The European Commission wants to open an office in Minsk — Belarus is not against

Official dealer Foreign Ministry also said: "In this matter there is no completely no nadvychaynastsi, it is entirely conventional and similar at the opening of at least some other diplomatic, consular".Almost 5 years ago Brussels European Commission opened an official consulate in Kiev. Its activities bows Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Two year reversed Chisinau appeared independent office of the European Commission.Brussels two years Requests the Belarusian authorities to agree to study in Minsk. In May of this Belarusian side began negotiations. • European Union in Belarus beginning represent Slovakia, 4.07.2007

Polish FM: visit of the Belarusian bureaucrat in Brussels — this is a good symbol

"We agreed that the Belarusian bureaucrat will not act, will not meet with the ministers of foreign affairs of the European Union. Belarus violates human rights and can not participate euroallied Neighbourhood Policy ", — the newspaper quoted the representative of the European Union on outer Policy Christiane Hohmann, and stresses that "nyagledchy for such explanations, the invitation to Brussels Valery Voronetsky -" this 180-degree turn in the foreign policy of the European Union. "Why Brussels decided to go for such a configuration?"Dziennik" provides outlook Thomas Gomart of the French Institute of Foreign Affairs, who said that "France, Germany and

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It is a pity that Martynov was not in Brussels

In a recent interview with Germany’s own policies Markus Meckel withstated that the EU needs to create its own strategy towards Belarus, instead of doing what was to This time. By him, preparatory policy of isolation brought only defeat. The EU currently has no "instruments of influence on the situation in Belarus" or "tools to support the opposition." All this he must immediately create."Do you think that rapid lifting of sanctions against Minsk in exchange for fair and democratic elections and become such inventory or the latest least contribute to its development?" — I ask the interlocutor.Meckel"With regard to sanctions,

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Brussels expects Minsk certain steps

As saidand "Freedom" Christina Homan, a spokesman for EU Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner, during this meeting about the custom preferences do not read as. Question their preservation or cancellations are not within the competence of the European Commission and addressed through the adoption of the respective EU regulations.During the current negotiations, Mrs. Ferrero-Waldner said the Belarusian side that Brussels is interested in establishing a dialogue with the official Minsk, but expects the Belarusian control not only words."During the conversation, the commissioner stressed forcefully that expects real Minsk certain steps in democratization, human Human Rights, including the release of political prisoners.One of the

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Sergei Martynov mon may not be in Brussels

As saidabout agency DPA, the minister of foreign affairs of the Netherlands Maxime Verhagen, speaking yesterday in the Dutch parliament, said that his Belarusian Sergei Martynov employee should not be given a visa to come to the headquarters of the European Union in the subsequent Sat. If the Netherlands will hold firmly to this position, Mr. Martynov in Brussels does not get.This statement was made after, was announced as the invitation sent by Sergei Martynov, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, European Commissioner and a supporter of easing visa regime for people of Belarus. The invitation came in response to nedavneshnee release of political

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Ya.Maksimyuk: Opposition may lose the only trump card

The conflict in Belarusian opposition and possible reaction to Europe we asked him to comment on the analyst Radio Liberty She Maksimyuk.Maksimyuk: "The reaction can only be negative. Currently Belarusian apazytszyya has a chance, which is not had a lot of years, due to the recent political situation between Russia and Belarus in connection with that the Belarusian President did, in As the last, verbal hints he wants improve business with the West. Belarusian opposition has one big trump card, namely that it could act as a mediator in establishing such linkages official Minsk and Brussels. I think this card

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H. Schmid: Belarus-EU business can expand

Schmid confirmed that the official Brussels, including its specific boss, EU High Representative in foreign policy Safety and Javier Solana, welcomed the release Alexander Kozulin, Sergei Parsyukevich and Andrei Kim.According to Schmid, EU countries have not yet discussed what specific steps Brussels should make towards Minsk. But she hinted that it may primarily Regarding visa sanctions against certain Belarusian officials.Schmid also given to understand that these reciprocal steps Minsk should not wait before parliamentary elections Belarus, which will be held on September 28. "If they are better than the last election campaigns Belarus is prydasts new impetus to our relations,

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In Brussels weave Evragnyazdo

Conference initiated a parliamentary committee on cooperation between the EU and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova. Ukraine and the United democratic forces of Belarus. 5 States are naming parliamentarians and Belarus — opposition politicians: Vintsuk Vyachorka Kavalets Alexei and Sergei Kalyakin and Anatoly Liabedzka. Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus in Brussels is not invited. "For us, very principle, that will be created brand new institution, which is called "Evragnyazdo." This is an inter-parliamentary assembly which will work on the same basis. Her work will be integrated 5 parliaments and representatives of united states Democratic Forces Belarus to addition time

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European politicians will again be reminded of Kozulin

On this occasion, in the unofficial capital of Europe and co invited the United Democratic Forces of Belarus.For various reasons, not all of whom want to see the Brussels will get there. For example, there will not be acting chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Lyaukovich Anatolia. It states that had not fit to issue the necessary travel documents. Milinkevich, who was also invited to the debate, Alex Kavalets vary. He flew to the Belgian capital of Minsk together with Vintsuk Vecherko and Sergei Kalyakin. A Anatoly Lebedko, which the authorities do not issue for the Belarusian border,

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Head of the Austrian Telekom: Belarus Brussels better

Statement made in connection with another attack on the European Commission’s mobile operators. Brussels suspects that international roaming charges (charges for the use of the services of a foreign operator) — it vymaganne funds from clients, and not the result of fair competition. On last week Brussels urged European elektrasuvyazistav reduce roaming costs for SMS-messages and mobile access to the Web. At the last conference in Barcelona Special Commission even led to this last time — until July 1."Belarus is better for business than Brussels" — Financial Times said the manager of one of Europe’s largest telecommunications company Telekom Austria

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