When Gavrilo Princip opened fire on Archduke Franz Ferdinand, he killed not just the heir to the Austrian throne, but sentenced to death over million people in four years. But if assassination was the excuse, it wasn’t the cause…

1 February 1864


British foreign policy is redefined after the Prussian invasion of Denmark

Prussia and Austria’s devastating seizure of the ethnically mixed territories of Schleswig and Holstein, which separated Denmark from what is now Germany, shocked the young British Prince Edward — the future King Edward VII — who was only months into his marriage


We Want Eight and

Paul Brown describes how the Royal Navy’s Dreadnoughts revolutionised battleship design in the early years of the 20th century, and outlines the role they played in the build-up to World War I.

In 1904 Britain’s naval supremacy was unquestionable — the fleet was at least as big as the next two largest fleets put together (due to a policy known as the two-power standard). The possible foes were believed to be France, Russia and, increasingly, Germany. Warning against complacency, the Second Sea Lord, Admiral Sir John ‘Jackie’ Fisher, championed the building of a revolutionary new type of battleship, which would

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Back in Britain

Those were the days — the Air Fete at RAF Mildenhall still in its pomp, and a more-than-usually spirited display expected from the host unit. For years this had fallen to the 10th Airborne Command and Control Squadron with its EC-l35Hs, but in 1992 it was all change. On 1 February that year, the 100th Air Refueling Wing was reestablished at the Suffolk base, initially to assume responsibility for the KC-135 Stratotankers deployed to support the European Tanker Task Force. However, there was also to be a new departure. The 100th ARW was to have its own permanently-based fleet of

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When the British government solves the problem of difficult childhood, Hitler is better to stand on the sidelines

In 2009, the prime ministers of Britain and Australia apologized for the program to send thousands of children in the former British colony in the 20th century. According to her "poor children were sent to a" better life "in Australia, Canada and other countries. However, some of these children have been abused there, many have become laborers on farms. "

This system existed only in Britain. And there was … almost 400 years! The initiative has been made already in the 17th century! In 1618, the first group of children was taken to the British colony of Virginia in

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Two-thirds of middle-class Britain want to emigrate

Two-thirds of middle-class Britain have expressed a desire to emigrate from the kingdom, together with their families. According to the study, released here today by British scientists, the reasons for such a decision rooted in the deterioration of the quality of life in the country.

"They want to leave the UK because of financial problems, inflated real estate prices, the loss of a sense of belonging to British society and the spirit of good neighborliness", — the report of the University of Huddersfield, which along with these problems and highlights the bad weather, rudeness on the part of officials

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Britain in its history invaded 90 per cent of countries

As a result, a new study found that the British at different times invaded by almost 90 per cent of countries around the world.

An analysis of the history of almost 200 countries showed that only 22 of them did not survive the British Invasion.

The result of this analysis are described in a new book, "All the countries in which we have ever invaded: and only a few, to which we have not got."

Author Stuart Laycock researched all the nations of the world in alphabetical order, and studied the history of these countries in order to find

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Life in England: the housing problem

On peculiarities of the housing stock in the UK

Residence permit? -No, not heard

To begin with, the concept of "residence" in the UK do not exist. Proof of residency is a utility bill or a bank, sent to a specific address. But this does not mean that legalized very simple. For immigrants often becomes a problem. To open a bank account, without which it is impossible to get a job, you need proof of address, and do not take off your house without a bank account. But the work is hardly built up without a bank account. If

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The brain drain from England

Young unemployed people are standing in line at the employment center in central London (AFP Photo / Leon Neal)

Over the last 10 years of the United Kingdom, millions of people have emigrated, most of them left in search of work in a more favorable economic climate. Emigration is growing among college graduates in the British press nicknamed the "talent drain".

According to the National Bureau of Statistics of Great Britain, in the last ten years of the British left more than 3 and a half million people.

In the last decade, their number has increased from 363,000

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Indonesia insists that Britain took back clogged scrap

Indonesia insists that Britain take back scrap littered Facts

According to the Agency for Environmental Protection, Indonesia asks Britain to take 1,800 tons of contaminated debris. In January 2012, inspectors from Jakarta found 89 British metal containers containing liquid and other forms of illegal waste. The containers were found sand, asphalt, plastics and leaking white liquid. The investigation in this case began, as British companies are prohibited to import contaminated waste in Indonesia.

In 2011, 51 container, prepared for shipment, was arrested and returned to the UK, while in 2010, the Agency received 31 statement back about 407 tons of

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Britain found a way out of the drought situation

Britain found a way out of the drought situation Facts

The beginning of spring for southern Britain was surprisingly warm, which set the temperature of 15-18 ° C, which is higher than on. Rhodes in Greece at the moment. However, along with the spring warmth in the region has an acute shortage of rainfall, is detrimental to the awakening of nature and wallets of citizens forced to pay for the additional cost of water for irrigation and other purposes.

Rainfall for each region of south-east Britain.

To resolve the situation in the regions, where in February fell by one-third less

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