Im not Robin Hood, Im Ruslan Dukans

Senior Lieutenant Vladimir Popov said Fritsisovicha when he came to visit a part of his son: "What are you, his whole life preparing for special forces?".

On all leaves that Ruslan prepared himself for the special forces with … 6 years old. At first it was swimming — for common development. Later athletics — speed and agility. Classes bar poured force in muscles. Boxing is well trained to peel and protected. And there were chess — gymnastics of the mind.

By the age of 18 he became Superman — just make a handsome guy who knows how to

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Slavic Bazaar: Who song, who — prison

Society On the eve of the opening of the "Slavic Bazaar" CCP BPF activist Sergei Kovalenko detained by the police, and his brother Vitali was sentenced to five days in jail. Today in Vitebsk on a celebration comes Alexander Lukashenko.

Vitaly Kovalenko sure that him and his older brother Sergei police deliberately decided to isolate the festival, "zastrahavavshysya" unwanted opposition rallies.

The charge of disorderly conduct — foul language in a public place — Vitali tried to challenge in the Railway District Court. But to no avail: the court sided with the police officers who testified that the man allegedly

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On the eve of the opening of the Slavonic Bazaar detained Sergei Kovalenko

Society Vitebsk activist, probation for hanging out a white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree, is accused of violating the regime.

The mother of Sergei Kovalenko, Mrs. Lydia, said that police detained her son last night for allegedly being late home. Under the terms of the regime should be sentenced after 21 hours and stay at home. Shortly before this time at the entrance, where he lives activist, met several policemen and blocked the door, do not vpustsivshy him home.

Lidia Kovalenko, who was talking with the neighbors, I learned that the police had already pre-made reports of abuse regime.

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Bakiyev: My brother Janybek not in Belarus

Society Kurmanbek Bakiyev denies reports that his younger brother is Janybek with him in Belarus.

"The last time I saw my brother Janybek in April in the south of the country in the Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan when he left," — said Kurmanbek Bakiyev "Interfax".

Earlier vice-chairman interim government, responsible for the courts and prosecutor's offices, Beknazarov said: "There is evidence that the younger brother of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev Janybek is also in Belarus (…) I asked this issue find out through Interpol and the authorities of Belarus, with whom there is Bakiyev — only with your family, or his brothers there,

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The nature of children: older and younger

Remember the famous fairy story, as to the princess turns woos three brothers as they pass various tests to ensure that one of them was a happy husband, beautiful, and at the same time — and inherited half of the kingdom?

Fabulous beauty in such a situation usually prefer younger brother, who at first glance, everything seemed dumb. And as is the case in life? Does birth order on family life, nature, relationships? American psychologist RW Richardson made his classification of typical siblings.

Who's first?

Another grandfather Freud once remarked that "the position of the child among siblings

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Alexander Klaskouski. Portrait against a lattice

Society When I was born, that Sasha is very offended by the parents that they called me Olga, not Valeria as abatsali him earlier. He has managed to tell all your friends that are now out of the hospital "will bring my Valerko," but here is a disappointment — instead Valery pryhala any there Olga 🙂

Olga and Alexander Klaskouski Klaskouski, 1987

By the way, the names of the family has always been a mess. The fact that the family of Alexander two — father and son. And sometimes when the mother called: "Sasha, come here!" That resorted

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Eugene secret. Portrait against a lattice

Society Eugene was born in Minsk on October 3, 1966. The school is very well studied, three had no he did not have. In high school, when his peers were going to companies and brynkali on guitars, Jack voraciously read books. I do not remember that it was one and a half, but at the time our father picked up a very good library, mostly from classic works.

Our dad was very advanced as in those days, people. He has always been non-partisan and very often expressed rather bold assumptions about the history, government, political system our country and

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Living Dead — awful reality of the XXI century

March 16, 2012 22:11


Instinctive belief in zombies — the living dead — as well as the belief in any kind of witchcraft, widely (and, note, not without reason!) Prevalent in Haiti, Tahiti and all, without exception, the West Indies. So much so that the poorest peasants, do not hesitate to pay more for heavy stone slabs to lay on the graves of their relatives. This is to ensure that the bodies could not steal the evil sorcerers, Bokor, who is said to be using special manipulations make them as if in a half-dead, that is,

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Ilya Vasilevich. Portrait against a lattice

Society Ilya I know from birth. As a child, every summer we spent three Ilya, his sister Alenka and I, their cousin. I was the older sister. We got along very well with each other. If Elijah was a trouble, as if all life Ilyusha, from infant to adult, flashed before my eyes. He — the younger brother, naive, kind, gentle …

As a child, brother, parents read the book "Pro Ilya Muromets", and his eyes sparkled, "I will also be a strong and fair!".

Elijah loves to read that quite unusual for today's youth. It comes from

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Lycanthropy. The Wolfman

The children from the orphanage — the plight and life. Many of them did not manage to get rid of the feeling of uselessness anyone in this world. Almost all of them are secretive, distrustful of others. But what happened with Victor, a graduate Bilotserkivskyi orphanage that his mind and body are drawn to the forest? What is it: Lycanthropy, or banal schizophrenia?

17-year-old Victor suffers from a strange disease. Victor's sister, with whom communicated journalists, is keen that there be professionals who would free his brother from his obsession.

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