Buckwheat has a deficit

In society today, this product has virtually disappeared from the shelves of rural shops and businesses in the cities restrict trade sale. Price of cereals, which have suddenly become deficit has almost doubled. Business executives say that this year will again have to import buckwheat from outside Belarus.

On the causes of the next deficit in the country today recognized regional correspondents of "Freedom."

Grodno region

"Went up from buckwheat and today …"

The Grodno region prices for new arrivals buckwheat since the beginning of this week, rising nearly doubled.

The last days many stores and Grodno region

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Medvedev: It's not legal, and medical restrictions

Society Russian President Dmitry Medvedev commented on the position of partner in the Customs Union — Belarus, which imposed restrictions on the supply of buckwheat in Russia, describing it as a "non-legal".According to the agency "Interfax", head of the Association of Retail Companies Lev Khasis, describing the situation with the sharp rise in price in recent weeks against the deficit buckwheat, complained of the position of Minsk.

"Our suppliers are from Belarus, who have buckwheat, refusing to deliver due to restrictions set by the government of Belarus.

We were not very clear — what could be the limitations of the

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To raise wages, raise prices

Society From 1 September in Belarus increased by 10% excise tax on vodka will rise prices paid for meat. Following more expensive milk. For quite significantly increased prices for buckwheat. Why is the government before the presidential election goes to the unpopular measures?

Draft Resolution of the Council of Ministers to increase purchase prices for pork, beef and milk has been prepared. Purchase prices for meat will increase accordingly its category in September, October, increases of 10% milk. Excise taxes on vodka increased according to the presidential decree number 439 of August 24.

Economist Michael Zaleski thus explains the increase

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Andrew Jurkov: Buckwheat fell in the fight for 10 million tons

Society Guest "Night of Freedom" — an expert in the field of agriculture Andrew Jurkov.SousEconomics of Agriculture is in a disgusting state, Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich today at a meeting of the Council of Ministers on the development of agriculture. That agriculture is in a bad state, it is not news, the news is more likely that it publicly declares Prime Minister, despite the fact that everyone understands the attention of the Head of State to agriculture, and how many resources are spent on unprofitable farming. Why Myasnikovich makes such a statement now, after the elections against the backdrop of

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Communal risen hindsight, rise in price of sugar was warned in advance

Society On the 12th of February in Belarus significantly increase the price of sugar — again by 10%. Sugar rises in price the second time in less than a month. Retroactively — from 1 February — have grown tariffs for housing and communal services. And electricity has risen by 31%, gas at certain positions — more than twice.

Last time the price of sugar rose two weeks ago: January 26, they have also grown by an average of 10%. Ministry of Economy explains that the decision was taken "on the proposal" Belgospischeprom "and the Ministry of Commerce to compensate for

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Rose sugar and buckwheat

Society From February 12, the price of sugar in Belarus will grow by an average of 10%. The decision is contained in the decree of the Ministry of Economy number 14 from 7 February 2011.

Decree issued by the National Legal Internet Portal.

According to the document, the retail price of sugar by weight will be 3000 290 rubles per kilogram, on prepackaged in plastic or paper bags for one kilogram — 3,000 600 rubles.

Last sugar prices in Belarus rose two weeks ago, on January 26 — they also have grown by an average of 10%. Then

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