To develop ultrashort sport.

Work on the amateur radio ultrashort waves, since the summer of 1955, has become much livelier. In the air there and began work on a regular basis, but with a long delay, the radio station of the Central Radio Club DOSAAF — UAZKBG; during the summer actively conducted communication ukavisty Moscow region: 064,004 (of Babushkin, the operator Korshunov), 064,010 (Reutov, Shish operator). Daily were also broadcast radio UAZAR (Dmitrov village) and 077,516 (village Usovo). Often you could hear the work stations 077 510 (operated by soldiers), 077 509 (operator Gorodetsky) and 064,002 (operator Nekrasov). But the revival that has occurred

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Football broadcast on October Square canceled


22:05Soon all were there. Heard cries, there are about thousand people. People just do not have warned that live on October Square will not. Zavzyataryi came to the area, because during the Euro Cup broadcast all looked specifically at October Square. Playground at the Sports Palace is fenced, but there passed people standing police UAZ. No flags. Was ill people, react violently.

22:30 People to be ill for BATE. At some fans scarves with symbols BATE.

. 23:10

Royal club against BATE Borisov in the Champions League Tags: BATE

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Guest night air — Yuri Oleynik

Now our guest the night air is Yuri Oleynik, who at the Academy of Management under the President made a campaign against the abolition of student benefits. Yuri was expelled from the Academy Tipo for truancy, and now he is suing for recovery studies.We will tell about prem» career at the State Opera House, the cooperation of the authorities and public Zhlobin initiatives byelorussization Zhlobinskaya buses and about how a man in Love district in Gomel married without his consent.The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of the creative association "Belarusian climate" and the anthology "Night primer" includes works

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Novodvorskaya live

Now our guest the night air is a favorite of the party "Russian democracy alliance" Novodvorskaya. In our survey, people will respond, why Belarusians could teach the Russians, and the Russians — Belarusians. "Night research papers" we talk about gifts bureaucrats.Alexander Tomatoes in transfer "Zwukopis" continues the story of the folk group "Guda», and «Night Primer" feature poems Volzhiny Mort.After the 23rd hour review of your emails in the program "Mailbox 111 "transfer" Belarusians abroad "- a marriage with foreigners," Examination of Freedom "-" Can Council of Europe assist the Belarusian democracy? "Also talk with Minsk poet Felix Batorino.22-hours and

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The experts discussed the organization of video broadcasts from polling stations

Members of the public advisory council to discuss the organization of video broadcasts from polling stations expressed at the first meeting of its proposals for optimization of the system to be set up by March 2012.

System that combines the 94,000 polling stations and designed to monitor compliance with the law during the presidential election should be unique on a global scale, said the deputy head of the Ministry of Communications Ilya Massukh on the discussion that took place on Monday at RIA Novosti.

"The key point — the presence of the Internet to the local election

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RFE stops broadcasting on India

Romanian President Traian Basescu gave Now Radio Liberty / Free Europe and the BBC special prizes for their durable transmission in Romanian. August 1, these stations stop broadcasting in India."We are celebrating RFE / RL i BBC not only for their work during the communist era, when they fought for the truth, but also for the important role they have played in support of birth civilian society Democratic and Romania after the collapse of communism "- said President Basescu.He also added that happy and sad in mind that these plants leave Romania — happy as it means end of the

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Belsat began broadcasting on Syryyuse

Tomorrow TV channel broadcasting from Poland for whiteRussian language, conduct a live broadcast of "Basowiszcza" if today’s winners will play a competitive side and the star of the festival — the band "Nevra Plug" from Minsk.In connection with the expansion of the broadcast via "Syryyus", "Belsat" changes its program from. Prior to this transmission channel went to a three-hour block, which is then repeated, now "Belsat" will be one six-hour block.

BelSat already on Syryyuse

First test broadcast-independent Belarusian satellite channel started on July 9. Expanding broadcast on "Syryyus" we remain on the satellite "Astra".According to sociological research conducted in late 2006, more than half of satellite dishes in Belarus focused on "Syryyus." Broadcast more popular in Belarus satellite provides access to applets "Belsat" the greatest number of Belarusians.In connection with the start of work on the "Sirius" will take place from July 18 configuration in the program "Belsat". Instead of the current three-hour block that is repeated once, transfer "Belsat" will be released in one six-hour block from 18:00 to 24:10. This formula will

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Tomsk company will start selling the software for 3D-video


The company "Triaxes Vision" — a resident of the Tomsk special economic zone — In April 2011, will begin selling overseas software (SW), which lets you create three-dimensional video, optimized, including, for viewing on the autostereoscopic 3D-display (which do not require special glasses), said Tuesday the company's CEO Alexei Polyakov.

"We are planning a two-week joint exhibition in Las Vegas now Dimenco, and to show our software, and new displays from our partners. We show a complete diagram, including video capture, processing in real-time broadcast, reception and display on the monitors. Are then ready to begin

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Citations past: Around 9 pm, at one point was turned off broadcasting NTV

"Orsha bulletin", year 1917. Orsha Food county council informs: "It is necessary to the hosts cakes, confectionery, snack bar and train others. Institutions that if 11 November this year in their institutions will be found selling buns, cookies and general products from wheat flour, such items will be confiscated without compensation, and the hosts institutions to prosecute under Article 29. as amended by the interim government. ""Belarusian source" on this week 1927 tells the story: "On Sunday, November 6, in view of the celebration of the Soviets in the 10th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, was the attempt to induce

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