As in the United States sawing budget

I recommend one article which accidentally came across in the American segment of the Internet. An article from 2009, that does not detract from its relevance as a tool for the development of methods to spend a lot of money is not clear where.

So stunning examples of inefficiency, mismanagement and fraud against the budget money by U.S. officials (however, ordinary people from them is not far behind).

— Washington will spend $ 2.6 million to train Chinese prostitutes to more responsible drinking on the job

— GAO (Government Accountability Office) has classified nearly half of all purchases by

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17 squadrons of the U.S. Air Force stopped flying

"The U.S. Air Force will suspend flights 17 combat squadrons due to the reduction of the military budget, implying a reduction in the number of flight hours, according to Defense News.

From 1 March 2013 the U.S. Air Force budget for the current fiscal year (ending September 30), was reduced by 591 million dollars, which is why the military were forced to cut back on flight program at 44,000 hours. The remaining 241,496 flight hours will be divided between the squadrons of high alert.

The suspension of flights will take effect April 11, 2013, and for those aircraft that

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The invisible hand of the market and the cost of rental housing in New York City

Regulatory Council of rent (Rent Guidelines Board — RGB) began proceedings whose purpose is to increase the rent for a million New York families. RGB is going to raise the cost of annual contracts at 3.25% — 6.25, and two-year — 5% — 9.5%.

As previous years, housing hearings are a mere formality. As landlords and tenants would not oppose raising the rent, officials still vote "for". Ignoring public opinion led to the fact that the rent for the apartment above average in the Big Apple jumped to $ 2,700 — $ 2,800 per month

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The European Union has stolen a third of the budget

The effectiveness of multi-billion allocation of European funds has long been criticism from experts. Every year, the European Union anti-corruption agency OLAF published a long list of questionable projects that do not bring any benefit either society or the economy. In the shadow of scandals about the senseless waste of EU funds is about less obvious criminal schemes, including direct theft, the true extent of which still remain a mystery. Over the past years, according to experts OLAF, they reached about half a billion euros annually.  

In turn, the head of the

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How much gasoline in Europe?

Norway, which is the world's fifth oil exporter, led a global ranking of countries most expensive gasoline in the domestic retail market — 77.77 rubles per liter. The corresponding estimates of experts published today in London. They are converted into Russian rubles at today's exchange rate to the British pound sterling.

At the second position went Turkey, where a standard liter of gasoline for the West without the addition of lead is now 76.82 rubles. The three leaders Short Netherlands — 70.18 rubles per liter.

Next, in descending order followed by Italy — 69.23 rubles, Greece — 68.76, Denmark

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Ryazan Cardboard Roofing Plant has launched a new production

July 20 officially introduced a new line for the production of flexible roof in a diversified industrial company "HRH" (Ryazan).

The new production line — is the production of shingles "shingles" brand «Roofshielld» an annual capacity of 15 million square meters per year. The capital investments amounted to 230 million rubles, and the introduction of new production will increase the volume of production output by 2.5 billion rubles a year, and create up to 50 new jobs.

The new line will provide additional taxes to all levels of the budget in the amount of not less than 360 million rubles,

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Rostov supported agriculture

In the Rostov region from the federal budget in addition received 2 billion 975 million earmarked funds. Most of the revenues (2,000,000,000 289,400,000 rubles) will be aimed at supporting agriculture.

The relevant amendments to the regional budget Don MPs adopted on the 44th extraordinary session of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region.

Earmarked funds be directed to the agricultural sector as a subsidies for reimbursement of expenses the payment of interest rates on agricultural loans. 35 million rubles will be spent health care workers, wishing to work in the countryside.

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Areas of Krasnoyarsk Territory received new buses

Nine new buses will transport LiAZ people in three cities — Achinsk Divnogorsk and Zaozernoye, and four areas — Shusha, Taseevskoye, Karatuzskoe and Balahtinskoj areas.


Before the end of this year to upgrade the bus fleet of state-of the regional budget allocated 60 million rubles. Thus the end of December districts will receive 13 new buses PAZ.

According to the Prime Minister’s edge, a program to upgrade public transport is realized in the region for several years. "We were able to completely solve the issue on school buses, and today in the 49 municipalities

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In the city of Sayanogorsk (Khakassia) is open football field with artificial turf

On the Day of the city was opened in Sayanogorsk football field with artificial turf.


New playground for football financed from local and federal budgets. 9 million has been allocated from the municipal budget and 8.5 million — from the federal budget. Next football field will be put in Abakan. It will go down in the infrastructure of the stadium "Sayan Mountains" and is used as a training ground teams in team sports.

All full-sized football field, which is placed in Khakassia, have a high resistance to wear and in quality as close to

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Customs revenue increased


The Federal Customs Service (FCS) on the date listed in the budget of the Russian Federation 4.512 trillion rubles., Which is 4.2% more than at the end of 2010. This was announced at a press conference the head of department Andrew Belyaninov.Napomnim in 2010. was transferred to the budget of the service 4000000000000 329800000000 rub.Po Andrei Belyaninov said, the service is on the targets that it had set. "We first had 5.4 trillion rubles., Now we have adjusted. The figure is close to 6 trillion rubles. ", — He said. The head of the Federal Customs Service said

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