The truth about braces

A beautiful smile is not only beautiful, but also very important, because it gives life to the whole confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Give your child a smile from his childhood and he will be very grateful to you when mature. Unfortunately, most people think about it closer to 30 years, and in fact correct bite and, as a consequence, a smile, a lot easier, while the teeth are still growing.


What is the bite?

In dentistry, teeth bite called the closing of the upper and lower jaw. Accordingly, correct bite — when the teeth are closed

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Be equaled, still!

Malocclusion may cause not only psychological problems — feelings of unease, discomfort, but also trigger the development of certain diseases. However, the situation with malocclusion, no matter how difficult it may be, remedied, and, at any age.

In order to correct malocclusion, align the "curves" teeth, consult your dentist, orthodontist, who will select the best method of correction.

Dentist Orthodontist— doctor who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dentofacial deformities. "Orthodontics" in Latin literally means "straight teeth."

Modern orthodontic techniques and devices allow you to fix any malocclusion.

To apply the braces

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Modern methods of correction of malocclusion

Contrary to popular opinion, the molar tooth still not spliced with the bone of the jaw. Just dragged its root firmly in the tooth hole thin fibers of connective tissue. These elastic threads arranged in a narrow gap between the bone wall and the root of the tooth. Teeth are able to move independently when cutting.

They lend themselves to the forces, specifically applied to change their situation. When the wall of a tooth long small holes directed pressure is absorbed at this point, opening the tooth space to move. On the other hand, where the stretch connective

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