Operating in portfele- «diplomat»

The clinic, headed by the USSR State Prize laureate Professor EA Luzhniki, striking a somewhat unusual set of patients

…After a magnificent family celebrations, guests began to disperse. «One for the road to the track!» — Proclaimed fairly be far from good man of the house, finding in a case not yet dopit bottle of vodka. Instead of «Pososhkov» in the bottle turned out to acetone to bond the tape. Realizing this, only to fluff draining glasses. Company’s lucky the only non-drinking man’s wife hapless hero of the day, had time to call "ambulance".

…»Smart» mom decided to treat

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Operation Minsmit, sanctuary and puzzles

The operation of "Minsmit", held during the second world war, the true facts are not enough. But in most textbooks, reference books and encyclopedias different that illuminate the history of espionage, it is called a victory intelligence Britain and disgrace for the counter-intelligence services the Third Reich.

British excitedly paint their fortunes and have them for that all have reason to. The operation, which misinformed the German General Staff, is permitted to accelerate and facilitate landing of Allied troops in Sicily. On the Abwehr and foreign intelligence RSHA, which was run by a brilliant analyst Walter Schellenberg, a harsh shadow

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Russian Nuclear Button (Foreign Policy, USA)

New questions about the Russian heritage in the form of 3 suitcases

In the case of a nuclear missile attack on three Russian suitcase filled electrical innards must immediately signal the excitement of their respective owners. Inside each portable terminal is connected to a network of command and control of the strategic nuclear forces of Russia. One of these suitcases are always located next to the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, wherever he went. It is called "Tcheget" and gives the president the opportunity to watch the development of the missile crisis, make decisions and communicate these solutions the military. This

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