Much has changed for John Cortese since he began his career sweeping floors at a woodworking shop in Brooklyn 20 years ago. After a yearlong apprentice¬ship with a violin maker in Woodstock, New York—“I spent my mornings and evenings learning how to sharpen Japanese hand tools and then spent my days making them dull by working on violins”—he returned to Brooklyn, rented a bench at a community shop and began making his own furniture designs. “Simplicity with a kind of radical edge has always been my signature,” says Cortese, who learned the importance of

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New York has never felt the approach of Halloween …

Twitter-feed Russian Brooklyn. October 2012.

Illegal alien from Yemen for the first time in the store the Bronx was shot in the thigh after refusing to show the contents of the cash register.

Bronx: the police by mistake asking the 27-year-old man, mother of the deceased put on the $ 710 bill for the dents on the bumper and hood.

The Governor of the State of New York has signed a law allowing the brew to sell in urban markets. The license cost: $ 1450 per year per 132,000 liters. In Brooklyn, driven mainly from corn, and some even

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Weekdays Brooklyn

In Queens arrested 53 years. woman sent her 7-years old. son to school with a gun and rocket launcher instead of sandwiches.

Nearly a million New Yorkers do not have paid sick leave.

A lot of people are not dressed for the weather. African Americans in New York City walk like the Germans at Stalingrad, in several. layers of clothing, scarves, hats, mittens

In Brooklyn, arrested 16-year-old pranker which a female voice called police 329 times out of 70 non-existent plot to shoot.

In the Bronx in 15-year-old blew wads of money, obtained in the course of a bank

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Summer in New York City: In the air, the smell of gunpowder, sausages, marijuana, barbecue, sun cream, beer, and kerosene

23 years. man, trying to get the fallen on the tracks NY Metro iPhone5, hit the third rail, flared and then died under the wheels of a train.

Mountains. authorities open in three areas of New York City public schools for gays, which will teach the basics of self-defense and martial arts.

With the arrival of summer in NY street shooting resumed. Last weekend, 25 people were ognestr. injuries (most in Brooklyn.) We have data for 48 hours (Saturday-Sunday). Brooklyn — 12 people, 8 in the Bronx, four in Queens and one in Manhattan. All

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Sets of coffee from Brooklyn coffee roasting the company

Sets of coffee from Brooklyn coffee roasting the company guide presents

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 2 '  

This company in the coffee roasting uses only "green" and advanced technology relies on the principles of sustainable development. Its products are distributed on a "fair trade" is the title of the certificate of conformity "organic raw materials." In Masses for their products and in the cafe Brooklyn company uses recycled decor items. The coffee itself is also packaged in recycled containers, and his taste exceed all expectations. Can be purchased at the price of $ 13 per

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New York: Spring Fever

New York Office of the Hitler Youth "Union of American Girl Scouts' open 5 stores in which girls will sell their cookies.

6 bored employees of airport security Kennedy sent to the hospital after the game Queens soccer gas spray.

Manhattan (East 16) arrested the entire medical staff. center, which is for 2 years of discharges 525,000 tablets "Oxycodone" for $ 10 million

Night shelter for the homeless in Manhattan half-filled with tourists and workers who do not want to pay for a hotel room, meals, laundry and telephone. "I love

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Brooklyn criminal

In 2011, in Brooklyn, there were several dozen high-profile crimes, which became known far beyond the borders of New York City and the United States. As the official statistics of criminal activity in the most densely populated borough of the Big Apple will not appear until the first quarter of 2012, "RB" decided to recall the most high-profile criminal incidents, most of which is still under investigation.

Monstrous and devoid of any logic killing 8-year-old Leiby dumplings community of Orthodox Jews Borough Park. 35-year-old Levi Aron, a resident Kingsingtona, hoisted returning from a day camp child in the car

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Tornado hit the New York City

Tornado hit the New York Natural Disasters

September 8, 2012 two rare species tornado struck two unsuited to such events area — Brooklyn and Queens, causing widespread power outages and disturbances. Victims found, serious injuries people have not received.

The first tornado hit the residential areas near the beaches, and the second followed 15 kilometers away. In the video, filmed by passers, is seen as a vortex absorbs water, sand, and small parts of buildings in Queens.

Tornadoes were part of a strong storm system that struck the eastern coast and caused flooding in the north-eastern

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Two tornadoes swept over New York

Two tornadoes swept over New York Natural Disasters

Two tornado funnel takes in the outskirts of large American cities, damaging power lines and trees scattered around the debris by blowing sand, water, benches, beach gear and rubbish. New Yorkers are still in shock, as they are not used to the weather surprises of this nature.

Fortunately, among the people who have witnessed one, and after 10 minutes of another, more powerful tornado victims. First walked through the funnel of the peninsula Rokeuey called Breezy Point in Queens. According to witnesses, the sound of approaching tornado whistle and roar

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Tornado defeated New York

The last day of the influence of the former hurricane "Isaac" to the United States took place on the tumultuous events of the Mid-Atlantic coast. Energy potential of ex-hurricane breathed life into the mid-latitude cyclone is active, which is leaving the U.S., so "flicked his tail" of cold front that in Brooklyn and Queens took off the bench. Concentrated in the area of the front energy, enhanced heat wave from the Atlantic, drained by a series of rare for this area tornado.

U.S. media reported that on September 8, on Saturday, the first vortex passed on the peninsula Rokevey relating

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