Discovered the very first stars in the Universe

An international team of astronomers has discovered the earliest light of the two stars in the universe. They were identified as SN2213 and SN1000 +2016 and belong to a rare class of supersvetyaschihsya supernovae. The light from the explosion of 10-100 times brighter than the light from the supernova explosions usual.

In recent years, various studies have led scientists to discover new information about the universe. Including opened supersvetyaschihsya class of supernovae that are tens to hundreds of times brighter than normal supernovae. The term "supernova" refers to the stars, in a flash of brilliance which increases by tens of

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Krasnodar will see a parade of planets

Parade of planets Krasnodar can already observe these days. Venus and Jupiter are connected. Of course, in reality cosmic bodies remain in their orbits. But the Earth will seem to be bright spots almost merge. In addition to convergence of these planets will also witness the convergence of Mercury and Uranus.

This cosmic phenomenon is called a parade of planets. And this is just the beginning of the parade of planets, due to which in 2012, predicting the death of civilization.

In general, in times of such events (parades and planets mankind has experienced

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In the skies of England something bright Fired

People thought that witnessed the crash, but police reassured: an asteroid or something like that. In the evening, people began to report to police stations in the north of England and Scotland on the "bright light" in the sky and "orange glow." Some residents feared that their eyes there was a plane crash, reports the BBC Russian Service.

Adam Hepworth, a witness told the BBC: "I came home from work and is getting into his car, and then watched as the sky drifting very bright light. At first I thought it was a flashlight, but then I realized that

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Meteorite fall in Saskatchewan, Canada

Meteor that lit up the night sky western province of Saskatchewan and the sky in the east of the province of Alberta on Tuesday night, probably fell in the North Battlforda.

Those who saw the meteor as it passes through the Earth's atmosphere about 9:45 pm described him as bright stripes and bright flashes of light in the sky.

Mike Aisen finishing his shift when he saw a flash of light in the sky.

"I looked up at the sky, and it was lit. I've never seen anything like this before, it was like a flash of welding,

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The ghosts that inhabit the ocean

Do not just travelers and sailors on the ship near the Kuril Islands watched in the dark of night spots appear on the horizon.

It was moving rapidly and increased in size in front. It was in the form of a huge oval, long, reaching a width of about half a meter. This oval of light and illuminated by its light deck. Some of the items that were on the ship, even from such a bright shining light. This phenomenon is well known to the people of Japan for many

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Jupiter and the Moon in the sky …

Moon and Jupiter at 8 pm Oct. 13. Image courtesy

A bright star appeared in the sky near the moon. But this is not a star, and the planet Jupiter, which is visible to the naked eye. David Moore, chairman of the Astronomy Ireland , said: "The Moon and Jupiter two bright object in the sky and they are close to each other, this can be seen with the naked eye."

How often does this happen?

Jupiter is approaching Earth each year, and one or two times to be near the moon. In fact, the

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From September 9 on Earth will see the flash of a supernova

Surprise "pinwheel"

Beginning on 9 September, and almost a week amateur astronomers with binoculars or a small telescope can observe a rare celestial show — a supernova explosion, or, in other words, superdense white dwarf the size of Earth, but with a greater mass than the Sun. It is located in the spiral galaxy M101 — "pinwheel", located in the constellation Ursa Major, reports

Astronomers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley, received the data from the Palomar Observatory in Southern California and found SNe Ia is August 24. Then

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Choose glow in Vladikavkaz

On the night of 6 to 7 August, to be exact at 00:24 Vladikavkaz turn off the lights in the entire city, in some areas, for a moment, the other for 2 hours. At the same time as the sky lit up off a strange glow. Explosion no one heard. Describe the color in different ways — some who had noticed. I am, after the lights went out and the room was illuminated with light, went to the balcony and watched the houses in the West as the sky lit up with a blue-white. This has not seen. Light source

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France called as modern constellations




There are 88 "officially recognized" constellations. Of these, 48 are known from ancient times — they were seen by the Greeks and the Babylonians, or even early humans. After the XV century, with the advent of the great geographical discoveries, people were able to see the southern

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The emergence of new stars in the cosmic incubator

From the Chilean desert, astronomers spotted the emergence of new stars in the cosmic "incubator"

Astronomers from the European Southern Observatory (European Southern Observatory) witnessed the surprising beauty of the phenomenon — the birth of a new star — and even managed to capture it. This observation is not only an aesthetic value. What is important is that it will allow scientists to become one step closer to solving the mystery of the appearance of our star, the Sun and the Earth.

In view of the international team of researchers working at the Observatory in the Chilean La

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