Analysts again this year, predicting the Russia-Belarus gas dispute

Neither the Ministry of Energy, or the "Beltransgaz" did not explain the position of the Belarusian side in the negotiations. Press Secretary "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Chekov said:"The position of the head of the delegation determine. They know what to say. I did not report a day or agenda. Discusses the issues of cooperation for the next year. Without details and comments. ""Gazprom" has already stated about the gas price for Belarus 2008. Allegedly, it will not be the negotiation process, and the calculation based on the current contract. It is true defined method of calculating prices. But representatives of the official

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Extreme Belarusian motorists

Belarusian swamp better resorts in TurkeyIf express language of official documents, auto trial — this competition on technique and speed control all-wheel drive passenger cars over rough terrain and overcome natural or artificial obstacles.In Belarus, professor and amateur level in their SUVs rework machine Tial about hundreds of drivers. One of the coordinators of the Belarusian steps jeep trial Daniel Dolmatov knows "tryyalshchyki" — people really typical:"Yes, people are building themselves do. Who’s that as they say, capable of. All this is very expensive, and the machines cost a lot of money. And in order to prepare them for the

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Beltransgaz has no debt to Gazprom

Until the 23rd of each month, Belarus should pay for Russian gas delivered.Press Secretary "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Chekov said:Checks, "Debt in the contract no."Reporter: "And how many have listed for August, how much?"Checks "Sum — is working moments. Dolgov no."No other disk imaging in "Beltransgaz" not provided. Also in "Gazprom" did not want to read on this topic.Spokesman of "Gazprom" Andrei Dark also declined to comment on the expression of Alexander Lukashenko.The head of the Belarus said that the official Minsk will be a tough motivation in the negotiations on a brand new contract for next year.Why Belarusian side managed so

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Students market from falling rental apartments

Ming-room: $ 300 — not the limit?Representative office in Minsk Realtor Maria Guseva knows that a lull in the housing market caused by the summer holidays has changed with time trouble renting:"As for purchase of apartments — people after the summer just started to move. But the demand for rental, of course, on the contrary — has risen sharply. Closer than it was to illumine, the stronger the prices for apartments. "Reporter: "What is the approximate cost to rent?""Looking at what apartment, but 250-300 bucks for a one-bedroom apartment — it’s a small price. People even more moderate income are

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A day or figure: 144.7 million dollars

Currently Belarus pays for the full cost of gas, designated in the agreement dated December 31, 2006 — 100 bucks for a thousand cubic meters. In January-June, the country pays 55% of the price in August after the danger of "Gazprom" to reduce deliveries were paid 45% of the cost of delivery in the first half.

Night Siege — August 21

Belarusian Users Forum discussions are statements by Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko. He is not willing to understand the fate of the Ukrainian language Belarusian because not consider the possibility to introduce Russian language as the second municipality. Comments of participants:"Personally, when I talk with Ukrainians included on the question of municipal language, always cite the example of the situation in the Belarusian language so called the"Equality" with the Russian. As a result, not many willing to own what the Ukrainian language such shameful to share, even against the Russian. Because pan Yushchenko quite right. ""Smart uncle: knows no language

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Lull in the real estate market. Autumn before the storm?

During July and August the staff of real estate agencies in droves to go on leave. At the same time, this practice for realtors remains a common even in the most difficult moments of "revolutionary skalanannyav" on the housing market.For quiet summer — stormy autumn?This year Specifically se. Since the early to mid-2007, according to special portal, Minsk price per square meter studio apartment on average rose from 1660 to 2030 bucks-ti. Square meter two-bedroom apartment increased in value from 1520 to 1945 bucks. Favorites in the sprint price — bedroom apartments: growth in six months was 21%, in

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National Bank offers abandon binding to the Russian ruble

Managing the press service of the National Bank of the country Misha Zhuravovich emphasizes that the proposal still under the project: "Nothing is decided yet. These are the main areas. They will be coordinated and approved by the President." Reporter: "If the proposals will be taken — what will it mean? "Zhuravovich: "Let’s go back to the previous track. Earlier, we were tied to a single currency. After 2 years tried — in Russian. This complicates the calculation of other currencies. "As for consumers, Misha Zhuravovich outlook confirmed some professionals that bind to a single currency — the U.S. buck

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Gazprom will keep control of the gas market in Belarus

Official dealer of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov, in an interview our radio explained to payment scheme with Belarus: "Payments for each calendar month shall be mades up to the 23rd of each month. We expect that our Belarusian partners will pay more fit. Specifically, because we fulfill our obligations on time. " "The problem can happen if the government will continue its policy of huge costs"First deputy prime minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko denkov said that in July "Gazprom" is necessary to transfer 150 million dollars. And it is summer, when the need for the gas is always less than the

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Chavez will support those whom received U.S. pressure

According to observers, covering the true working visit Chavez on Latin America, we are in including refers to such countries as Belarus and Iran. According to South American Internet resource Earthtimes, "Venezuelan manager has promoted brotherly Belarus give debt to" Gazprom ". According to the information vserasprostranennoy next international agencies, Caracas offered Belarus a credit to the floorbillion dollars, wherein, at 3% and 15 years.Meanwhile comment for this disk imaging Radio Liberty a diplomatic consulate Bolivarian Republic Venesuela in Minsk refrains.According to South American edition of the Boston Globe, while in South America, Chavez is using its own oil diplomacy

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