The Grosvenor House is the perfect location for few days’ getaway to enjoy everything London has to offer

Grosvenor House, which was rebranded as a JW Marriott Hotel in 2008, opened its doors in 1929 when London was dramatically changing to become a bustling commercial metropolis. Albert Octavius Edwards was the investor who conceived and built the hotel, employing architects L. Rome Guthrie and Sir Edwin Luytyens to carry out the development. Edwards left his mark on the shape of the building – from a bird’s eye view the initials AO can clearly be seen. The hotel’s Great Room, originally

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In Vitebsk, in the underpass bred carp

Fishing — the underpassEntrances to the transition overgrown bushes and airom smell of stagnant water still felt from afar. Depth along the ground — about 2 meters, and where smaller, perfectly visible flocks fry that dart between abandoned plastic bottles, wrappers and other debris. Fish grown in this mud, no risks. And no one can explain how she was able to get a divorce here in general.Fish in this "natural oasis" no riskViolated and would violateCrossroads of incompetent underground passage happened "fish place" for Vitebsk employees GAI. Within a day or there can be fined more than one hundred people,

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Lukashenko has long promised to break the horns Damashkevich

Then, during a conference devoted to the harvest, the bureaucrat entered into a dispute with the president. Nikolai Domashkevich stated that he "honest man" and nothing of his "wag on the whole country. "What Alexander Lukashenko promised, and I quote, "to break the horns" chapter of the Minsk region.

In the office of the Town Hall seek out bomb

Interior Ministry officials said Milinkevich that he would go with them to the police station Leninsky Grodno for clarification.Now day the police raided the office public organizations "Town Hall" in Grodno, where there was a meeting of the "For Freedom."Interior Ministry officials said that according to their information, there was a bomb in the building.The policemen said they received an anonymous call that the building is mined. They identified that the person who called to speak Belarusian.It was assumed that the meeting will be elected chairman of the movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich.Chap. also: • Policemen rushed into surgery "Town Hall" in

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Week in Belarus in photo: January 27 — February 4

January 27. Ceremony of summarizing the second international competition of modern drama "Free Theatre"January 28. Belarusian Jews commemorated the victims of the HolocaustJanuary 29. Historians of Vitebsk establish a monument to the heroes of the uprising in 1831 near the village of Venturi.January 30. In Kurapaty again broke "bench Clinton" U.S. embassy officials have broken the memorial sign People light candles The action takes place in a blizzard memory Igor Kuznetsov puts a lighted candle near Kurapaty stoneJanuary 30. Favourite Russian Communists Gennady Zyuganov at a press conference in MinskJanuary 30. Opening of personal exhibition of Alexey KhatskevichFebruary 1. Helsinki

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Shikunov: Protasov also need adaptation

— So, the championship of Russia took a break. "Rostov" went on vacation sixth. Rada?

— The result of a great team that dissemble? But in terms of playing like it's not all. Sometimes, the team produces vivid games, but it does happen and failures. In general, stand with differences, there is no stability. However, we are still in the offseason all understood and were prepared for such a development.

— Coach Protasov as a novice in the Russian league, too, need adaptation?

— Sure. The man has lived long time in Greece, worked in Japan.

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Judged Sergei Obrazovskogo

Sergei Obrazovskogo summoned to the tribunal despite the fact that he was sick. April 25, before Sergei was in a clinic in the village Svislach diagnosed with "peradynfarktny state." For the upcoming study had been referred to the regional clinic in Borovlyany. Disease manifested after the forcible detention sovereign Obrazovskogo policemen Pukhavichy police station before his trip to Minsk "Chernobyl Way — 2008". Sergei Obrazovsky Tribunal requested transfer to another day. This was said our radio present in the courtroom Anastasia Rysevets:

This pressure is not only a moral

"Now he feels unwell. He has great blood pressure. Seen

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Declared sentence Catherine Solovevoj

19:45Police drew on Lyudmila Atakulava protocol for his role in an unauthorized rally. Lady was not released, was taken to a night of pre-trial detention center Novopolotsk. Tribunal over Lyudmila Atakulava begins tomorrow at 9:30 am. 19:05Police officers away from Polotsk detained car in which vorachivalis Minsk maladafrontavtsuy Alexey Shein, Dennis Sadowski, Lyudmila Atakulava and Valery Mackiewicz. They were ordered to remain in the car guys and Atakulava led to the station. Policemen were on paper for yourself, where were recorded numbers of vehicles, which came in Polotsk associates Kasi Solovevoj from Minsk.18:30The verdict sentencing Alexei Januszewski was moved to

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In Kurapaty Forest back crosses

They reduced the crosses that were broken by vandals.

"Most importantly, holy cross was restored in the hearts of the people" Cleanup on it a lot of people who worked on the whole area of the national memorial, cleaned the area. CCP BPF activist Valery Buffalotold that working people are going to mist, and if you do not have time to restore all the crosses, then gather in the other day.Buffalo"Let us add whole pieces to those parts that have been damaged, broken. Will treat staples made a profound hole in the ground to drop the cross. There’s the people

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Bobruisk: The police broke into the personal home

Policemen are in the house 17 hours.By Ales Chyhir, two policemen to break into the house, used official of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Fireman, who identified himself as Sergei Gavrylenko, said he urgently needed to explore the room for fire safety. When activists let him into the house, followed included two policemen. One of them introduced himself Toustsik first lieutenant, second refused to call himself.Ales Chyhir states that police behave boorish. First, that they have created it without permission bypassed all the premises, giving special attention to the prints.By Ales Chyhir, police called for the rescue itself. What are

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