The first step is an array of field sobriety tests, which includes sniffing your breath. If your performance is at par with a baby learning- to walk, either through intoxication or a God-given lack of motor skills, then you will go through a breath analyzer exam to determine the alcohol content of your blood. However, the legal limit is not yet set. The Department of Transport and Communications, Department of Health, and National Police Commission are still banging their heads together to figure it out (which is anytime in the next three months).

If there is cause to believe that

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Persons breath leaves a unique mark, like a fingerprint



Chemical trace on your breath is as unique as fingerprints and may be used to identify you. Moreover, it can be used to diagnose diseases. Medical traditionally based on this data analyzing blood, urine and tissues. In these biological samples contained metabolites — the remnants after the biochemical processes in the body. Metabolic profile depends on a number of factors: diet, infections, circadian rhythms, and live in the intestines of microorganisms. All this affects the type and amount of chemicals

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Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

One in five people after 30 years of constantly snoring in his sleep.

According to popular opinion, snoring — it is unpleasant but harmless sound phenomenon. However, few people know that the so-called "mighty" snoring is a precursor and one of the main manifestations of severe illness — Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or disease stops breathing during sleep. The first witnesses of this terrible disease are awake loved ones who anxiously watch as suddenly breaks off and there is a scary snore stop breathing … and then sleep loud snort, sometimes tossing and turning, move his arms or legs

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Diver holding his breath under water for 22 minutes

June 15, 2012 22:13

Diver holding his breath under water for 22 minutes

Scientists are in a quandary: one training can not be explained as Tom Sietas could not breathe for more than 22 minutes. Not finding yet intelligible interpretation, they warn of the mortal danger of such "records". Those who are familiar from childhood with the "free" free diving without scuba gear and even without the breathing tube, they know how after 30-40 seconds of breath-holding body begins to violently claim sip sweet air. However, the 35-year German Tom Sietasu been unthinkable — at exhibitions in China,

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Lev Margolin: UCP will get a second wind

Society Deputy chairman of the United Civil Party Leo Margolin said that at a time when Anatoly Lebedko was in the KGB detention center in the party, there was no emergency.

"We have been able to prevent this, but, of course, the release of Anatolia — good news, and now the party will get a second wind, we can more actively work for the common cause."

About the fate of the remaining political prisoners, Mr. Margolin stated belief:

"On the I think, that predicted by analysts and journalists, that the authorities sooner or later be forced to make some

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Message from Isis 30. 08. 12.

In recent weeks, fluctuations in the Earth were significantly increased. The spiritual world is using this light for purification and healing. Archangels have a lot of work. They are involved in the purification of the emotional and mental levels in the world.

Perhaps you feel good, that clears your mental and emotional bodies. A lot happens at night while you sleep. And it may well be that in the morning you wake up with a feeling of deep joy, with a sense that everything is in order. The body feels good and the flow of thoughts calm

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Girl Ichthyander. Video


Just 16 months of a child who has not really learned to walk, able to swim unaided, and feels completely comfortable in the water.

Fearless baby floats face down, turning on the back to relax and take a breath in your lungs. In the water, the child is without sleeves, and is also able to cross to the far side of the pool without assistance, and without even a break.

However, this remarkable feat has collected a lot of negative feedback from viewers on YouTube. In particular, people are concerned that the

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