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Budget system

SONY BDP-S5100 ★★★★★ £140

Simply astonishing performance and pictures for less than £150. Smart functionality too: you can’t go wrong…

Mid-range system

SONY BDP-S790 ★★★★★ £200

What a bargain! Not only is this a superb 2D and 3D Blu-ray player, it is also the first to upscale to 4K ultra high definition.

Hi-End system

SONY BDP-S790 ★★★★★ £200

It’s testament to this player’s ability that a deck costing just £200 can also work in a full jazz-hands system like this one.


Budget system

ONKYO TX-NR515 ★★★★★ £250

Now available for

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The Financial Continuum

It is often said that life is like a marathon. However, perhaps it is better to consider life as a series of sprints with periods of recovery in between. This can apply in so many areas of our lives. Family, career and finances are all areas of our lives that have periods of all-out sprints and then times of almost coasting. When it comes to the financial race, it is important to evaluate you are and where you want to go, and then to create the map to get there.

On your mark …

In the early stages of financial

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An architect gives an overview on how to prepare for a home renovation

People renovate for a variety of reasons. “They need extra space and they want to update the design of their home,” says architect Love de Leon. The extent of the renovation depends on the homeowner, whether it’s simple re-painting, or a home overhaul that entails tearing down walls.

Renovations require careful planning. Usually, a home renovation creates a “domino effect” where the other areas of the house eventually get renovated as well. Next, the homeowner needs to coordinate with a designer to figure out a theme for

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Netherlands Delays CH47D Upgrade

NETHERLANDS MINISTER of Defence Henk Kamp told the Dutch Parliament on October 17 that a final decision on the planned acquisition of six new CH-47Fs in the 2007 — 2011 timeframe will now be taken before the year-end. However, he said the upgrade of the eleven surviving CH-47Ds in the current Royal Netherlands Air Force fleet to CH-47F standard will have to be delayed by ‘several years.’ This is because the budget assigned to the project is insufficient to cover all of the costs (updates Netherlands Requests CH-47Fs, November, p10).

Delivery of the first CH-47F to 298 Squadron — which

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Inside the box. Affordable Makeovers.

7 do-overs that won’t un-do your bank balance.

Brilliant observations are sometimes also the simplest. Years ago, a very successful architect countered the observation that his clients had unlimited funds to spend on their home «Everybody’s on a budget,» he said. «It’s just a matter of how generous it is.»

Obviously, Scrooge McDuck or Jack Benny would present a different budget than, say, the Kardashians. More than just money, there would be a difference in approach, values, requirements and expected results, but all those issues are as important, if not more so, than the actual dollars in creating a budget.

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If you’re on a budget, spruce up your space in small doses—start with an extra room that you can turn into a guest room or study!


PAINT IT. Changing the color of the walls can easily lend a big impact to small-scale renovations. It’s also the most ideal thing to do if you have a tight renovation budget.


1. Thoroughly clean the walls with a vacuum or damp cloth. Remove cobwebs, dust, and other particles.

2. Line light switches, electrical outlets, and moldings with masking tape or painter’s tape to protect them from unwanted paint

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Budget bandsaw

The JWBS-9 is a classically styled two-wheeled machine. The main frame is die-cast, but has plenty of ribbing to provide additional strength. The hinged front cover is plastic. A neat micro-switch on the door shuts off the power if it is opened, and this is actually a Jot more positive than the interlocks I’ve seen on some much more expensive machines!

I was surprised at how quietly the induction motor ran. It drives the bottom wheel via a small pulley and a toothed belt. The motor hinges down to apply more tension to the belt if necessary.

Table and fence

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AMD Gaming on a Budget

This month, we build an affordable AMD-based gaming rig to find out just how good (or bad) a CPU/GPU combo can be


THE MISSION. We’ve put together some spendy systems recently. Hey, there’s a reason this mag is called Maximum PC. However, it’s caused a few readers to wonder if we drive gold-plated Humvees to work. As if! We have chauffeurs for that kind of thing. The fact is, we like the challenge of building to a rig’s optimum potential, at any price. So this month, we turn the tables and

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S.Skrebets: Zubkov arrive to click on Lukashenko

Russian media say that the meeting 2-premiers will be held at the meeting of the Council of Ministers Union Countries, and in the middle of negotiations will be difficult trade-economic cooperation and implementation of the Union budget. Vice-chairman Commission budget, money and tax policy House of Representatives previous convocation Skrabets Sergey believes that Viktor Zubkov’s visit to Belarus there is a certain intrigue: "Forced whether Zubkov, who looks very determined compared to its predecessor Fradkov Alexander Lukashenko open the way to the Russian capital in Belarus?. I think, Roman Abramovich arrived in Minsk to ask the price, and Viktor Zubkov

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EU plans to allocate to support the Belarusian media 7 million bucks

First project with a budget floormillion bucks will focus on support for the Belarusian media presence on the Web.The second is designed for countries bordering the EU. The total budget of the project, which will run until 2011, 7 millions of dollars. It will affect four sectors — television and radio broadcasting, training for journalists, publishing information products and research of public opinion.

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