Paul presents the latest book Seviarynets Brother

This collection of articles, essays, programs, stories that are written for 10 years — from 1997 to 2007. They were written in various newspapers, magazines and posted on websites. The edition — 220 copies.Introduction to the book Paul wrote Seviarynets spring this year A small village in Sitna, where he was serving "chemistry." According to Paul Sevyarinets his book — this letter to all the brothers and sisters, it is a call to action."After the article published in" Our field "In the year 2000, many asked me:" What is the name of your brother? "On Actually I only have two

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Brothers Skrebtsov wish to arrange rock festivals and pickets in support of Kazulin

In the first 2-proclamations they need to give permission to spend 3 and 15 July in the Park of Friendship of Peoples rock festival. This action, the organizers of the festival highlight is needed, "to draw attention to the bad criterion, in which political prisoners in Belarus are contained."A July 15, the brothers want to once a day for 2 months in the same park picketed for the immediate release of the former presidential candidate Alyaksandr Kozulin other political prisoners.On present day responses from the capital city executive committee brothers, in their words, not received.

The father of the youth activist Ivan Shyla took his computer

KGB told relatives Ivan Shyla, that the computer was taken during the search will be in the prosecutor’s office until the end of the investigation.This is not the first search in the apartment youth activist. May 11 KGB found leaflets, lists of members of the organization to prove that Ivan Shyla has to do "Junior Front. "Ivan Shyla: brother had to call the policeNow the KGB came in the afternoon. Ivan Shyla told that he and his brother, heard the call to the apartment, kicked in the window banner "Freedom Malady.""We did not know that they only come only on

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Brothers Skrebtsov forbade to picket

Minsk City Executive Committee hold a rally in this place rebuked. Bureaucrats referred to the fact that, according to law is prohibited to hold public events closer to the building 200 meters Presidential Administration.Sergey said Skrabets Radio Liberty, that he and his brother will appeal the decision through the Tribunal:"Minsk City Executive Committee itself violates the law permitting concerts and other events around the structure of the State Library or near the Palace of the Republic. Turns out that for some law exists, but for others — no."

100 years ago, there were first bras

Minsk, beginning in March 1907. At the corner of Governor and Cathedral Square (today’s Lenin Street and Liberty Square) is the hotel "Europe". In the midst of his guests are two French brothers tour. They are merchants of Lyon, the owner of several galyantareynyh manufactory. In Minsk brothers led business. The eyes of the French do not miss any of the Minsk ladies. Brothers Tournier notice that many myanchanak love to dress tastefully, besides interest of French fashion. Under such pristizhnoe sewn on the figure odezhku just need to put new items French corsetry — brassiere. A year later, in

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Polish monks are trading courgettes yes brandy

In the conditions of market economy, every business, a commercial organization must provide for themselves on their own advice. But who could imagine that this will involve the organization even with that history and tradition, as the Order benedyktyntsav who decided to engage in commercial activities, to solve their own real difficulties — to earn money for the maintenance of monasteries. Monks started earning, doing what made them brothers in faith for centuries — the creation of the ordinary, but savory and that our time is very critical, environmentally unblemished products: cheese, fish, fruit liqueurs, jams, smoked sausages. "As though

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Names of Liberty: Gregory Buckthorn 03/12/1907, d. Byazverhavichy (now Slutsky District) — 03.27.1979, Virginia, USA. Buried in the Belarusian cemetery in South River, NJ.

He became the first Belarusian writer, accepted as a member of the International PEN Club. To do this, Gregory Buckthorn (real name Cossack) is obliged to leave their homeland, to appear in the West, to get in a displaced persons camp, withstand the tremendous amount of testing of emigrant life. Naturally, all this he was not to obtain a certificate member of Penn …In November 1920, thirteen Rygorka with even the smallest brother Kolya scattered in the villages and towns leaflets calling for an uprising Slutsk Council. After 5 years, the GPU will decide closer look at the brothers in

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Tomorrow Konstantin Loukashov may be released (photo)

The incident occurred on March 29 last year when his car Loukashov took out from the clinic of his brother Vyacheslav Siuchyk. He was not suspended at the request of the car in the civil servants. December 19, Constantine held in detention.In the Leninsky district court of Minsk on the case of Constantine passed Lukashou debate. The prosecutor referred to the testimony SUSHCHENYA Anatolia, which is recognized as a victim in a criminal case.Recall that in the past year, March 29 Konstantin Loukashov his car export from third medical clinic his brother Vyacheslav Siuchyk. People in civil signs were ordered

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Tribunal began over Konstantin Lukashov (refreshed)

In the Tribunal Leninsky district of Minsk came several 10-s — representatives of the OSCE, the U.S. Embassy last presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich, his wife Ina Cooley, director Yuri Khaschevatsky, human rights activist Lyudmila Hraznova and others.Now tribunal heard prosecutors and prosecution witnesses 4 incident in the yard third medical clinic on March 29. Then Constantine Loukashov drove the car in which was his brother Siuchyk. Policemen in civil started serving signs Constantine, that he stopped the car, but he did not obey.Later, one of the officers filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office that Loukashov ran over him. Policeman

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In Minsk sentenced Emanuel Zeltser and Funk Vladlen

The whole process of Emanuel Zeltser and Vladlena Funk (Bruskova) was closed because it appeared Tipo information that have Undercover state status. About who were eyewitnesses to the process and what documents been reviewed, nothing is clear. At sentencing convoy has brought Emanuel Zeltser on hand — as well as on the previous court session.South American lawyer Zeltser and his secretary recognized guilty of commercial espionage — information gathering commercial character, as in the use of forged documents. KGB accusation against Zeltser smuggling drugs was withdrawn by the tribunal. Investigators considered drug medications that tried the South American citizen. Dmitry

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