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Bronchitis in children: what to do?

With the arrival of autumn and the cold winter upon us piled colds and sickness. Worst of all have children. Drafts, overwork, constant congestion in the team are doing their dirty work. Children are constantly sick! Take, for bronchitis, which is feared by all parents: "The child is constantly coughing, nothing works!".

How to treat cough in children, will tell Buteyko Clinic's chief medical officer — Andrey Novozhylov:

— At a bronchitis cough is accompanied by fever and expectoration. This bronchitis is different from other diseases of the upper respiratory tract, in which children are

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Chronic bronchitis

Chronic Bronchitis — is a prolonged inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Bronchitis may be called chronic if for two consecutive years cough lasts for at least three months a year.

In Russia chronic bronchitis meets at10-20% Of Population. More often suffer from chronic bronchitis, men and the elderly. Particularly at risk smokers and workers productions to air pollution.

Chronic bronchitis is a long-term occurs against bronchial stimulation (smoke, dust, smoke, etc.), which leads to changes in their mucosa and facilitates penetration of infections (viruses, bacteria, fungi).

What's going on?

Begins chronic bronchitis gradually. Mucosal injury allocates more sputum,

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