Continuing the series of articles on two-stroke tuning, this month is the turn of the RGV250. As you know the Suzuki RGV and the Aprilia RS250 share the same engine so it applies to the RS as well.

Next month will be about tuning the Suzuki RG500 because I won’t be doing anything else this month — a customer has delivered 20 RG500 engines to overhaul and tune. Yes 20.

Any dimensions of ports I give will be in mm measured from the top face of the barrel and widths will be as measured simply across using a caliper or

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Tremolo parts

Strat springs, block and claw

PRICE:$21.95 (springs), $79.95 (block),

$44.95 (claw & screws)

CONTACT: 001 978 473 1323 (USA) or 01206 382224 www.killerguitarcomponents.com

Killer Guitar Components is a family-run company providing hand-made kit designed for upgrading stock factory parts. The company specialises in trem bridge parts and we’re checking out a milled bridge block and spring claw along with some Raw Vintage springs that are designed to replicate the tension, tone and feel of vintage Fender springs.

Opting to try the springs first, we simply swapped them with the modern repros on one of our Strats. The Killer

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At the time, I decided to manufacture a set of furniture for the garden plot, which is — which is very yayazhnpsh should be durable, stylish and well suited for our needs.

Interesting fact: the simplicity of manufacture of the product and its durability depends on the quality performance of connections — in this case, connections vpoldereva and spikes. Style pieces of furniture set small touches such as decorations in the form of diamonds, sawed in the top and in the upper bar of the bench. The same diamonds adorn the bridge tables and benches. And finally, to attract attention,

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Inclined lifts Siak River Bridge

August 11, 2007 on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, one of the largest islands in the world, in the town of Sri Indrapura opened a new bridge. The city is located in the upper reaches of the river, which flows into the Strait of Malacca on the opposite side of Singapore. In the province of Riau, where the city, the highest in Indonesia, per capita income, is producing about 20% of gross domestic product. The province is rich in natural resources, especially oil, natural gas, rubber, timber and palm oil. The main part of this area — the valley,

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Italia, purveyor of all that is kitsch and kooky, has spawned a compact range of guitars under a sister brand, all costing just a little less dosh. Review by Richard Purvis

Designed by a Brit, made in the Far East yet named after a funny little country on the other side of France, Italia guitars have a deserved reputation for nostalgic frolics with an underpinning of modern practicality and solid construction. Now the company has that ultimate badge of big-time respectability: the ‘brand within a brand’. The instruments on test today are two of a new three-guitar range bearing the

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Photoshop CC brightens up a somewhat stormy transition to Creative Cloud

Although the option to purchase a Photoshop subscription dates back to the 2011 release of Creative Suite 5.5, Adobe has now left users with one of three choices: shell out monthly to keep receiving the latest and greatest versions, stick with last year’s CS6 (which continues to be supported, at least for now), or switch to something else entirely.

While only a small percentage of its users may actually go rogue, the latest Photoshop CC offers an awful lot of very good reasons for them to stick around. Adobe


Bridgelayer MTU (K-67)

Projects and prototypes based bridgelayer MTU

Bridgelayer MTU served «testing ground» for new bridge means. But first it is to talk about two projects carried out in the OKB SV IR led AF Kravtseva at the initial stage of work on the K-67 launched bridges (in accordance with the TTT approved P. Marshal Rybalko in October 1946).

In May 1948 OKB IR SW version proposed bridge kit K-67, providing installation (installation) on the barrier rut bridge 15 m long with two retrofit T-34 tanks. The bridge is equipped with built-in wheels can be transported on a trailer at the

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Polish border guards and customs officers left Warsaw Bridge

Only 105 days Poland officially join the Schengen area. But the Polish border guards and customs officers have already left "Warsaw Bridge".Here’s what he said now, our correspondent from Brest:"At the border crossing" Warsaw Bridge "no queues. On site number 1 out of Poland — about 20 cars, mostly with Polish rooms. At the exit there are eight control strips. Serve them only Belarusian service. Polish customs officials went to Terespol. Joint inspection anymore. border with Poland became more standard. More orderly. "According to the Municipal Customs Committee of Belarus, through the "Warsaw Bridge" in This year moved more than

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Masty activists met with the U.S. Ambassador

Official visit of the U.S. Ambassador in Grodno began with Bridges. Karen Stewart, during a meeting with representatives of the democratic opposition identified that positive steps in U.S. relations begin to Belarus after, as political prisoners will be released.Half an hour before meeting with U.S. Ambassador to one of the activists, Dmitry Kuhleya — acting deputy District Council was called to work with the requirement to return to the company. With all of this in advance Kukhlej warned management of participation in a meeting with the American ambassador.Before the commencement of the hall cafe came head ideological department executive committee

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Yakut megaproject at the finish

In Yakutia, the soon to be launched into operation last stretch of the Amur-Yakutsk Mainline (AYAM). The general contractor for the construction of 800-kilometer railroad that linked the republic with BAM and the Trans-Siberian Railway, is JSC "Inzhtransstroy", part of a building holding "Transstroi." Currently, the road builders are preparing for delivery to the customer. Prior to the full input line is a few months — the work to be completed by the end of 2013.


The long road to the North

Plot Tommot — Lower Bestyakh length 436 km —

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