EVERY DAY MEN WRESTLE BEARDS, TACKLE TEETH AND TUSSLE HAIR — LUCKILY TECH IS LENDING A HAND. Every morning is a fight to achieve the perfect style as men unleash their grooming arsenal from the bathroom cabinet. But without the most advanced gadgetry it’s a campaign that even the most determined struggle to enjoy — let alone win. So now it’s time to make space for some new gear. Scientists have spent years researching and now have carefully engineered each product to make the daily preen more pleasant — no matter how simple the basic function.


Nioxin At-Home


Fantasy compositions

Produce stunning works of vibrant fantasy art by using a compilation of photos and few handy Photoshop tricks The idea of a composite is to take elements from various photos and combine them together into a single convincing montage. One intriguing genre of this is the fantasy composite, in which creativity can really spark with the freedom to explore and create romantic, surreal and ethereal scenes. Photoshop makes this process very simple, giving us the tools to achieve that desired artistic expression. In this tutorial we will take you through all the steps you will need in order to extract

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Want to add a shallow depth of field to your picture? Tim Clinch shows you how to do it simply, quickly and effectively…

For the first time since starting this column, I have to admit the little trick I’m about to show you is possibly better done with Photoshop. Lightroom does it, but in a less sophisticated way. However, if you’re in need of a quick-fix, Lightroom does it brilliantly.

It’s adding shallow depth of field to your images.

I’m choosing an image I shot on my iPhone. It’s a jar of terrine en gelee on a rustic table in


Create stunning watercolours

Use a combination of custom brushes, clever techniques and blend modes to achieve a realistic digital watercolour effect

Using watercolour in real media can be a creative expression of shape and colour. The water-based properties of the paint allow it to soak into the canvas and blend with other colours in a way that creates beautiful and vibrant paintings. Splattering the paint can produce particularly enjoyable and unexpected results.

Creating the same effects digitally can be somewhat challenging. The math-ruled world of computer processors prefers order over chaos. This makes the production of the barely controlled watercolour splash effects alien

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O. Chernikov

In early 1992, the club «Omega» (created by the Association of UNESCO Clubs) in the house of Culture. Serafimovich, where lectures on psychology, philosophy, and non-traditional methods of treatment, the seminar «On the calligraphy as a method of psychotherapy.» The group conducted a master of calligraphy from Japan, who brought all the necessary facilities for training in the writing of kanji (brush, ink, rice paper). Every participant had to choose close to him in spirit and character to improve his writing, being in different states of consciousness.

The interest in calligraphy is not accidental. It occupies an

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Vertex should form Convex brush.

Downloads? Wait, do not run — first have to work. Long and carefully, not once. Is there such a file … Text, small — only 667 lines (the latter — empty). And there are parameters that must be handed in a text editor to customize. Fun, right?

Do not worry, in fact, I am a supporter of this approach when they are not abused. There — well within. It is enough to fix the six rows to the directories indicated where necessary (which he copied the BSP, where to put the file with textures, etc.), and can be run

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Toothbrushes yarn paste etc.

During the ingestion of oral food residue accumulates weight. Under the action of the bacterial flora and saliva are formed dental plaque and tartar deposits occur. Poor oral hygiene contributes to the development of caries and periodontitis.

Dentifrice mankind since ancient times for a variety of devices: from "scrap" (his own finger) to a specially flattened sticks and gold toothpick. But our time has made many innovations in the maintenance of oral hygiene.

Toothbrushes Currently, there is no dilemma what to choose a brush: artificial Bristle or natural. Of course, artificial: it is more hygienic, durable, you can

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Tractor Plants, equipped with caterpillar Onezhets mulcher

LLC "Onega Tractor Plant" (part of the machine-building-industrial group "Concern" Tractor plants ") completed a field trial of a new model of tracked vehicle" Onezhets-390 "for cutting and grinding brush and branches, tree trunks with a diameter of 25 centimeters.


Forest mower (shredder) Italian company FAE is set to front attachment machine. Drive hydraulic equipment, staff cylinders front linkage assembly is controlled by height. Shredded wood pulp is introduced into the ground as fertilizer.

Field trials in the difficult climate and terrain conditions proved the effectiveness of "Onezhtsa-390"

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Dupuytren’s contracture

Dupuytren's contracture (synonym — palmar fibromatosis) — Painless umbilicus degeneration and shortening of palmar tendons, leading to flexion deformity and loss of hand function. Contracture Dupuytren's manifest violation of the ability to straighten the fingers, nodular thickening of the skin on the palms.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms of Dupuytren's contracture:

on the skin of the palms appear nodules and seals; bands appear under the skin that slowly and gradually thicken; fingers tightened cords, bad unbend; Dupuytren's contracture in marked decreases the sensitivity of the fingers.

Methods of diagnosis of Dupuytren's contracture:

examination of a surgeon, orthopedist; radiography of hand.

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A teenager operates a bionic hand using a smartphone


The teenager, who lost arms and legs at the age of 9 months, became the first person in Britain to receive a bionic brush, which is controlled using a smartphone.

At the age of 9 months old Patrick Kane had contracted meningococcal disease, which led to the development of sepsis. Doctors saved the child, sacrificing his limbs: the boy had to amputate the fingers of his right hand and right leg.

On the first day of the birth of Patrick's parents gave him a prosthesis that replaced the missing boy's body for

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