sparklines: a new express-analysis of the data in Excel 2010-2013

According to the profile of its activities to many users from time to time have to carry out all sorts of analysis of data (data on sales, customers, procurement, etc.). Often, this is done using spreadsheet Microsoft Excel, user-friendly and well-proven in meeting the challenges of this type of tool. Excel has built-in tools for sorting, filtering and grouping of data (with the possibility of summing up the results for each group), creating a compact and highly informative summary tables highlight important (critical) data using conditional formatting. Finally, the analysis and interpretation of the data can use the diagram. This

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Improving the quality of sound reproduction.

Loudspeakers speech, singing, music, noises and other sounds. The playback quality of sound is mainly determined by the degree of frequency and distortion. With proper selection of speakers and registration of them (boxes, screens and so on. N.) The distortion will be greatly reduced, and the overall sound quality will increase.

The purpose of this article — to help ham-designer to choose the right and most effective use of the loudspeaker.

Electrodynamic loudspeakers diffuser best reproduce the sound and therefore widely used. These disadvantages are low efficiency, is quite significant frequency dependence of distortion and directional characteristics of the

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Disparities replacement

Over the past five months, the circle on available vehicles with automatic transmission significantly narrowed. And although the place of retired cars were declared the Chinese model, which partly offset the non-combat losses, to name a replacement of equal value can not.

Deserters turned four Korean «Almeria-Classic» completely replaced the new «Almere» from Togliatti and «Bestёrn», «Citroen» and «Peugeot 208» rose. So the automatic modification «Giglio Emgrand» and «Cherry-MH», where the role of the box takes the variator proved handy. On the way, by the way, has two models in the near future «Lifan» will begin selling sedan «Solano»

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It’s time to dig potatoes. Often many of the vegetable crop — one of the most important in the garden. Most of us sadit potatoes traditionally. But there are many «non-traditional» methods of cultivation of this vegetable.


— If you have a little space in the garden, do not worry — says Irina from Omsk Maskvina — even 1 m2 you can get a good harvest. How? Take a large tuber, and for 40-45 days before planting it across the notch, so that there is a small bridge 1 cm thick. Keep it up until not germinate.

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Two Belarusian drove from Lithuania to Belarus uranium?

In their car police found the iron box with the written Cyrillic word "uranium". Police handed iron capsule which was inside boxes, laboratory analysis. Now the tribunal ruled that the detainees will be in jail for up to a month, while there will be investigated.

Soligorsk catastrophically died miner

As said BNP chairman Basil Korobov, 48-year-old miner died Feb. 19 as a result of a local collapse in the mine. "In the lava fell mizhsloevy outsized and fell to the man," — said the emperor Korobov.The enterprise created commission, which recognizes background catastrophic accident.

People do not they say the truth about the threat of crisis

Affect whether the global monetary crisis chemical and oil industry of Belarus? Favorit-independent Belarusian trade union of miners, chemists and oil Vasily Korobov states that management of companies in these industries is hiding the truth about the pre-crisis situation. Chairman of the Belarusian-independent trade union of miners, chemists and Petroleum Vasily Korobov held a press conference at which he warned of the consequences of heavy global financial crisis for companies whose employees belong to the union. It was about such large enterprises as Grodno "Nitrogen", Bon "Naftan", Soligorsk potash plant belongs to the concern "Belneftekhim" and other factories."Infy received enterprises

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Last gun Degtyarev

January 2, 2011 marks 131 year a day or birthday of the famous arms designer Vasily Alexeevich Degtyarev (1880-1949). He passed on the arms of our army a number of successful models of military small guns, but the greatest fame brought him guns. It so happened that his first prototype made at the Red Army, became a machine gun DP, the last — Manual gun RAP is the last generation. But the gun RPD is fascinating not only that — it's actually the first standard the new system of small arms generated by Lofty Russian experience of war, and

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Plastic windows and installation

No such owner who does not lusted to make their homes comfortable, comfortable and meets the safety requirements. They go into the past times when the lack of structure and decoration materials are not allowed on advantage to transform their home. Now everyone in the availability of funds and the desire can bring to life even the most daring creative ideas. Thus, the interior of the home is picked up, the place is transformed with the latest design ideas, what to do with windows. Now this hitch be solved very easily. With time nedavneshnego plastic windows can totally identify

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Submachine gun PP-19-01 Vityaz

GunGun PP-19-01 "Hero" is used to arm patrol officers, traffic police and intra-guard. The submachine gun was developed weapons enterprise JSC "Concern" Izhmash "in accordance with the requirements of the order of the Interior Ministry," Hero ", according to which got its title. At the present moment gun-gun PP-19-01 "Knight" into series development and has already started to come into service units of the Interior Ministry.

Options and properties submachine gun "Vityaz". The database structure of PP-19-01 "Vityaz" is or AKS-74U, or the more modern AK-104. Similarity in a single form and details of the system is about 70%.

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