Resident Ozersk recorded UFO crash

February 11, 2012 10:23

Interest in extraterrestrial life to the Southern Urals growing. Has not yet moved away from contact with extraterrestrials Kunashak residents of the area, and now reports of a glowing object coming from Ozersk. The night before, witnesses saw a bright strip of light that is directed perpendicular to the horizon.

"Run off for the camera, back — the image has become dimmer. Sfotkal, but on my "boom box" did not understand. And ten minutes later, the glow was gone at all. An hour later, he went out again to the balcony, and again the same picture,

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Peter residents wondering: what a UFO flying over a city at night?

October 7, 2012 2:29

In the northern capital are trying to understand what kind of unidentified flying objects in the evening on October 4 in the Leninsky Prospekt? The video, which has provided Fontanke.Ru blogger Alexei commented even representatives of the Western Military District (WEST).

They stated that no military aircraft maneuvers in the sky above the city is not carried out, so that the five flying wedge and then a tunable light points to the Air Force WEST have no relationship. Petersburg to military journalists asked for nothing. The fact that in March, the townspeople have already seen

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Mysterious phenomenon over the UK

September 24, 2012 19:45

People living in different parts of the UK could see the bright glowing objects flying in the night sky. The phenomenon of the eyewitnesses of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Central England. Some speculate it is a regular space satellite, which was part of the atmosphere, while others believe that it meteorites.

Brian Guthrie, observing objects near Edinburgh (Edinburgh), shared his impressions: "Before I saw shooting stars and meteor showers, but this (phenomenon) was bigger and more colorful"

One eyewitness reported BBC said that the object was a bright golden beam of light, wherein the absolute harmony

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Earth is going crazy?




"Aliens do not have to be like men!" — So says the president of the Latvian Centre for Research anomalies UFOLATS Yevgeny Sidorov, which met the correspondent "News Today"

We discussed a range of topical issues that we put life itself. In fact, today, at times

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Residents of the three countries have seen UFO

September 23, 2012 15:13

Russian scientists have found their usual large meteors.

Very bright "shooting stars" seen Friday night residents of Ireland, the Netherlands and the U.S.. True, they were not like the ordinary meteors flew as slowly, and take them for a spent rocket stages enable the country to the trajectory — from east to west, while the usual artificial objects fall from west to east.

"I saw seven objects — the brightest, flying in front, was comparable in brightness to the ISS, the other, less bright, flew after him, they had a glow yellow-orange hue,"

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U.S. astronomer videotaped cylindrical UFO

October 26, 2012 18:45

Cylindrical UFO was filmed on camera by an amateur astronomer from Kentucky. Several witnesses also watching the aircraft, told police that the object emitted a bright glow.


Astronomer Allen Ipling October 16 at home, receiving visitors, when one of the invited attention of the house to a strange glowing object hovering in the sky.

Ipling took the telescope to view the unusual phenomenon, and a video camera, which was filming the.

"The object was similar to the two fluorescent tubes arranged in parallel. It resembled a star with an extremely bright

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At Deep in Belarus fell glowing ball: UFO or meteorite?

July 19, 2012 20:21

Unusual phenomenon seen in the night from 15 to 16 July villagers Volodkova, Gatovschina, Mnyuta II Glubokoe District. Local residents say that they saw in the sky a bright object, which promptly flew across the sky and then plummeted to the ground. Followed by a loud roar, according to

Gatovschina resident says he saw a very bright flash in the sky. "It lasted for about five seconds, no more. And then something fell on the ground. Thunder heard as riding in a car, "- said Alexander. And Daniel Buck from the village Volodkova claims

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Young kirovchanka witnessed UFO

May 7, 2012 6:24

Valeria Mochalova filmed a mysterious object in the photo.

UFOs. Photo by: Valery Mochalova

May 1 Lera family vacationing in the country in Orichevsky district, the girl was on the terrace when I saw something strange in the night sky. — I sat drinking tea, I noticed a bright spot on the horizon, and called their parents, grandparents, was about 23 hours — told the girl. Grandpa immediately brought a telescope, so well be at hand.

— In a telescope could see this thing very well, it rotates on its axis and shimmered in

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In Detroit documented the appearance of a triangular UFO witnesses called the police

January 16, 2013 6:06

Residents of the city of Detroit, Farmington Hills and West Bloomfield, located in Michigan, noticed in the dark sky bright lights of a triangular shape, as reported to the police.

The Detroit-documented appearance of a triangular UFO

Late in the evening of 10 January, a group of young people strolling through the streets of Detroit, saw a strange picture — in the night sky glowing objects hovering triangular.

One of the witnesses of the mysterious phenomenon tried to find out what they think about it the police, but the arms of the law and could

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UFOs in the UK over the Kings Lynn March 26, 2012

March 30, 2012 7:29

These shots of bright unidentified objects were recorded in the night sky over King's Lynn in the United Kingdom on Monday, 26 March 2012.

The witness and a video: This must be the greatest show on Earth UFOs, recorded 03/12/26 at 20:20 hours. Note the bright objects hovering over the small vessels and see how the big ships go down to the woods. More than 40 ships I have seen and recorded at a distance of 2 miles.

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