Three years later, the U.S. can go bankrupt?

& lt; a rel = "nofollow" target = _blank & gt; & lt; img alt = "-AdRiver-" border = 0 width = 160 height = 300 & gt; & lt ;/ a & gt; Over the next three years, hundreds of U.S. cities may be declared bankrupt. Their inability to pay bills and fulfill social obligations threatens to put the entire country on the brink of a sovereign default — most sectors of the economy will decline, and the U.S. will not be able to pay for its numerous debts. This is the conclusion reached by experts of

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Belarus — a new appreciation of the main products

On November 1, the government of Belarus has approved a new budget subsistence so called "Consumer basket". At the moment it is 223 660 rubles — 1040 rubles less than it was in the last quarter. Head of Department overarching problems of socio-labor sphere of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Tamara Cancer such makarom explains the decrease in the minimum subsistence budget:"It’s all in the price of fruit and vegetable products. In September there is a massive seasonal sale of potatoes, beets, carrots."Meanwhile Ministry of Economy said that according to the decree number 199 in November and December

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FCS of Russia informs on charges for September 2012

Russian Federal Customs Service reports that in September 2012 the amount of the federal budget, administered by the customs authorities of 501.77 billion rubles.

Thus, in the first nine months of 2012, total revenues of the federal budget, administered by the customs authorities, was 4,726.36 billion.T e average monthly 4726/9 = 525 billion.

All year fees were around 570 billion rubles a month, and began to decline in the middle of the year, but even in August it was 540 billion rubles.Drop of 20% to the best months at a record high oil prices!Annual losses of 700 billion rubles, or

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S.Stsyapashyn: Union Budget plundered

By As the last He said that finally cleaned up in the control performance of the Union budget. "Until next time was the introduction of severe mismanagement of funds, to put it mildly, podvorovyvali" — confessed head of the Audit Chamber. Sergei Stepashin referred unsatisfactory and the fact that 17-18% of vorachivayutsya reversed unused.

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U.S. NAVY ALMOST STEALTH BOMBER BUILT, which nearly empty it to the bottom

While South American military has to his credit many somehow implemented technology projects — just look at the V-22 Osprey program from either «Littoral combat ship» — but the A-12 Avenger II is the most compelling candidate for the title of the worst of all. He was so poorly coordinated that if he had finished, he could sink the entire budget of the U.S. Navy. A-12 Avenger II was a double, all weather stealth bomber from taking off from an aircraft carrier; it was developed in the framework of programs from the Navy Advanced Tactical Aircraft (ATA), which was

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Three new kindergartens built in Podolsk

On the territory of the urban district of Podolsk three buildings of preschool educational institutions with 140 seats each. Funds for the construction of social infrastructure on land, on which the construction of housing for servicemen, were isolated by a grant from the budget of the Moscow region according to the decision of the regional government.


Three-story, cast-in brick building childcare facilities to meet modern needs. In the new kindergartens are cozy games room, music and gymnastic halls, catering department, medical center.

The area is fenced and fully landscaped, are installed on the shady canopies,

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Transport companies of Odessa and Nikolayev — the largest income to the state budget

According to the statistics of state budget of Ukraine for 7 months of 2013 the business area of Odessa and Nikolayevskoy supplement the budget by 2.5 billion UAH.

The leaders are to pay taxes to the state budget of Ukraine the following businesses — Odessa railway, DP "Sea Commercial Port" South "," Odessa Port ", PJSC" Odessa Port Plant "," Illichivskiy trading port "," HPC Ukraine "PTC" Shabo ", PJSC" Odessaoblenergo ", LLC" Intertelekom "," TIS-Grain "

As we see the main share of transport infrastructure businesses — ports, container terminals, refineries. These high rates

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Almost half of Russians in 2020 will be written in the middle class, believe in the Bank of America. Brighter economic future of the country will provide the labor force deficit and low inflation. Russian version of the "Arab Spring", however, is also likely to

Moscow. June 26. FINMARKET.RU — In 2020, the Russian economy will be very similar to that of developed economies: a good salary, a large middle class, low inflation and moderate but stable growth of the economy.

The team of analysts Bank of America Merrill Lynch, led by Vladimir Osakovski

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DARPA created the Russian

FPI as a reaction to the military-technological gap September 28, the State Duma adopted in the 3rd reading of the law «On the Foundation of promising research» (DRF), and not so long ago, it was approved by the Federation Council. There is no hesitation that have recently begin formation of the structure, which is called the Russian DARPA. At number 28, the weekly «MIC» evaluated prospects DRF. The idea of ​​the creation of the Russian Federation in the same structure as the Office of the promising research U.S. DoD (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — DARPA), is credited with,

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Technopark information technology has opened in Penza

High Technology "apple" worth 348.9 million rubles was opened in Penza on Friday, a spokesman management innovation policy of the Penza region.

"Apple" — the first industrial park in the region, created with co-financing from the federal budget by the Ministry of Economic Development. The federal budget allocated to this project 278,1 million rubles, the regional budget — 70.8 million rubles.

Specialty industrial park — information technology, precision engineering, materials science. Residents of the industrial park will be small innovative enterprises, including those created with the participation of universities, as well as growing up in regional business incubators.

In the

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