Brownie moves the furniture

"Komsomolskaya Pravda", 01.12.2005

Author: Jadwiga Mjadel

Kaliningrader Elena Kovalchuk told the story of his relationship with brownies.

— Man, I'm not superstitious, a professional musician. However, the home vermin believe: almost every night I choked brownie. A small gray creature the size of a cat and looks like a fluffy ball, before dawn drops into my chest and pressed (animals do not keep in the house). I immediately woke up, but for some reason did not feel fear. There were other oddities: suddenly slammed the door, which had no locks — it even had to punch out,

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My brownie

They used to be called brownies, then Barabashka, then poltergeist … Who they really are, these mysterious entities that live next to a man, and how dangerous they are to us? These and other questions are answered "Caravan" one of the students of Tver scientist Zolotov psychograph Elena Tuzina.

Somehow to me for advice addressed Tveritchanka Angela, — says Elena G.. — Her twelve-year-son was afraid to be alone in the apartment. He could hear the sounds vague, sometimes turning into a roar, themselves fell and broke things in the bathroom. From the fear of the boy even

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Brownie Kuzma Adventures domovenka

Brownie Kuzma: A Tale for Natasha


Brownie secret communication with the home

October 3, 2012 22:05

Everyone knows that the real owner of the house is a house. If the house angry at something or dislikes of people living in the house, their existence would be difficult to name a calm. Must comply with certain secret communication with the home that he felt well and did not try to hurt people.

First you need to say that with the home, you can talk out loud. If other family members such behavior may seem strange, the owner of the house can communicate with the home, to ask him about something, to promise

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An eerie reflection in the mirror

We have a very friendly yard, all are friends identical both boys and girls. But we have our own company. Here we have created a society OVDD-inducing good spirits, well, causing all sorts of candy gnomes ruminant kings, and the like … That somehow start talking about brownies. I do such-and-tell me something of paranormal phenomena, I will not sleep. We in the hallway is a large mirror, and a few times I saw the reflection of a strange gray-haired grandfather, or a black silhouette.

I am very scared and went to bed just after the pray.

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In each house lives a residential area

January 20, 2012 18:58

It is a bunch of invisible energy. Depending on the contamination of the apartment house — either being positive, benefiting or negative entity from which continuous damage.

What will be the one of your home depends on you. Brownie a thinking. Not only is it easy to read your thoughts What does the house? It monitors the cleanliness of housing. In contrast to the man he sees the whole energy debris scattered around the apartment, and it is very frustrating. Brownie it gets dirty, his mood worsens.

The bathroom houses do not go. And in

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Whos the boss in the house — I or the home?

From childhood, we hear stories about the brownie, and then grow up and forget them. But sometimes in our apartment or house strange things begin to happen. And then all these stories reminded very quickly. Who is brownie? How it is possible to get along under the same roof? That's what the psychic advises.

If you decide to buy an apartment in Moscow or any other city, and increasingly viewing the ads for the sale of real estate, the correct solution would be to contact the real estate agency. Naturally,

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Gone are the cockroaches? So, the house wound up poltergeist

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Kuzma and the brownie

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Home spirit

Perhaps there is no more controversial figure in the pantheon of the Old Slavonic than houses. Water all there, goblins, Kikimora — ancestral enemies of man, only wizards and witches can of something to negotiate with them, mere mortals better with these entities do not meet. But the houses … You can not ever be afraid of the unseen, who lives behind your stove?

Someone who lives behind the stove?

Legends describe how Brownie squat peasant rise up to half, how big, black cat, or simply as a cluster of dark energy. Well, talk to the energy cloud little-hunting

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