Blue-green meteor streaked over Hungary and Poland

From Poland and Hungary reported the observation of a meteorite.

So gentleman — Lukas from Raciborz, Poland, described his observations on Nov. 29 17:50:00.

The phenomenon lasted 6 seconds. Ball of light moving from left to right in the direction of the south-west. The movement is not accompanied by sound. He was bright white, with some green and blue elements. It looked like the lights of the car from a distance of about 200 meters. 4.3 fragment fell on his flight. Moving rather slowly (although I've never seen a meteorite earlier). Its trajectory was very flat, almost

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Something exploded over Wales


Hundreds of people of Wales have seen an explosion of a meteor in the night sky, the newspaper The Telegraph. According to them, a ball of fire rapidly swept over their heads and broke out over the roofs of their houses, forcing the glass and causing a shiver synchronous triggering car alarms.

"I've never seen anything so amazing. He left a very bright white and orange mark", — said a local resident Nathan Jones. "It was a bright white ball with a long bright tail, possibly with a green tint. It

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