From coffee shrinks breast



Women who are of the day, and they can not live without coffee, have to buy their own clothes a size too small, the scientists warn. Women who are of the day, and they can not live without coffee, it is worth considering, as this drink affects the size of the breast. This conclusion Swedish scientists from the University of Lund.

Experts conducted an experiment in which nearly 300 women drank coffee daily, and researchers have made measurements of their breasts. As a result, have found that more women drink

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Normal stools in infants

Normal chair for children from 0 to a year — a relative term. First, its frequency and nature depend on the type of feeding (breast or artificial) and the availability of complementary foods. Secondly, with the age of the child "normal" chair change.

In the gut of the fetus is formed meconium — original feces, which is released during childbirth and the 1 —2nd day after. It represents the dark-greenenuyu homogeneous mass odorless, consists of the secrets of the various parts of the digestive tract, sluschivshegosya epithelium and swallowed amniotic fluid. To 4 —5th the day of the

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Sagging breasts

Why does my chest?

The mammary gland consists of15-20 glandular lobules, connective "frame" and adipose tissue. During puberty in girls under the influence of hormones is breast growth and development of the lobules. This process ends at approximately 20 years, when chest takes its final shape and size. The mammary gland is modified throughout the cycle, swelling before menstruation and decreasing thereafter. It is influenced by hormones.

The deformation of the breast during the life of the woman is the cause of either laxity or insufficiently strong support breast pectoral muscles. After all, breasts — is primarily iron,

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The first few days at home

So, a new member of your family has finally home! Proud dad met you with a child on the threshold of the hospital. Here he makes a solemn precious bundle home and … for some reason you stopped in a daze.

Despite the fact that the long nine months, you have been waiting for this moment, now for some reason have no idea what to do. Breastfeed? What if he did not have enough milk? Bathe? Or maybe even sooner? And scary at all — it is so small, fragile, helpless … What if something happens to him?

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Shopping for mother and baby

During pregnancy, a woman's figure varies considerably: increasing chest and growing every month tummy. Therefore willy-nilly have to think about changing clothes. In addition to the free clothes, the expectant mother will need special clothes made of natural fabrics (bra and panties), tights and protect against varicose veins, and a bandage.

In the hospital my mother protrebuyutsya special hygiene products (pads — conventional and chest, disposable panties, cream for cracked nipples), and the baby — diapers and diaper rash cream.

Young parents often difficult to determine the order, which must be newborn layette. How not to buy too

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Cancer — a disease and not a death sentence

Breast cancer in Russia is in first place in cancer pathology in women. For the latest medical advances in the fight against the disease said corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor I. Poddubnaya.

Irina, a record of the disease has set in Russia? And what about the incidence of breast cancer in other countries?

In all developed countries of the world pattern is about the same. Here in the third world — it is different, there's women's cancer diseases leading cervical cancer.

And why not? Because women in these countries, many giving birth? Or because they

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Mammary cancer

Cancer breast— Malignant tumor, which occurs when the normal regeneration cancerous breast cells.

Today the disease is suffering at least one in ten woman The world. Men are more fortunate have cancer breast found 100 times less. Only in the United States from breast cancer kills nearly 45,000 women. And, if before the disease develops mostly in women older than 50 years, but now it is much "younger" — cases of the disease in their forties, thirties, and even twenty years is not uncommon.


The exact cause of breast cancer is still unknown. However, scientists have identified

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The baby sucks fingers

More recently, it was considered only a thumb-sucking habit and nothing more. Recently, pediatricians and psychologists concur: finger mouth — is, first of all, unsatisfied instinct of sucking.

By the way, one observant mother noticed an interesting thing. Her son is on the mixed diet — that is, along with breast milk fed him formula from a bottle. So, the child is much faster to cope with the bottle than with the mother's breast, and then directly into the mouth pulls the cam. This example — a living illustration of that thumb sucking nursing infant is required in

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Cracked nipples of nursing mothers

Sometimes breastfeeding can be painful for the woman. Most often this happens in the first week of lactation. Typically, the discomfort associated with cracked nipples.

Cracked nipples can be formed as a result of not enough good preparation of the mammary glands during pregnancy, improper technique of feeding, vitamin deficiencies, the general weakening of the woman's body.

Cracks and abrasions nipples are very painful. If they are not very big, you can try to feed the baby through the pad, which are sold over the counter. For large and very painful cracks put the baby to the

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Reducing or breast lift

Breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty required in those cases when there is an excess amount of breast tissue. As a rule, combined with a reduction mammoplastybreast lift — mastopexy.

Indications for surgery Changes in the volume of breast ptosis and after pregnancy and breast-feeding Certain professional requirements to the contours of the body Post-traumatic breast State after a mastectomy (removal of the breast) Gynecomastia in men and psevdoginekomastiya Violations of symmetry areola

During operation the excess glandular tissue and subcutaneous fat is partially removed and formed new breast size and shape. In some cases, reduction mammoplasty is not only

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