The case and the money goes to increase

"Rosneftegas" became the champion — in the past year, the state company listed in the budget of 80 billion Russian rubles dividends. This is 30 billion more than planned to get.

The Russian state-owned companies in the past year have listed in the treasury 213 billion rubles of dividends — is a record of payment in modern Russian history. Financial experts have assumed that the record will be, but not so high: budget plan for 2012 was set at 151.2 billion rubles.

Most of the payments provided "Gazprom" and "Rosneftegas." Gas Holding

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DVZhD received 30 new locomotives

At the Far Eastern Railway (Far Eastern Branch of OJSC "Russian Railways") in January-September 2013, received 30 new locomotives.

6 new generation of locomotives "Hero" series 2TE25A, 17 shunting (15 diesel locomotives TEM18DM and 2 locomotives TEM7) and 7 freight locomotives series 2ES5K purchased as part of the investment budget for the landfill in the Far Eastern Railway in 2013, reported service corporate communications operator.


Before the year is expected to supply an additional 36 locomotives of different series.

Total investment

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Lukashenko allowed to issue Eurobonds Executive Committees

Society President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko by decree number 75 allowed the regional executive committees and the Minsk City Executive Committee in 2011-2012 to issue Eurobonds to finance investment projects.According to the decree, the amount is limited to placing a limit debt of local government and self-government established in the local budget for the financial year.

These loans will not apply to the external public debt. They will klyasyfikavatstsa as a debt of local governments. The cost of servicing loans will uskloadenyya on local budgets.

However, local government bodies should be discussed with the Belarus volumes, timing and placement of

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GLONASS save the budget of St. Petersburg 200 million rubles

Last year, the company, asking for the public transport freight by 97% set by the amount of work performed. These data showed the monitoring of automated systems of urban passenger transport (ACS ATG) on the basis of data obtained by the GLONASS navigation equipment.

Despite the fact that the rate of transport increased by almost 5% compared with 2010, in the calculation of subsidy payments Committee on Transport were taken into account all the violations identified on routes. As a result, the savings to the budget of St. Petersburg has made more than 200 million rubles.

"The quality

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Putin: spend less on defense will not

Leadership of the Russian Federation will not reduce funding for programs aimed at improving the arms, the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. "This is one of the main tasks of the state. The problem is that the basic, most important for our defense system capabilities developed their service life, they need to be replaced.

In this matter may be some changes, so to say, from the left, but it does not change the situation dramatically, and in general the problem will not be solved ", — Putin began his speech at a national meeting. Head of State

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Germany admits taxpayers’ money down the drain

Germany's economy is often seen as an example of effective and responsible spending, while its neighbors are struggling to cope with the crisis. However, many German taxpayers do not agree with this statement. Recently, it was found out that most of the money spent on them rather dubious projects. About how much money is going into the largest and most stable economy in Europe, told RT correspondent Maria Finoshina.

According to the German organization for the protection of taxpayers' rights, a number of dubious projects financed from the federal budget. German people are investing in the

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Our home was on the 3rd place on the costs of weapons

In the past year, the costs for defense of the Russian Federation amounted to 71.9 billion dollars. In this regard, Russia ranks third in the ranking of states with the largest military budget. These are the findings of the Stockholm Institute of Peace Research problems (SIPRI). It is not clear what would be the characteristics of the Russian Federation in the coming 10 years: on the one hand, it is planned izderzhat on "defense" of about 20 trillion rubles, on the other — the specialists fluctuate about the potential for growth of the Russian Federation on this indicator reports

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All the world to Rostov

Forming a budget will help the club two or three of the federal FC "Rostov" the first of the leading clubs in the Southern Federal District announced its budget for the next season. Because of the crisis, it is not likely to exceed the budget of this year and will reach 450 million rubles. The club's management hopes that the major gain is not required, because its players were recognized as the best in the league at all positions except one. Keep the club in the next year of the Rostov region and the company "Estar" help "Transmashholding", which will

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Volgograd medical facilities receive new equipment

More than 300 million rubles from the federal budget this year will Volgograd region to modernize hospitals. These funds be directed to the implementation of new standards of care and the launch of the clinics and hospitals of modern information systems.

Most big budget investments received last year, regional clinical hospital № 1. For the overhaul of buildings and offices spent 130 million rubles, and 200 more — for the purchase of equipment and furniture.

For the centenary history of the hospital as a large-scale modernization took place for the first time. Among the

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Russian Foundation National security and development to get started 3 billion. RR

At the parliamentary hearings in the Federation Council, Dmitry Rogozin, said that project Law "On the fund promising research" National Security and Development "(NBI) has been developed and will soon be submitted to the government for a vote in the Municipal Duma.

In Russia, the structure will be created, ideologically close to the South American DARPA («Agency Defense Advanced Research Projects") that provides the U.S. fundamental and exploratory research in advanced fields. The most recognizable project DARPA — ARPANET, a computer network, with the passage of time has turned to the Internet.

Russian fund "NBI" like DARPA, will fund

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