Sugamo Shinkin Bank – Ekoda Branch

Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design

Playfulness, transparency, colour. a vague definition of inside and outside, blurred boundary between private and public… these are all the standard qualities one associates with a bank, yes?

In tins startling little branch of the Sugamu Shinkin Bank, in Ekoda, Tokyo. Emmanuelle Moureaux turns expectations and traditions on their head, making a facade Zone’ of 48 vertical poles in the colours of the rainbow [29 outside,. 19 inside] that scatter across a two-metre setback on the property line and simply but effectively eliminate the conventional boundary line of the building How are we to interpret

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It is difficult to fundamentally change the traditional tools such as cutter. But if it fails, it takes on a new quality of not only the tool, but the machine is equipped with them.

The cup turning tool, at the time set records of performance, came to the forest industry of the metal. Mounted on stvoloobrabatyvayuschuyu car, it is easily and quickly removes the bark from the trunk. But the cup cutter — a truncated cone, and a pretty high. Once found in the way the branch cutter passes. Just prune the branch podnutritsya and stop — no longer cuts



Intensive gardening PREVENTS huge amount of manual work. Is created in the All-Union Institute AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY MACHINE mechanized one of the most labor-intensive operations — pruning fruit trees. The machine is controlled by one person. She cuts herself unneeded branches to pick them up. PRODUCTIVITY INCREASES seven times, and the costs are reduced by seventy percent.

Always thought that fruit trees need a space, then the harvest will be. Agricultural science has proven the opposite — give birth to larger fruit trees, if planted densely, only need to limit their crown, thin out. The well-bleached branches fruiting accelerated by three


Hanger Hallway

You will need:

• pruner or saw

• Solid dry branches (at least 2 cm in diameter)

• wooden board 15×45 cm — the size can be varied at will

• Abrasive medium grain

• Newspaper or old rags

• Drill

• Paint in bottle silver tone

• Brush 5 cm

• Paints for wood (shade of salmon)

• Screws (2 — 3 pieces for each branch)

• Wall fasteners for shelf

Production time of 2 hours.

Autumn — time for a trim garden and a beautiful strong branches used to decorate the house. They are an excellent replacement

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Belarusian beer: cook or not to cook?

According to estimates of municipal professionals, beer consumption in Belarus grows by 20% every year. But breweries might not correspond moremu consumer demand. To reach the desired level, the beer industry need 125 million dollars. "It means little for the country, even more so, that the funds will eventually be returned ", — stated in the course of the meeting, Alexander Lukashenko. Beer is sold branch?He said that Belarusians can successfully compete with foreign companies on their own domestic market, and because "no harsh circumstances in order to take an urgent decision on the sale of an entire industry."According to

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Figure a day or 322 billion rubles

322 billion rubles — such supplies of finished products was light industry of Belarus on 1 chervenya. It is almost equal six-week production industry. This is the highest figure of supplies from all sectors of the state economy. It is worth recalling that, according to forecasts, the EU’s decision to exclude Belarus from the Generalized System of Preferences of the Union will be particularly painful specifically for light industry and exacerbate an already bad situation.

Branch: entrepreneurs have not found the awareness of chairman of the executive

Small businesses oppose closing fairs hosted on October street next to the bus station. In defense of fair signed up seven hundred inhabitants of the area.For disk imaging participants, Victor Burakou confirmed that the fair will be closed on June 1. In its place is planned to build a modern shopping pavilions. Today kiosks that four businessmen year reversed redeemed at your local bytkombinat 1.3 million rubles, the chairman of the executive committee proposes to move to another location on the views of business, not applicable to trade.None of today’s small traders operating in the market near the bus station,

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Boomer U.Kovzelev: I dream home village

"I come from a village evicted. Everything is buried. Bartolomeevka, talking, Varabevka, Pobuzhzha that were far away from the branches.I know every track there. Sleep, and I dream of the shore of the conversation. I also wish there being …In Vetka district, we determined the level of radioactive contamination of goods. Monitored eight villages. The resulting information delivered to residents.Made there also a sociological survey. Porazdavali profiles a thousand residents, ask them to answer the questions. On the one tysche we got 720 questionnaires.From the responses concluded that malehankih villages nobody inspects food. In larger settlements have something else in

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Russian oil passes Belarus

Project pipeline capacity to 80 million tons per year Our homeland has previously used as a means of pressure on Belarus. Construction of the pipeline will allow RF abandon oil transit via Belarus and Poland to the European Union through the pipeline "Druzhba". According to the newspaper "Kommersant" on This time thought BPS-2 is discussed behind closed doors by the government — likely, strategic rejection of the "Friendship" has already been approved. Despite the resolution of the January oil crisis in relations with Belarus, the Russian government wants to return to the project of building the second branch of the

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Holding company ELEKTROZAVOD shipped equipment for Olympic facilities in Sochi

Under upgrade 220 kV substation Poselkovaya (Krasnodar Territory) branch of OAO "UES FGC" — Trunk Power Grids of the South shipped two TDNL-40000/10 transformer capacity of 40 MVA, developed and manufactured at the production complex of "ELEKTROZAVOD" in Moscow. Technical parameters, reliability, ease of installation and operation of this equipment complies with the national and international standards. Last year the Holding Company "ELEKTROZAVOD" put on the 220 kV autotransformer Poselkovaya two total capacity of 250 MVA. The substation is located in a river valley Mzimta, on the border of the national park. Expansion of 220 kV "Poselkovaya" improve the reliability

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